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Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Pokéblock Blending

Vincent Lau

Pokéblock blending is a critical component of Pokémon Contests. In Pokémon Contests, the first round is the Introduction Round, the round in which a Pokémon’s Contest stats actually take precedence, and this will be a considerable chunk of your overall appeal after the Talent Round.

This part is such a huge factor that it cannot be ignored, if just for the Master Rank Contests. Lucky us, blending is much simpler than in Ruby/Sapphire. Also unlike Ruby/Sapphire, you don’t need to be near a Berry Blender to mix Berries, you simply need to access the Pokéblock Kit .

The Pokéblock Kit

As was said, the process itself is automated, though you will choose the Berries that go into the Pokéblocks. Each Berry has a certain color that will enhance a certain Contest stat when used: you can see this section for the details on which stat will be enhanced in the general.

Cool-contributing red Berries will make Red Pokéblocks, blue (Beautiful) ones make Blue Pokéblocks, green (Clever) ones make Green Pokéblocks, yellow (Tough) ones make Yellow Pokéblocks, and pink (Cute) ones make Pink Pokéblocks, each enhancing a specific Contest stat.

There will be two variations of these Pokéblocks: a “Pokéblock” version and a “Pokéblock+” version which has a doubled effect. Pokéblock+ variations usually occur at random.

In the above instances, you get a specific-color Pokéblock when all of the Berries used to make it - or at least most - are of the same color. (It’s majority rule in these instances, and if you, say, have 2 Red and 2 Green Berries, it’s random which will be used most of the time for color.)

However, it is possible to create a Pokéblock of a Rainbow color which will boost all Contest stats together; for this, you need to use four Berries, all of different colors.

When you make Pokéblocks, you’ll end up receiving several of the same kind of Pokéblock (usually). Once a Pokéblock(s) is made, simply feed it to a Pokémon to benefit from a boosted stat.

Pokéblock Combinations

Below is a summation of what was mentioned above about the blending.

Pokéblock Type Effect Blending Components
Red Pokéblock Boosts Cool some (Mostly) Red Berries
Blue Pokéblock Boosts Beauty some (Mostly) Blue Berries
Pink Pokéblock Boosts Cute some (Mostly) Pink Berries
Yellow Pokéblock Boosts Tough some (Mostly) Yellow Berries
Green Pokéblock Boosts Clever some (Mostly) Green Berries
Rainbow Pokéblock Boosts all stats some Four different-colored Berries
Red Pokéblock+ Boosts Cool a lot (Mostly) Red Berries; often a random find
Blue Pokéblock+ Boosts Beauty a lot (Mostly) Blue Berries; often a random find
Pink Pokéblock+ Boosts Cute a lot (Mostly) Pink Berries; often a random find
Yellow Pokéblock+ Boosts Tough a lot (Mostly) Yellow Berries; often a random find
Pokéblock Type Effect Blending Components
Green Pokéblock+ Boosts Clever a lot (Mostly) Green Berries; often a random find
Rainbow Pokéblock+ Boosts all stats a lot Four different-colored Berries; often a random find
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