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Special Distributions

Vincent Lau

The majority of event Pokémon are received from the Mystery Gift menu.

Traditionally, there are some Pokémon that cannot be obtained by simply playing the game itself (“normal gameplay”, as Nintendo describes). Such Pokémon include the Mythical Pokémon - Pokémon so rare you don’t need them to complete the Pokédex.

Instead, these Pokémon are occasionally distributed during special events, for a limited amount of time. Besides Mythical Pokémon, normal Pokémon with special traits may also be distributed via events, such as Steven’s Shiny "Beldum" IconBeldum.

The nature of the events vary, but they can generally be grouped into a few types, most of which correspond to the delivery option in the Mystery Gift menu.

  • Internet : The easiest and most accessible type of event; simply connect your 3DS/2DS to the internet and you can instantly download the latest event Pokémon.
  • Local : This requires physically visiting the site of the event, then using your 3DS/2DS’s local wireless to download the Pokémon being distributed.
  • Infra-Red : Same as Local, but you must instead align your 3DS/2DS’s infra-red sensor with the distribution machine’s sensor. (This type of event is very rare.)
  • Serial Code : When you receive a serial code from the actual event (can be online or on-site), you can redeem the code by connecting your 3DS/2DS to the Internet.
  • StreetPass : New to Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, if somebody has the Eon Ticket and StreetPass enabled, should you StreetPass that person you will receive the Eon Ticket yourself.

As we hinted, to receive the event Pokémon, go to the Mystery Gift option when starting the game and pick the corresponding method for your event. Then open your game and speak to the blue delivery girl inside any Pokémon Centre.

To find out when an event is currently on-going, coming soon or near you, you can check out the official Pokémon website (or any good Pokémon site in general).

Below is a list of all the current and past event Pokémon for Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire. For your convenience (and sanity), we have only included Pokémon available in American (NTSC) and European (PAL) territories.

Shiny Beldum

"Beldum" IconBeldum and the Metagrossite can be obtained in the game itself, but both are gotten very late. Plus this "Beldum" IconBeldum is shiny! If you need to fill a space in your team, "Beldum" IconBeldum would be a great Pokémon to add (and because it belongs to someone else, it will gain experience much quicker).

Eon Ticket

The original Eon Tickets were given out in serial code or other form, but from there, any person who has an Eon Ticket and StreetPass enabled will automatically gift it to other Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire players via StreetPass, so long as the recipient (AKA you) has StreetPass enabled.

The ticket itself allows you to revisit the Southern Island and catch "Latios" IconLatios or "Latias" IconLatias - the one you couldn’t catch earlier (so "Latias" IconLatias for Omega Ruby and "Latios" IconLatios for Alpha Sapphire). Nice if you live near a busy area; otherwise, you can always trade for the "Latios" IconLatios/Latias.


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