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Wally Rematches

Vincent Lau

After the events surrounding your arrival in the Battle Resort, it may seem like you won’t be able to find Wally ever again. Aww…That’s actually not true!

For you to enable rebattles against Wally, you’ll need to earn a 50-win streak in any of the Super Battle types in the Battle Maison. As you leave the Maison thereafter, you’ll meet with Wally and can then speak with him to battle him.

Rematch 1

Pokemon Type Moves
"Altaria" IconAltaria Lv. 64 Dragon/Flying Aerial Ace, Safeguard, Dragon Pulse, Cotton Guard
"Delcatty" IconDelcatty Lv. 64 Normal Sing, Disarming Voice, Charm, Feint Attack
"Roserade" IconRoserade Lv. 64 Grass/Poison Synthesis, Leech Seed, Petal Blizzard, Toxic
"Magnezone" IconMagnezone Lv. 64 Electric/Steel Screech, Discharge, Tri Attack, Flash Cannon
Mega "Gallade" IconGallade Lv. 66 Psychic/Fighting Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Slash, Swords Dance

Rewards: $2,640

"Altaria" IconAltaria doesn’t need much overview at this point because a number of Trainers have already used it. "Altaria" IconAltaria mostly attempts to wall Physically as usual (Cotton Guard seems to be a point of consistency), though it can play a minor supportive role with Safeguard.

Not that it’s an issue unless you rely on status and you can always use Taunt. Otherwise, it’s a generic Dragon/Flying Pokémon. You can easily beat it with Ice moves, and Fairy, Dragon, and Rock also work well, particularly if they’re Special-classed.

"Delcatty" IconDelcatty mostly plays the role of a status crippler, not being able to back up its few damaging attacks with real stats. Sing is mostly used to put you to Sleep, and Charm will really lower your Attack. Cute Charm - it’s ability - can also force out some infatuation if you use contact moves.

On the whole, a Special Pokémon is really good here as they’re unaffected by Charm and most Special moves are non-contact so no real worries about Cute Charm. Otherwise, a good Fighting move or powerful STAB attack works too given its frail nature.

"Roserade" IconRoserade is mostly here to troll you through Toxic, and then wall you to death through a combo of Synthesis and Leech Seed, with Petal Blizzard coming to really smack Rock, Ground, and Water Pokémon. Toxic is mostly the concern here, since Leech Seed and Synthesis are relatively underpowered.

Outspeeding it with a super-effective attack is the way to go; you’ll probably manage to KO it and avoid the Toxic. Another way to go is with a Steel Pokémon, which will block the Toxic and resist the Petal Blizzard, leaving you to simply STAB it to death. "Metagross" IconMetagross is particularly well-fit for this role.

"Magnezone" IconMagnezone is easy enough to deal with; it’s your standard attacker, nothing really special about it. Smack it with a couple of super-effective moves and move on, as it were.

Ground is the preferred type, though Fire and Fighting also work fine. It’ll take two hits to KO in any case due to Sturdy, unless you’re using a Pokémon with Mold Breaker, such as "Pinsir" IconPinsir or "Haxorus" IconHaxorus, that has Earthquake or another good super-effective move.

"Gallade" IconGallade is, as usual, the powerhouse of Wally’s team, no doubt as it’s the highest-leveled Pokémon on his team and because he can Mega Evolve, like in your Victory Road fight. His main two STAB moves are very powerful (particularly Psycho Cut when it gets critical, as it will 12.5% of the time).

Slash is relatively negligible, and Swords Dance - if it happens at all - will just be time for a free shot that may even KO in one. Ideally, you’ll use "Sableye" IconSableye or its Mega version as, as before, it cannot be hurt by "Gallade" IconGallade at all.

Other Pokémon include Ghost and Flying Pokémon for some resistances and their own advantages. If you want, you can also use a STAB move - though preferably if your Pokémon is a little higher-leveled and faster - and that may also do "Gallade" IconGallade in.

After the first rebattle, at some later time (probably just exit and re-enter the Maison?) you can speak with him again for a harder battle! You can also rebattle this team once daily from here on out.

