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Route 112 - South

Vincent Lau

Your one and only way to reach the top of Mt. Chimney.

Pokémon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Machop" IconMachop Fighting Grass/Horde 40%, 35% (Horde)
"Numel" IconNumel Fire/Ground Grass/Horde 60%, 65% (Horde)

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Camper Larry 288 "Taillow" IconTaillow Lv. 16, "Zubat" IconZubat Lv. 18
Picnicker Carol 604 "Gulpin" IconGulpin Lv. 19
Hiker Brice 576 "Numel" IconNumel Lv. 18, "Machop" IconMachop Lv. 18
Hiker Trent 544 "Geodude" IconGeodude Lv. 17, "Geodude" IconGeodude Lv. 17, "Geodude" IconGeodude Lv. 17

Pokémon Evaluations:

Both of the Pokémon here are pretty good ones. When "Machop" IconMachop finally evolves into "Machamp" IconMachamp, it becomes a decently powerful, albeit rather slow, attacker. Many typically use him with No Guard and Dynamic Punch.

Dynamic Punch is a highly damaging Fighting-type move that makes the target confused, but it has a 50% hit rate. Unless you have No Guard, which makes all attacks have an 100% hit rate! (This includes the opponent’s attacks too, so you have to be careful.)

If you don’t have a Fighting Pokémon (Breloom, "Combusken" IconCombusken, "Hariyama" IconHariyama), now’s a good time to add "Machop" IconMachop into your ranks, as the fifth Gym is around the corner! Metaphorically.

There’s also "Numel" IconNumel. "Numel" IconNumel makes a nastily powerful Mega when he Mega Evolves as "Camerupt" IconCamerupt; not only will he have more than decent stats, he’ll also have Sheer Force, boosting the power of effect-based moves by 30% while removing their effects - which many of its moves have!

It does have an annoyingly painful weakness to Water, though, but if you plan on using Mega "Camerupt" IconCamerupt - and you should, if you don’t have a good Fire Pokémon! - he’s your guy. "Numel" IconNumel/Camerupt will also be able to help out decently well with your next Gym, a Fire Gym.

Fortunately, Strength is a much better battle move than Cut.

When you enter the Route, you’ll quickly find your rival running around. (The official one, not Wally.) They’ll point out Mt. Chimney in the distance, an active volcano in the Hoenn region. Your Pokémon will then be healed.

You also will earn HM04 (Strength) – much earlier than you used to! (That event was replaced by the Aggronite event mentioned at the end of the previous chapter.) Strength, once you get the proper Badge, will let you move around large boulders in the field. Strength also makes for a decent Normal move.

Continue west and beat up the Camper. After, feel free to plunder the grass to the north for the various Pokémon. Near the base of Mt. Chimney will be another Picnicker, so battle her, too. There’s also the Hiker to the northeast once you climb the stairs, and one to the northwest.

From the latter, continue northwest and into the cavern, to the Fiery Path .


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