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Victory Road

Vincent Lau

This giant cave separates the men from the boys.

Pokémon Encounters


Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Aron" IconAron Steel/Rock Horde 35%
"Golbat" IconGolbat Poison/Flying Cave 20%
"Hariyama" IconHariyama Fighting Cave 15%
"Lairon" IconLairon Steel/Rock Cave 20%
"Loudred" IconLoudred Normal Cave/Horde 20%, 5% (Horde)
"Mawile" IconMawile (OR) Steel/Fairy Cave 10%
"Medicham" IconMedicham Fighting/Psychic Cave 15%
"Sableye" IconSableye (AS) Ghost/Dark Cave 10%
"Zubat" IconZubat Poison/Flying Horde 60%

Surfing and Fishing

Nothing you haven’t really seen before; all the good Pokémon are found on land.

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Ace Trainer Albert 2,700 "Sigilyph" IconSigilyph Lv. 45, "Rhyperior" IconRhyperior Lv. 45
Ace Trainer Hope 2,820 "Froslass" IconFroslass Lv. 47
Expert Bryn 3,600 "Hitmontop" IconHitmontop Lv. 45, "Throh" IconThroh Lv. 45
Ace Trainer Edgar 2,820 "Mawile" IconMawile Lv. 47
Street Thug Regan 1,376 "Houndoom" IconHoundoom Lv. 43, "Shiftry" IconShiftry Lv. 43
Ace Duo Jude and Rory 2,820 "Cradily" IconCradily Lv. 47, "Armaldo" IconArmaldo Lv. 47
Expert Theodore 3,760 "Sawk" IconSawk Lv. 47
Ace Trainer Vito 2,640 "Electrode" IconElectrode Lv. 44, "Swalot" IconSwalot Lv. 44, "Darmanitan" IconDarmanitan Lv. 44
Dragon Tamer Egon 2,820 "Kingdra" IconKingdra Lv. 47
Brains & Brawn Aden & Finn 3,008 "Primeape" IconPrimeape Lv. 47, "Musharna" IconMusharna Lv. 47


The trainers here are tougher and some even use non-Hoenn Pokémon.

Welcome to Victory Road, the final trial for Trainers who wish to challenge the most elite Trainers in the region, the Elite Four; one mere dungeon stands between you and your success, so let’s get to it! Surf north through the large entryway before you.

In the next area, go north and make landfall, then approach the nearby Strength boulder. Push it north into the hole, then go north and upstairs. At this point, the path forks a little. Go upstairs again and along the path first to obtain a Full Heal past the bridge.

Next, return to ground level and beat the Ace Trainer to the west. Go north and along the path to some more stairs; before going, go east and north and examine the boulder there to find a Max Repel , then go up those stairs. You’ll find another Ace Trainer to fight before going on down.


Feel free to use Flash, though it’s hardly needed. In any case, go west and examine the small boulder to find an Ultra Ball . Now, see that boulder to the south? Push it westward with Strength, then go south and east to push the next one eastward.

Go along the path for a little bit and you’ll eventually find two Strength boulders blocking you from an item; simply push the south one eastward to claim your PP Up . Return to the main path and continue southward and along the path to battle an Expert. After, head upstairs.


Go north and challenge the Ace Trainer. Go north after and examine the tile in front of the small boulder to find an Elixir , then go east and across the bridge. On the other side, you can either go down the ladder or down the stairs.

First go down the ladder to B1F and follow the short path to a Max Elixir . Go back up the ladder and then head downstairs, beat the Street Thug, and continue along and down the next ladder.


Boo! This little corner of space is a nice surprise.

Go south down to the water. Defeat the Ace Trainers standing near the shore, then begin Surfing southward and outside for a moment; you’ll end up finding TM29 (Psychic) on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Return inside and Surf north and westward to some more land.

Defeat the Expert as you head north, then take note of the two Strength boulders to the east. Move the first one eastward into the alcove, then the second north twice and east twice so you can grab TM35 (Flamethrower). Nice.

Anyhow, go back to the “Y” fork and go northwest. As you near the next downbound staircase, feel free to defeat the Ace Trainer near it and then claim the Full Restore to the northwest.

Otherwise, go downstairs. Continue along the path until you see a Dragon Tamer to beat near the lakeshore. Don’t bother Surfing; for whatever reason, the path to the south goes outside just to go outside. Anyway, go northwest of the Tamer and up the ladder.


For a little while, the path is linear and easy to follow. You’ll fight a couple of Trainers on the way. Further northwest of there is a ladder to go up.


Here, go to the west and across the bridge, then use the Dowsing Machine to locate an Iron further to the west. Go across the next bridge to the north and use Waterfall to go up the waterfall to find TM81 (X-Scissor). Return to the lower level and go east, across the bridge. Head north to the next area.

Heal up here because it’s a boss battle with Wally!

