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Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Mt. Pyre

Vincent Lau

The final resting place for Hoenn’s Pokémon.

Pokémon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Chimecho" IconChimecho Psychic Summit Grass 5%
"Duskull" IconDuskull Ghost 1F-4F Interior 35%
"Meditite" IconMeditite Fighting/Psychic Grass/Horde Exterior 40%, 35% (Horde)
"Shuppet" IconShuppet Ghost 1F-4F Interior/Exterior Grass, Horde 65% (Interior), 40% (Exterior), 60% (Horde)
"Vulpix" IconVulpix Fire Grass/Horde Exterior 15%, 5% (Horde)
"Wingull" IconWingull Water/Flying Grass Exterior 5%

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Poké Maniac Mark 1,008 "Lairon" IconLairon Lv. 36
Psychic William 1,120 "Staryu" IconStaryu Lv. 35, "Grumpig" IconGrumpig Lv. 35
Hex Maniac Valerie 1,008 "Sableye" IconSableye Lv. 36
Black Belt Atsushi 1,184 "Machoke" IconMachoke Lv. 37
Fairy Tale Girl Momo 560 "Jigglypuff" IconJigglypuff Lv. 35
Young Couple Dez & Luke 2,304 "Manectric" IconManectric Lv. 36, "Delcatty" IconDelcatty Lv. 36
Mysterious Sisters Elle & Aya 1,540 "Mawile" IconMawile Lv. 36, "Girafarig" IconGirafarig Lv. 36
Hex Maniac Tasha 952 "Shuppet" IconShuppet Lv. 34, "Xatu" IconXatu Lv. 34
Backpacker Darnell 864 "Kecleon" IconKecleon Lv. 36

Omega Ruby

Name Money Party
Team Magma Grunt 1,440 "Koffing" IconKoffing Lv. 36
Team Magma Grunt 1,400 "Numel" IconNumel Lv. 33, "Mightyena" IconMightyena Lv. 35
Team Magma Grunt 1,360 "Mightyena" IconMightyena Lv. 34, "Golbat" IconGolbat Lv. 34
Magma Admin Courtney 3,800 "Camerupt" IconCamerupt Lv. 38

Alpha Sapphire

Name Money Party
Team Aqua Grunt 1,440 "Grimer" IconGrimer Lv. 36
Team Aqua Grunt 1,400 "Carvanha" IconCarvanha Lv. 33, "Mightyena" IconMightyena Lv. 35
Team Aqua Grunt 1,360 "Mightyena" IconMightyena Lv. 34, "Golbat" IconGolbat Lv. 34
Aqua Admin Matt 3,800 "Sharpedo" IconSharpedo Lv. 38

Pokémon Evaluations

It’s a grind to find a Vulpix with Drought, but it’s much better than a regular Vulpix.

Not sure if you want dead Pokémon, but, hey, we’re not judging. "Shuppet" IconShuppet is still here if you want him; in general cases, "Banette" IconBanette is much better than "Dusclops" IconDusclops or "Dusknoir" IconDusknoir - and, with Mega, it’s no competition - so we’d favor him if you want to add a Pokémon to your team.

"Meditite" IconMeditite will have its evolution’s ("Medicham" IconMedicham) Mega Stone found here, and it will be given Pure Power when Mega, so that makes him into a great Fighter if you lack one. (It actually can have it pre-Mega, too.)

"Vulpix" IconVulpix can be a good Fire Pokémon if you don’t have one; although "Ninetales" IconNinetales - its evolution, which needs a Fire Stone - is itself pretty weak, it has decent Speed and its Fire moves get a nice boost from Drought’s Sunny Day effect to make it justifiable for the main game at least.

Interior 1F

In case you’re aware, Mt. Pyre is the burial place for Pokémon who have died in this game, hence the graves throughout. As you enter, you can go west and defeat a Poké Maniac, with a Psychic opposite him on the north side of the room.

Go southwest and speak with the elderly lady for a Cleanse Tag (which helps prevent wild encounters when held), then grab the Ultra Ball further southwest. Go north from there and battle the Hex Maniac, and continue on up.

Interior 2F

Go east and snatch up the Super Repel , then battle the Black Belt to the south. Go southeast of him to battle the Fairy Tale Girl, then east to battle the couple. Go north after and upstairs.

Interior 3F

The Sea Incense and Lax Incense allow you to produce Azurill and Wynaut Eggs.

Battle the two sisters to the west, then go south to battle another Hex Maniac. South of her, you can find a Lax Incense . In the southeast corner, you’ll be able to battle a Backpacker and pick up a Sea Incense as well.

Note that, south from here, you can continue outside - and do so if you wish, you’ll need to eventually anyhow - but we’ll use the northwestern stairs for now, since there’s a bit extra there.

Interior 4F

In the northeast corner of the area, you can examine the sparkles to find Medichamite , Medicham’s Mega Stone. You don’t have Medicham yet, do you? No harm, it’ll happen. Eventually.

Anyway, also grab the TM30 (Shadow Ball) from near the large tombstone. Shadow Ball is a great Ghost-type Special move, so be sure to teach it to someone. "Gardevoir" IconGardevoir, for example.

If you examine the tombstone, you’ll even find that a person and his Pokémon were buried there, together in death as in life (or at least planned to be, given it is the gentleman to the south’s planned gravesite). Wow… Anyhow, return to 3F and go south and outside.


Outside, go east and along the path for a bit. After going upstairs twice and into a large patch of grass, use the stairs to the south and then east to find TM61 (Will-O-Wisp).

Will-O-Wisp is a move that burns the target, most notably causing periodic HP loss (-12.5% of the max per turn at the end) and halving their Attack, which, while having serious consequences in the competitive environment, is not very useful for the main game.

Head northwest and upstairs for a bit until you start reaching the gravesites. The southernmost reachable grave will have a Max Ether hidden in it, and one to its northwest contains an Ultra Ball .

Go north of the stairs that brought you to this plateau to another higher ledge with a Max Potion on it. From there, go up the stairs northwest so you may go to the next area.


No time to be pulling funny faces.

Here, proceed along the path and defeat the Team Aqua/Magma Grunts as you reach the peak of the mountain. After the battle with the second grunt, go east to find some Banettite on the ground and then go west from the grunt and examine the southwest grave at the end to find a Zinc .

Proceed further up to the mountain to a third Grunt. Continue to the mountaintop from there where you’ll find your Team Aqua’s/Magma’s leader, Archie/Maxie, snatching up the Red/Blue Orb and then leaving Courtney/Matt to battle you.

This battle isn’t really much harder than the other Grunts on the mountain. Both admins just have one Pokémon and, if you’re facing Courtney, "Camerupt" IconCamerupt is STILL a One-Hit KO by your slave Surf user.

Afterwards, at the mountaintop, you’ll be given the other orb Maxie/Archie did not take: the Red Orb on Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and the Blue Orb on Pokémon Omega Ruby.

From here, if you want to immediately proceed with the story, feel free to start the Invasion of Team Aqua’s/Magma’s Base by returning to Slateport but, since we’ll be going to Lilycove after anywa, let’s first finish off Route 122, whaddaya say?

Actually, we’ll go to the eastern bit of Route 123 first for more side-stuff.

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