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Route 104 - South

Vincent Lau

A seaside route separated by Petalburg Woods.

Pokémon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Taillow" IconTaillow Normal/Flying Grass 5%
"Wingull" IconWingull Water/Flying Grass/Horde 15%, 5% (Horde)
"Wurmple" IconWurmple Bug Grass 40%
"Zigzagoon" IconZigzagoon Normal Grass/Horde 40%, 95% (Horde)

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Youngster Billy 100 "Seedot" IconSeedot Lv. 4, "Taillow" IconTaillow Lv. 6
Rich Boy Winston 976 "Zigzagoon" IconZigzagoon Lv. 8

Pokémon Evaluations

Not much new or worth having. You can now find "Taillow" IconTaillow, though, a decent Flying Pokémon, especially if you can get it to have Scrappy (though that requires serious DexNav grinding). Guts is also very viable, boosting its attack when Burned or Poisoned, but remember to heal regularly.

Flying Pokémon in general will be particularly useful come the Fighting Gym - the second one - if you didn’t get "Ralts" IconRalts earlier.

Rich Boys and Ladies offer more reward money, so be sure to take them on!

When you enter the Route, go south and down onto the beach if you want to battle some Trainers; if you go northwest along it, there will be a running Trainer to battle. You can also chase away a flock of "Wingull" IconWingull. Nearby, you’ll see a Youngster carving out a rectangle when he runs.

Find whichever spot is the northwest corner of his running path then walk a few steps each from it and press A until you find a Heart Scale . If you go due south of the western side of the running path the Youngster makes and examine the shoreline right where the water meets sand, you’ll also find an Antidote .

Further along, you’ll find a woman next to some stairs up to Mr. Briney’s cottage. Go next to the woman’s west side and walk westward, pressing A each time until you find a Potion . Now go upstairs to find Mr. Briney’s shack; we’ll be visiting this later.

For now, continue north along the Route where you’ll find some Oran Berries and Pecha Berries on the side of the road as you turn west, so pick ’em up. Continue along the dirt path and battle the Trainer next to the forest entrance, then enter said forest.


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