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Mauville Food Court

Vincent Lau

When arriving from the south entrance into Mauville, the Food Court is just to the northeast of there. Much like the various Cafés in Lumiose City of Pokémon X/Y, the Mauville Food Court provides a quick means to earn lots of EXP. and lots of money.

Yes, the Mauville Food Court is one of the best place in the game to grind for these things. If you feel like doing it this way, be sure to abuse the various O-Powers, Lucky Eggs (for EXP.), and an Amulet Coin (for money); the process is made more efficient and beneficial this way.

Of course, though, the main problem is that you can only order one of each meal per day, in which case grinders may want to focus on the Elite Four or "Blissey" IconBlissey Bases. It’s all up to you.

Dining Etiquette

Anyhow, here, you are supposed to order some food and then basically sit there until your food is ready. Your food will be ready in a specific number of battle turns; for example, the Village Sub Combo is ready in five turns. Until those turns run out, you will continually go through several battles.

Therefore, for example, any given battle can take away at least one turn from the total amount. If you defeat a Trainer before the turns run out, you’ll fight another Trainer, and another, until the number of turns runs out and then the battle you’re in is finished.

For example, the battle series for the Village Sub Combo (again, 5 turns) can end if the first battle takes two turns, the second takes two (total: four), and the third won’t matter since at least the fifth turn (and possibly more) will be used.

At the same time, this means that you can defeat every Trainer in a single turn that you fight, maximizing the efficiency of the process by maximizing your EXP. and money earnings.

At the end, when you get your meal, you’ll obtain several things for winning the series, and an additional gift if you fought every Trainer in a single turn. Below, we will first discuss some basic details of the meals and then the Trainers involved. Get munchin’!

Combo Type Battle Format Reward Reward for beating all trainers
Village Sub Combo Singles Nuggets Figy, Aguav, Wiki, Iapapa, or Mago Berry
"Magnemite" IconMagnemite Croquette Doubles Pearl String Metal Powder
Mauville Ramen Bowl Triples Bug Nuggets Deep Sea Tooth (Omega Ruby) / Deep Sea Scale (Alpha Sapphire)

In case you want to know about the Deep Sea Tooth/Deep Sea Scale items - which are version-exclusive here - you can have a "Clamperl" IconClamperl hold them.

The Deep Sea Tooth doubles its Sp. Atk. when held, and the Deep Sea Scale doubles its Sp. Def. Additionally, if "Clamperl" IconClamperl is traded when holding one of these, it will evolve into "Huntail" IconHuntail and "Gorebyss" IconGorebyss respectively.

Below is the listing of Trainers for each meal type, which will also list their order - each Trainer is preset, as is their party. In general, there’s not much to note.

However, if you expect to fight Ace Trainer Melba in the "Magnemite" IconMagnemite Croquette meal, you should bring along a Pokémon that can use Fire, Rock, Flying, Ghost, or Dark moves since she’ll use "Shedinja" IconShedinja , and, if you can’t hit it, it’ll take more or less forever for your party to get killed off.

Village Sub Combo (Single Battle) Trainers

Trainer Name Money Party
Youngster Cutler 272 "Slugma" IconSlugma Lv. 17
Schoolkid Nitzel 340 "Oddish" IconOddish Lv. 17
Youngster Ham 272 "Taillow" IconTaillow Lv. 17
Schoolkid Meena 340 "Goldeen" IconGoldeen Lv. 17
Fairy Tale Girl Meggie 272 "Jigglypuff" IconJigglypuff Lv. 17

Magnemite Croquette (Double Battle) Trainers

Trainer Name Money Party
Lass Suzette 880 "Maractus" IconMaractus Lv. 55, "Vaporeon" IconVaporeon Lv. 55
Rich Boy Filbert 6,600 "Lanturn" IconLanturn Lv. 55, "Jolteon" IconJolteon Lv. 55
Aroma Lady Thyme 1,760 "Gogoat" IconGogoat Lv. 55, "Goodra" IconGoodra Lv. 55
Lady Dulcie 6,600 "Carnivine" IconCarnivine Lv. 55, "Mismagius" IconMismagius Lv. 55
Ace Trainer Benedict 3,300 "Flareon" IconFlareon Lv. 55, "Heatmor" IconHeatmor Lv. 55
Ace Trainer Melba 3,300 "Shedinja" IconShedinja Lv. 55, "Shedinja" IconShedinja Lv. 55

Mauville Ramen Bowl (Triple Battle) Trainers

Trainer Name Money Party
Street Thug Alfredo 2,080 "Lickilicky" IconLickilicky Lv. 65, "Lilligant" IconLilligant Lv. 65, "Lickilicky" IconLickilicky Lv. 65
Street Thug Barley 2,080 "Swoobat" IconSwoobat Lv. 65, "Swoobat" IconSwoobat Lv. 65, "Swoobat" IconSwoobat Lv. 65
Street Thug Soyer 2,080 "Altaria" IconAltaria Lv. 65, "Tropius" IconTropius Lv. 65, "Aerodactyl" IconAerodactyl Lv. 65
Street Thug Bass 2,080 "Clefable" IconClefable Lv. 65, "Clefable" IconClefable Lv. 65, "Clefable" IconClefable Lv. 65
Street Thug Wellington 2,080 "Krookodile" IconKrookodile Lv. 65, "Arcanine" IconArcanine Lv. 65, "Scrafty" IconScrafty Lv. 65
Street Thug Pitaha 2,080 "Whimsicott" IconWhimsicott Lv. 65, "Whimsicott" IconWhimsicott Lv. 65, "Whimsicott" IconWhimsicott Lv. 65
Street Thug Rice 2,080 "Ditto" IconDitto Lv. 65, "Ditto" IconDitto Lv. 65, "Ditto" IconDitto Lv. 65
Street Thug Banting 2,080 "Nidoking" IconNidoking Lv. 65, "Aggron" IconAggron Lv. 65, "Rampardos" IconRampardos Lv. 65
Fare Prince Trencherman ??? "Lucario" IconLucario Lv. 75, "Togekiss" IconTogekiss Lv. 75, "Lucario" IconLucario Lv. 75


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