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The Summoning

Vincent Lau

You’ll find yourself atop the Sky Pillar, at the Dragonhark Altar, the highest place in all of Hoenn, the nearest to the stars. After apparently knocking you out, the next morning Zinnia gathers together the Key Stones and the Sky Pillar begins to shake as she summons forth the legendary "Rayquaza" IconRayquaza !

…But she cannot induce the Mega Evolution, "Rayquaza" IconRayquaza has become too weak in the past 1,000 years. Suddenly, the Meteorite you hold with you begins to glow brightly, and "Rayquaza" IconRayquaza eats it, now being able to achieve its Mega Evolution.

It also wants you as its master; it is now your goal to battle and catch "Rayquaza" IconRayquaza! Save, and then speak with it to battle!

Legendary Pokémon

Name Type Ability Version
"Rayquaza" IconRayquaza Dragon/Flying Air Lock Both

General catching techniques will suffice: False Swipe down to 1 HP, status, then Ultra Balls from there on out (Dusk Balls if it’s night). He will be Level 70, though, so don’t expect to come out of this completely unharmed. Fortunately, his catch rate is high, so he shouldn’t break out the ball often.

After the fight and the capture of "Rayquaza" IconRayquaza - which must be done to move the plot forward - you will have to put him in your party. If the party is full, someone will be replaced at your choice. Zinnia will then give you the final key to "Rayquaza" IconRayquaza’s Mega Evolution by teaching him Dragon Ascent.

Unlike every other Mega Pokémon, "Rayquaza" IconRayquaza needs no Mega Stone to evolve, simply requiring Dragon Ascent in its movepool. Despite this, the method to evolve is the same, by picking the “Mega Evolve” option in battle.

After, you will now have to battle Zinnia a second time, this time using Mega "Rayquaza" IconRayquaza to prove your might.

BOSS: Lorekeeper Zinna

Pokémon Type Moves
"Goodra" IconGoodra Lv. 60 Dragon Dragon Pulse, Muddy Water, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam
"Tyrantrum" IconTyrantrum Lv. 60 Dragon/Rock Dragon Claw, Crunch, Earthquake, Stone Edge
"Altaria" IconAltaria Lv. 60 Dragon/Flying Dragon Pulse, Moonblast, Flamethrower, Hyper Voice
"Noivern" IconNoivern Lv. 60 Dragon/Flying Dragon Pulse, Air Slash, Shadow Ball, Super Fang
Mega "Salamence" IconSalamence Lv. 62 Dragon/Flying Dragon Claw, Crunch, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang

Reward : $6,200; Dragon Ascent

Zinnia’s team isn’t half bad, but you will likely completely flatten her in one turn. Just Mega-Evolve "Rayquaza" IconRayquaza and spam Dragon Pulse, though try Dragon Ascent at one point just to see it. Dragon Pulse will nearly always result in an One-Hit KOs in this fight when Mega, so it’s a piece of cake.

Outer Space

And so, it seems as if you and "Rayquaza" IconRayquaza are the planet’s only hope; together you ride into space, towards the asteroid that is threatening all. Enjoy that epic scene… but there seems to be one thing left.

A triangle, moving in a very familiar pattern to those who participated in a certain event in the GameBoy Advance Pokémon games. "Deoxys" IconDeoxys , the legendarily-powerful alien Pokémon appears from the meteorite’s remains, chasing you down for a battle!

Legendary Pokémon

Name Type Ability Version
"Deoxys" IconDeoxys (Normal) Psychic Pressure Both

You can - and should - battle "Deoxys" IconDeoxys much as you did "Rayquaza" IconRayquaza, with the very intent of catching him if at all possible.

The reason: "Deoxys" IconDeoxys is not only one of the strongest Pokémon in the game (and is the highest-leveled catch yet at Level 80), but also because this is the first time owning him for many of you as he has only been available by direct download at Nintendo Events in the past. This is a rare chance.

We’d actually use the Master Ball for this rather than a generic catching method. Not only because "Deoxys" IconDeoxys can be difficult to catch, especially with the lack of prior preparation and unability to save beforehand.


And so ends the Episode. When you return, Aster - the "Whismur" IconWhismur - will give you a letter from Zinnia, a good-bye letter, and you’ll watch as the participants of the episode finally transition back to their own lives, and the dust settles, the world returns to normalcy a second time.


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