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A Primer

Vincent Lau

The Battle Maison is a facility similar to the Battle Towers and the Battle Subways from the previous games, and, like the same, is only available during the post-game, when you reach the Battle Resort . It is the gold mansion at the top of the resort.

The premise of playing here is to get a very long battling streak against trainers using only one team, no items from the bag, and with healings between each battle, you need to get as far as possible. In doing so, you earn BP to exchange for numerous valuable items. This is harder than it sounds.

Inside the Maison, go further within to the battling area and you can speak with the receptionist to begin battle. There are a number of restrictions, which are identical to the ones in the Battle Institute , covered just earlier (in other words, mimicking official tournaments).

The only difference is that you can now participate in Triple and Multi Battles too. For Triple, you need six Pokémon. If you choose Multi Battles (you and someone against two others; the other may be human or AI), you only need two, but the battle format will be Double Battle.

After each battle win, you’ll earn some BP. BP is used to buy items at the exchange in the entrance of the Maison. The BP earned will increase significantly as time goes on:

BP Earned

Battles Regular Battles Super Battles
1-10 1 BP 2 BP
11-20 2 BP 3 BP
Special 20 20 BP N/A
21-30 N/A 4 BP
31-40 N/A 5 BP
41-50 N/A 6 BP
Special 50 N/A 50 BP
50 and on N/A 7 BP

In addition, at 20 wins in the regular battles, you’ll be able to play the Super Battles . Unlike the regular ones, Super Battles can continue infinitely until you lose.

When you win fifty battles in a row of the Super Battles, for the most part you’ll just get some BP; however, for each Battle type won, you also get a statue in the front of the Maison. Finally, at 100 and 200 wins, you can get Berries from a girl in one of the cabins east of the Maison.

For the most part, Trainers in the Battle Maison are completely random, except at the 20 and 50-win marks, as described later. (Each special trainer is unique to a certain battle type.) Due to this chaotic nature, you will definitely want to construct a team well-fitted to fight any type of Pokémon.

Pokémon with huge move varieties, such as "Latios" IconLatios, "Blaziken" IconBlaziken, "Lucario" IconLucario, "Charizard" IconCharizard, "Noivern" IconNoivern or "Dragonite" IconDragonite, will be absolutely key to your survival. Hopefully you’ve gathered enough TMs/HMs throughout the region to modify some Pokémon to your needs.

The big thing, however, is to create a team at the competitive level very much engineered such that it could fight in the VGCs, or at least against moderately skilled people.

During your challenge, you are allowed to interrupt it or save. Interrupting your challenge, unlike previous generations, is okay. Now, since it’s just a single straight grind until you lose, it allows you to take breaks to do Wi-Fi battles or whatever. It’s a notable feature to series veterans and a welcome one!

Your streak will end, however, if you lose a battle or opt to change battle types.


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