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Route 109

Vincent Lau

A relaxing beach if it weren't for the horde of furious Pokémon Trainers.

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Sailor Huey 560 "Machop" IconMachop Lv. 15
Tuber Lola 56 "Azurill" IconAzurill Lv. 14
Tuber Ricky 56 "Zigzagoon" IconZigzagoon Lv. 14
Sailor Edmund 560 "Wingull" IconWingull Lv. 12, "Machop" IconMachop Lv. 14
Tuber Simon 56 "Azurill" IconAzurill Lv. 14
Sailor Dwayne 520 "Tentacool" IconTentacool Lv. 13, "Machop" IconMachop Lv. 13
Beauty Johanna 840 "Goldeen" IconGoldeen Lv. 15
Delinquent Destinee 480 "Sableye" IconSableye Lv. 15
Street Thug Blair 448 "Poochyena" IconPoochyena Lv. 12, "Carvanha" IconCarvanha Lv. 14

When you actually arrive in Slateport on the beach, you’ll really be on the extreme north Route 109. You can then go northwest and battle the Sailor. Examine the base of the red umbrella to his southwest to find a Revive .

Next, go northeast and speak with the girl in the pink inner tube to get a Soft Sand , an item which boosts the power of the holder’s Ground moves by 20%. "Marshtomp" IconMarshtomp may be able to use this pretty well, especially come the next Gym.

Go north of there and battle a different Tuber, and west for another, and don’t forget the Sailor pacing around to the north of the latter. Return to where Ricky was and go southwest where you’ll find a blue umbrella. Examine the base of it from the west side to find a Heart Scale .

Further to the west is a small building - the Seashore House. First, stand in front of it and walk one tile west of the stairs’ base and press A to find a Great Ball .

Within, you can battle several Trainers, so long as you talk to them. After beating all five, you can speak with the man at the counter to earn six Soda Pops , items which heal HP by 60; you’ll also be able to buy more for $300 a … shall we say, “pop”?

Outside or inside, there's no escaping the Pokémon battles!

Once you’re done, return to the beach and go northwest where you’ll soon find a PP Up .

PP Ups are relatively rare items which can be used to boost the maximum PP of a move by 20%, up to 60%! However, keep in mind that the boost is removed once the move is unlearned, so it’s best to save them until you’re sure of keeping a certain move.

From there, go east and into the city proper. Go far off to the east to where the man is standing with his "Zigzagoon" IconZigzagoon; examine the tile north of the man for a Heart Scale.

Also, go three steps west of the "Zigzagoon" IconZigzagoon when standing on its west side and go due south until one tile separates you from the water; examine this tile for an Ether .

Okay, now enter the city.


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