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Fortree City Gym

Vincent Lau

A windswept Gym guarding by puzzling rotating doors.

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Bird Keeper Jared 1,200 "Swellow" IconSwellow Lv. 30, "Skarmory" IconSkarmory Lv. 30
Picnicker Kylee 496 "Swablu" IconSwablu Lv. 31
Camper Terrel 480 "Doduo" IconDoduo Lv. 28, "Pelipper" IconPelipper Lv. 28
Bird Keeper Will 1,280 "Dodrio" IconDodrio Lv. 32
Bird Keeper Bran 1,280 "Pelipper" IconPelipper Lv. 32

Fortree City

Heal up and then get onto the northern row of treehouses. The next-to-last ladder will bring you down near the Gym. First use the Devon Scope to get rid of the "Kecleon" IconKecleon blocking your way near the entrance. Next, walk around to the back of the Gym and you’ll find TM86 (Grass Knot).

Grass Knot is a weight-based move that deals more damage to heavy targets. This won’t be useful until you’re fighting fully-evolved Pokémon, though it will definitely help out if you teach it to "Pikachu" IconPikachu before your next rival battle if they’re using "Swampert" IconSwampert. Anyhow, to the Gym.

Fortree Gym

This Gym has puzzles akin to its Ruby/Sapphire variant; in other words, the use of rotating doors to get along. For the first door, simply walk east through it.

The second is equally simple: go north through it and battle the Trainer on the other side. From him, continue along north and west to the Picnicker.

Defeat her and continue along to the gate. Push through it eastward, then loop around to it again and use the new path. Go west and upstairs to the gate, go through, and beat the Trainers on the other side as you go along the path.

Eventually, you’ll come upon three gates in quick succession. Go north through the east one and beat the Trainer beyond.

Go south and through the one there. Return to the east gate and use its south-pointing panel to push it westward, then go north through the gate again and along the path beyond. At the top of the stairs beyond there will be Winona!

BOSS - Gym Leader Winona

Pokémon Type Moves
"Swellow" IconSwellow Lv. 33 Normal/Flying Quick Attack, Aerial Ace, Double Team, Endeavor
"Pelipper" IconPelipper Lv. 33 Water/Flying Water Pulse, Roost, Protect, Aerial Ace
"Skarmory" IconSkarmory Lv. 33 Steel/Flying Sand Attack, Air Cutter, Steel Wing, Aerial Ace
"Altaria" IconAltaria Lv. 35 Dragon/Flying Earthquake, Dragon Breath, Cotton Guard, Roost

Rewards : $4,200; Feather Badge; TM19 (Roost)

"Swellow" IconSwellow is a good Pokémon in its own right in this situation. In this case, it will particularly capitalize on Endeavor to bring your HP down to its own and, if that’s low enough, will then use Quick Attack to kill you before you can move. This is the basis of the gimicky F.E.A.R. tactic.

Although since "Swellow" IconSwellow doesn’t have a Focus Sash or Sturdy, a One-Hit KO will allow you to avoid this problem. "Pikachu" IconPikachu should be able to do fine by himself, as should "Manectric" IconManectric/Mega "Manectric" IconManectric. In terms of weaknesses, you’ll find him prone to Rock, Electric, and Ice the most.

"Pelipper" IconPelipper is easy enough to beat since he is doubly weak to Electric; your Cosplay "Pikachu" IconPikachu will easily do this, as will any Electric Pokémon. Otherwise, just avoid weaknesses to Water and you ought to be okay since that’ll be the main concern namely Water Pulse’s confusion rate.

Rock can also do some super-effective damage, though we wouldn’t recommend that since it has an advantage over most users of Rock moves.

"Skarmory" IconSkarmory is usually used to set up entry hazards, though not here. Here, "Skarmory" IconSkarmory may use Sand Attack to lower your accuracy, though this problem is fixed with a simple switching out.

It will also use a number of attacks, but generally "Skarmory" IconSkarmory’s power is too low to make it really worth consideration (unless you suffer a 4x weakness to Steel or Flying). Generic weakness piercing (Fire, Electric) will more than suffice here.

"Altaria" IconAltaria is here, as it usually is, in the role of a wall. This is most prominently done with Cotton Guard, which raises the wielder’s Defense three stages; that’s going to reduce your Physical damage to 40% if it’s used initially, and 25% if a second time comes in without lowering its stats.

"Altaria" IconAltaria has a massive (4x) weakness to Ice if you any such moves on you. Otherwise, just stick to Special-attacking Pokémonw with high Sp. Atk. such as "Gardevoir" IconGardevoir with Dazzling Gleam or "Latios" IconLatios/Latias with Dragon Breath.

Rock moves may also work, but be sure the user’s not weak to Ground; even though it’s not really an attacking Pokémon, "Altaria" IconAltaria’s Earthquake can still hurt.

It’s overall a simple battle, really; just hit the weak points.

After the battle, Winona will hand over the Feather Badge ; this will allow Fly to be used out of battle and also makes traded Pokémon up to Level 70 obey you.

You’ll also get TM19 (Roost): Roost is a move that restores half of the user’s HP, but they will no longer be Flying-type (if they were Flying) until the next move.


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