BOSS: Pokémon Trainer Wally

Pokémon Type Moves
"Altaria" IconAltaria Lv. 46 Dragon/Flying Aerial Ace, Safeguard, Dragon Pulse, Cotton Guard
"Delcatty" IconDelcatty Lv. 46 Normal Sing, Disarming Voice, Charm, Feint Attack
"Roselia" IconRoselia Lv. 46 Grass/Poison Synthesis, Leech Seed, Petal Blizzard, Toxic
"Magneton" IconMagneton Lv. 46 Steel/Electric Screech, Discharge, Tri Attack, Flash Cannon
Mega "Gallade" IconGallade Lv. 48 Psychic/Fighting Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Slash, Swords Dance

Rewards : $1,920, Dawn Stoner

This will actually be a pretty difficult battle unless you’re massively overlevelled. But aside from that, this is likely to be by far your favorite battle in the Pokémon series: the background music, the setting, the determined portrait of Wally. It makes for a great battle!

"Altaria" IconAltaria , per the usual, tends to play the role of a minor wall, being bulky to begin with and loving to increase that with Cotton Guard, at least on the Physical front. Its attacks aren’t too powerful, even when STAB-boosted. If you love using status moves, be careful as it knows Safeguard.

Special class moves work best, particularly Ice moves for the double weakness, but also Fairy, Rock, and Dragon will work. Bizarrely, lots of Psychics learn Dazzling Gleam , so your Lati, for example, as well as "Gardevoir" IconGardevoir, etc. won’t have much trouble with this one.

"Delcatty" IconDelcatty is sort of part of a two-stage status trolling ring with "Roselia" IconRoselia. With "Delcatty" IconDelcatty, you’ll typically see Sing to put you to Sleep and Charm to lower your Attack significantly; Cute Charm can also greatly inhibit you if you need to use more than one contact attack to KO.

That said, if you can cure or avoid the ailments, "Delcatty" IconDelcatty herself is weak and frail. Fighting moves or any strong STAB attack will probably KO it. "Espeon" IconEspeon, Mega "Absol" IconAbsol, Mega "Sableye" IconSableye, and, if you have it, Mega "Diancie" IconDiancie also make great counters in this instance because of Magic Bounce.

"Roselia" IconRoselia is the second (and more significant) round of ailment crippling. First comes the Poison Point ability; try to avoid contact attackers as you do not want to be Poisoned. Avoid Toxic even moreso, as it’s worse. There’s also Leech Seed to absorb some of your HP, and Petal Blizzard as a nuke.

The best counter would be a Steel Pokémon as they’re immune to Poison and resistant to Petal Blizzard, although there are few that can fight off "Roselia" IconRoselia adequately. In which case, nuke with Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug, and Psychic moves, especially STAB-boosted ones.

Mega "Latios" IconLatios/Latias or Primal "Groudon" IconGroudon/Kyogre works wonders too.

"Magneton" IconMagneton ought to be something you can handle right now, given its common double weakness. Screech is honestly the big threat you’ll see from this guy unless you are weak to Electric or Steel. For the most part, you can just use a good Ground move to Two-Hit KO (remember Sturdy?).

Alternatively, use your generic Fire or Fighting Pokémon. All work pretty well; mostly weakness targetting in this instance. Mega "Heracross" IconHeracross is probably the biggest good Pokémon you can use since Arm Thrust will certainly kill him, even if you’re underleveled.

"Gallade" IconGallade is probably the biggest threat in this fight, mainly because it can Mega Evolve. Mega-Gallade is one of the strongest Pokémon in the game Physically, boasting Attack right on the 99 percentile, and he loves to back this up with powerful STAB moves, particularly Close Combat.

He may be the hardest battle you’ve had thus far in the game if your levels are on average, particularly if he gets a Swords Dance in and lives. The biggest counter to him is "Sableye" IconSableye and "Spiritomb" IconSpiritomb (and, of course, Mega "Sableye" IconSableye) – he literally will not be able to hit you.

Still, "Sableye" IconSableye’s only an Alpha Sapphire strategy; despite that, if you have him, teach him Will-O-Wisp, then simply let the guy die eight turns later. Ghost Pokémon in general also work to pierce weaknesses to Psychic, though Psycho Cut can hurt.

Fairy Pokémon can also work out well here: particularly useful ones are Mega "Mawile" IconMawile, "Gardevoir" IconGardevoir, and "Azumarill" IconAzumarill; spam Fairy moves for weaknesses. You can also use generic Flying Pokémon; "Skarmory" IconSkarmory can work out well by resisting everything thrown at it and simply whittling down HP in return.

After the battle, Wally will hand you the Dawn Stone , an item which allows male "Kirlia" IconKirlias to evolve into "Gallade" IconGallade.

With that battle sorrowfully over, it’s time to go north … to the Pokémon League!


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