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Rustboro City Gym

Vincent Lau

Half museum, half Pokémon Gym. Just try not to break anything…

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Youngster Josh 144 "Geodude" IconGeodude Lv. 7, "Geodude" IconGeodude Lv. 9
Youngster Tommy 160 "Geodude" IconGeodude Lv. 10
Schoolkid Georgia 144 "Geodude" IconGeodude Lv. 10

Rustboro City

Once you’re done philandering on Routes 115 and 116, go back to the Pokémon Center, heal, and go northeast and into the Gym.

Rustboro Gym

This Gym, like all opening Gyms, has a simple puzzle to it: each Gym has a puzzle of some sort in most instances, be they easy or hard. This one is pretty simple, though. There are three Gym Trainers in here, and you can dodge them in any desired way.

In fact, though, it’s best not to dodge them, but rather to plow through them for the EXP. and money. Still, if you feel like it, you are capable of going around the tables or pillars that they are facing so you won’t have be in their direct line of sight and therefore can avoid battle.

Other than this fact, the path to Roxanne is pretty straightforward. Also, to the curious, you can examine the lone display west of Youngster Toomy to find a stone excavated from Glittering Cave, an area in the Kalos region of Pokémon X/Y.

Anyhow, once you’re done with the three Trainers, feel free to return to the Pokémon Center then to return here to beat Roxanne!

BOSS - Gym Leader Roxanne

Pokémon Type Moves
"Geodude" IconGeodude Lv. 12 Rock/Ground Tackle, Rock Tomb, Defense Curl
"Nosepass" IconNosepass Lv. 14 Rock Tackle, Rock Tomb, Harden

Rewards: $1,680, Stone Badge

Both Pokémon in this battle are pretty generic: a Stab move, a Defense-boosting move, and Tackle. They are very similar in the tactics used and just therefore are basically weak to the same things.

If you’ve got "Mudkip" IconMudkip or "Treecko" IconTreecko at the start, you should have no problem sweeping this; the same is true if you got "Wingull" IconWingull and got him to around Level 16 (to outspeed) or for "Shroomish" IconShroomish. In reality, everyone should be able to have a viable way to win this fight by now.

Even "Combusken" IconCombusken is a viable Pokémon as Double Kick can be learned by about Level 16, making this fight a piece of cake for him, too. Nothing you wouldn’t expect of a first Gym, in other words.

After the battle, you will earn the well-won Stone Badge , which allows you to use Cut out of battle and also makes traded Pokémon up to Level 20 obey you. You will also receive TM39 (Rock Tomb), which is a decent Rock move to start with.

So, congrats on beating your first Gym! As soon as you’re ready, leave the Gym in search of the other seven!


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