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Route 114

Vincent Lau

A mountain road leading to Meteor Falls, with plenty of impact craters to guide you.

Pokémon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Lombre" IconLombre (AS) Water/Grass Grass 40%
"Lotad" IconLotad (AS) Water/Grass Horde 35% (with "Swablu" IconSwablu)
"Nuzleaf" IconNuzleaf (OR) Grass/Dark Grass 40%
"Seedot" IconSeedot (OR) Grass Horde 35%
"Seviper" IconSeviper (AS) Poison Grass 19%
"Surskit" IconSurskit Water/Bug Grass 1%
"Swablu" IconSwablu Normal/Flying Grass/Horde 40%, 35% (OR Horde with "Lotad" IconLotad)
"Zangoose" IconZangoose (OR) Normal Grass 19%

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Fisherman Claude 672 "Corphish" IconCorphish Lv. 21, "Wailmer" IconWailmer Lv. 21
Fisherman Nolan 736 "Gyarados" IconGyarados Lv. 23
Teammates Tyra and Ivy 1,104 "Roselia" IconRoselia Lv. 21, "Azumarill" IconAzumarill Lv. 23
Poké Maniac Steve 644 "Aron" IconAron Lv. 23
Camper Shane 642 "Minun" IconMinun Lv. 20, "Volbeat" IconVolbeat Lv. 20
Kindler Bernie 704 "Slugma" IconSlugma Lv. 20, "Wingull" IconWingull Lv. 22
Hiker Lucas 640 "Geodude" IconGeodude Lv. 22, "Geodude" IconGeodude Lv. 20
Hiker Lenny 736 "Machop" IconMachop Lv. 23

Pokémon Evaluations

Quite a few Pokémon here, and quite a few version-exclusives, too! Of note, you’ll find "Seedot" IconSeedot and "Nuzleaf" IconNuzleaf in Omega Ruby; these Pokémon make some decent Grass/Dark Pokémon in "Shiftry" IconShiftry later on.

"Zangoose" IconZangoose and "Seviper" IconSeviper make fine additions too. "Zangoose" IconZangoose works especially well with Toxic Boost and Facade; when poisoned, Facade will deal around 420-Power worth of damage, which is obscene. "Seviper" IconSeviper is a nice mixed-Pokémon; you could raise him any way and he’ll be fine.

"Swablu" IconSwablu is a Pokémon of some note on both versions that later evolves into "Altaria" IconAltaria, which is your first accessible Dragon, and can also Mega Evolve though it’s not particularly strong, even when Mega, but it has a nice movepool and fairly decent Defenses.

Dig is good in the main game, but it can potentially give your opponent a free turn to set up.

As you arrive on the Route, if you go west, you’ll find the Fossil Maniac’s house. Inside, you can speak with the kid to get TM28 (Dig). Dig is a decent Ground-type move, though it takes two turns to execute which is why it’s rarely used. It has the field effect, too, of an Escape Rope in caves.

Outside, go further west and speak with the man with the "Poochyena" IconPoochyena to get TM05 (Roar). Roar is a move that ends wild battles and forces a switch in Trainer Battles. However, the Roar will usually be the last move used in a turn, so it’s not like you can abuse it to your heart’s content.

To the south of there, you can speak with the various Fishermen for some battles. After, cross the bridge and go west and north upon disembarking. You’ll find a solitary patch of flowers; examine it to find a Revive .

Return to the bridge and go east, behind the house, and south on the other side where you’ll eventually find some Berry trees. Pick them for three sets of Aspear Berries, which are helpful to unfreeze Pokémon. To the northwest is a Rich Boy who will also hand over a Razz Berry.

The house to the north is that of Lanette, the girl you met back in Fallarbor’s Pokémon Center. Speaking with her will yield a "Seedot" IconSeedot Doll for your Base on Omega Ruby, and a "Lotad" IconLotad Doll on Alpha Sapphire.

Outside, you can go south to find some girls to Double Battle with. If you go south afterwards, you’ll find a patch of grass. Southeast of it is a narrow path; follow it and examine the tile at the very end to find a Carbos . Then go west of the patch of grass and straight into another battle.

Go upstairs from there onto the ledge. Go north and break down the rock and you’ll be able to get a Protein . Return to the stairs’ apex and go west and south to see your rival running off after … well, we would assume Prof. Cozmo and Team Aqua/Magma.

Begin by going south and defeating the Camper, then go southeast. In the center of the first crater, you’ll be able to find a hidden Comet Shard , and a Rare Bone in the center of the larger one nearby, both of which can be sold for somewhat high prices.

North of the even-larger one you’ll find an Energy Powder . Continue upstairs, then east and south, battling the Kindler on the way, then a Hiker later. Cross the massive crater upstairs to find another Hiker on the other side. From there, continue along into Meteor Falls .


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