Rematch 2

Pokemon Type Moves
"Roserade" IconRoserade Lv. 79 Grass/Poison Shadow Ball, Leech Seed, Petal Blizzard, Poison Jab
"Talonflame" IconTalonflame Lv. 79 Fire/Flying Brave Bird, Flare Blitz, Steel Wing, Tailwind
"Azumarill" IconAzumarill Lv. 79 Water/Fairy Aqua Jet, Play Rough, Aqua Tail, Iron Tail
"Magnezone" IconMagnezone Lv. 79 Steel/Electric Thunder Wave, Discharge, Reflect, Flash Cannon
"Garchomp" IconGarchomp Lv. 79 Dragon/Ground Dragon Claw, Crunch, Earthquake, Stone Edge
Mega "Gallade" IconGallade Lv. 81 Psychic/Fighting Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance

Reward: $3,240

As a forenote, in reference to all other Trainers in the game, this variation of Wally is by far the hardest in the game, and we daresay, second only to Pokémon Trainer Red in the Johto-region Pokémon games in sheer difficulty.

One particular contributor to this fact is how most of Wally’s party actually use very valid competitive movesets on his Pokémon, even in their item choices.

More or less the only things we can really pick at are: one is the game’s still-poor AI, another is their EV sets, and the third is how the IVs of these Pokémon number 20, not 31, in all stats unlike competitive Pokémon. Despite these gripes, it’s a formidable team.

"Roserade" IconRoserade is not much like its previous versions; rather than attempting the age-old Toxic-then-wall tactic, it prefers a straight offensive. Shadow Ball and Petal Blizzard are the main threats here, but generic super-effective hits work fine enough.

Flying, Ice, and Fire Pokémon are preferred; Psychics are a slight risk due to Shadow Ball. Nothing really special.

"Talonflame" IconTalonflame is perhaps one of the biggest threats on Wally’s party. The Life Orb set it runs is pretty standard, albeit for Doubles usually. Tailwind is the main source of the threat, in particular if you’re the type to sweep quickly through Pokémon. See, it has Gale Wings.

Short of Extreme Speed, Tailwind will likely be the first move it uses, doubling the Speed of its ally Pokémon for several turns, giving it a purpose beyond that of simple attacking. Brave Bird is a threat for much the same thing. Life Orb can make that move unusually powerful given its base Attack stat, so look out.

"Talonflame" IconTalonflame in general is also pretty fast, so Flare Blitz and, to some degree, Steel Wing are also threats. Taking out "Talonflame" IconTalonflame flawlessly is actually pretty hard without Extreme Speed! Bulky Water Pokémon or Electric Pokémon will likely be best since they’re in the least danger from its various moves.

"Azumarill" IconAzumarill makes an effective wall and an effective attacker in this case. Assault Vest more or less puts it so that Special moves don’t work too well against it, and its Huge Power ability doubles its Attack, a significant boost even though it has relatively low base Attack, especially given its moveset.

Still, "Azumarill" IconAzumarill mostly is a straight-up attacker, so act in kind. Physical move users are best, particularly Poison, Electric, Grass, and Steel Pokémon.

"Magnezone" IconMagnezone is much the same as before, though it is angled slightly more towards support than before through Reflect. In fact, it’s more likely to use Reflect, because it has an Air Balloon to immunize it from Ground until hit, and Sturdy assures its survival for two hits barring Mold Breaker (after which it dies).

The use of Reflect to begin with will be to give it some use in battle, after which it works on a standard moveset. In general, though, you can’t do much about this. Pokémon with Brick Break would be ideal, though. Fighting and Fire Pokémon in general also work.

"Garchomp" IconGarchomp is a bit of a threat as a powerful sweeper Pokémon. For the most part, the goal is to avoid being hit super-effectively while also hitting it super-effectively. Ice Pokémon are in danger here because of Stone Edge, though you’ll be OK if you’re faster (Level 82-85 will usually suffice).

Fairy is the preferred generality though since it won’t be hit super-effectively here. In general, you’ll want to strictly avoid using contact attackers, however. Rocky Helmet in addition to Rough Skin will remove 1/3 of these Pokémons’ max HP. That’s not a good idea, obviously!

"Gallade" IconGallade is the usual powerhouse because of its Mega Evolution and all that, and it is also slightly more threatening than before because of the swap of Slash to Leaf Blade, itself a powerful Grass move with a 1/8 critical-hit rate akin to that of Psycho Cut.

As usual, "Sableye" IconSableye can work well, if just to use Will-O-Wisp to burn "Gallade" IconGallade and in turn halve its Attack - it can now be hit because of Leaf Blade, but that’s the only thing that will do it. Other good Pokémon will include Fairies (particularly Mega "Mawile" IconMawile), Flying-types, and Ghost-types for STAB.


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