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Training 101

Vincent Lau

Super Training is a good and transparent way for trainers to grow their Pokémon's EVs.

One of the newest additions to the Pokémon formula is that of Super Training. To access it, press L or R to navigate through the Touch Screen when using the PokéNav Plus , similar to X/Y. There, the lower-left icon, the soccer ball, allows you to progress into the training.

Throughout training and at regular intervals, you’ll also receive some punching bags, accessible in the lower-right corner, that help you to increase your stats.

Purpose of Training

The premise of Super Training is more in-depth than you might think. Despite the simplicity the game suggests, it is not as simple as just increasing your Pokémon’s stats, but rather their EVs, which in turn boost their stats. Confused?

EVs, short for Effort Values , are hidden values - one for each key stat (HP to Speed) - earned by defeating other Pokémon or via Super Training, etc. EVs are essentially the final icing on the cake that is your Pokémon’s stats; the more EVs, the better your stats look.

Of course, you can’t train forever and EVs eventually cap. Just observe the gauge to the right of the bottom screen to see the total EVs acquired by your Pokémon - once it fills up, no more EVs and no more increasing your stats.

The Training

When Super Training, your general goal is to shoot the white-colored goals you will see on the Pokémon Balloon, also on-screen.

Doing so will earn you points (see the lower-right corner of the nearby screenshot). Most of these balloons will also fire huge soccer balls back at you. Getting hit, of course, makes you lose points: typically 50 - 400.

For the in-depth controls? Well, needless to say, you’re pretty screwed if you’re a leftie (sorry). Use the Circle Pad to maneuver your Pokémon - you can move him/her/it within a limited range up, down, left, and right, and you can do diagonally. You can tap the Touch Screen to launch a ball with very little power.

However, if you tap and hold the stylus on the Touch Screen, you build up power; additionally, a targeting cursor will appear on-screen to let you aim precisely! The more power you build, the more powerful your shots. If you need to block a soccer ball, use the L Button.


Keep moving and don't stop firing (unless you're charging a shot, of course)!

There isn’t much strategy beyond practice, really. Each time we played, we beat the course’s proposed “record” time on either our first, or rarely our second try. Just use your power shots a lot and try to predict the movement of the goals (or fire wildly).

Some Pokémon Balloons also make barriers appear that tend to block shots; a yellow cursor goes along these, which you can hit with a power shot to destroy the barrier.

Hitting a lot of the white goals (they disappear after one hit) will also let you spawn a red one, which you can hit multiple times for lots of points - we often get high above the Pokémon and just rapidly touch the Touch Screen.

Each Pokémon also has a different ball type. Some Pokémon shoot green balls, which aren’t special. Some shoot blue ones that are extra powerful. Others shoot yellow ones that are extra fast and basically allow rapid-fire. Finally, some shoot the strong, yet slow, orange ones.

Look at the icon in the top-right of the Touch Screen to learn which balls your Pokémon will shoot, so you don’t get caught off-guard and looking silly during training.


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