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Granite Cave

Vincent Lau

More wild "Zubat" IconZubats and "Geodude" IconGeodudes… Honestly, who isn't sick of them by now?

Pokémon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Zubat" IconZubat Poison/Flying 1F/B1F/Horde 40% (1F), 60% (Horde), 30% (B1F)
"Abra" IconAbra Psychic 1F/B1F 15% (1F), 20% (B1F)
"Geodude" IconGeodude Rock/Ground 1F/1F Horde 5%, 35% (Horde)
"Makuhita" IconMakuhita Fighting 1F/B1F/Horde 40% (1F), 35% (Horde with "Geodude" IconGeodude), 5% (Horde), 20% (B1F)
"Aron" IconAron Steel/Rock B1F/Horde 30% (B1F), 40% (Horde)

Pokémon Evaluations

There’s not much of particular note in Granite Cave. "Abra" IconAbra makes a decent Psychic Pokémon with some great sweeping capabilities if you didn’t get "Ralts" IconRalts back on Route 102. Not much aside from this.

Dewford Town

Heal up after the Gym and then go north and west into Granite Cave.

Granite Cave - 1F

Go along the path before you for a bit. If you didn’t get the Flash TM while you were here last, do so now by speaking with the Hiker and also teach it to someone if you want, though you don’t need it immediately. (Abra, for example.) Then head north and downstairs.

Granite Cave - B1F

Steel Wing is a decent move for Flying-types, letting them damage sturdy Rock-types.

Here, you’ll quickly walk up to the silver-haired man, Steven Stone. After a bit of a rant from him, he’ll accept your Letter and, in return, you’ll be given TM51 (Steel Wing).

After more chatting, he’ll leave. And, unlike Ruby/Sapphire, there’s nothing else for you here at the moment (at least not until you get the Mach Bike), so leave.

Dewford Town

Once back here, speak with Mr. Briney and opt to head to Slateport.


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