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Route 113

Vincent Lau

A grassy route painted grey by the volcanic ash. Nice music too.

Pokémon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Sandshrew" IconSandshrew Ground Grass 35%
"Skarmory" IconSkarmory Steel/Flying Grass/Horde 5%
"Spinda" IconSpinda Normal Grass/Horde 60%, 95% (Horde)

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Youngster Neal 304 "Trapinch" IconTrapinch Lv. 19, "Electrike" IconElectrike Lv. 19
Fairy Tale Girl Franny 352 "Kirlia" IconKirlia Lv. 22
Ninja Boy Lao 288 "Koffing" IconKoffing Lv. 19, "Koffing" IconKoffing Lv. 17, "Koffing" IconKoffing Lv. 18
Parasol Lady Madeline 704 "Numel" IconNumel Lv. 22
Youngster Dillion 336 "Aron" IconAron Lv. 21
Ninja Boy Lung 320 "Nincada" IconNincada Lv. 18, "Ninjask" IconNinjask Lv. 20

Pokémon Evaluations

Nothing particularly special on this Route. "Spinda" IconSpinda does have an interesting factoid about it, though. It has the most available Formes out of all Pokémon, some eight million or billion? It’s a lot. "Sandshrew" IconSandshrew makes a decent secondary HM slave if you haven’t gotten "Zigzagoon" IconZigzagoon.

If you want to collect ash without interruptions, Repels are your friend.

When you reach this Route, you’ll find your rival further to the west, who will heal your Pokémon. As you bypass here on the ashy-gray ground, you’ll learn why it’s so ashy-gray: because volcanic ash falls here from Mt. Chimney! (And Team Aqua/Magma wanted to go up there? Crazy.)

Go west for a while and you’ll find a Youngster to battle. Upstairs, you’ll see several dark-gray lumps; these are piles of ash. Two of them lie to the north and if you examine the center of the southwestern of the two, you’ll find an Ether .

Next, go east and jump over the ledge to find a Fairy Tale Girl to battle and a Super Repel on the ground. Return to the piles of ash and the lone one to the west will hide a Ninja Boy. After the Ninja Boy, go west and defeat the Parasol Lady.

Once done, go north and upstairs, then grab the yellow item ball; it contains TM32 (Double Team). Then go west and battle with the Youngster. Further to the west will be a house. First take the Max Ether from the ash pile.

Within the house, you can speak with the man to receive the Soot Sack - for every step you take in the ashy grass on this Route, you’ll get one unit of ash. In return for enough units, you’ll receive various colored Flutes from the man, several of which can be useful in status healing.

When you’re done there, go south and hop the ledge to find several ash piles. The first of them you come upon contains a hidden Nugget , and the next one to the northwest contains a Ninja Boy. The next pile to the northwest contains a Hyper Potion.

Further to the west, you’ll find…


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