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Lilycove City

Vincent Lau

A popular port town; your passageway to the great Hoenn seas (shudder).

Pokémon Encounters - Lilycove City

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Graveler" IconGraveler Rock/Ground Rock Smash 100%
"Magikarp" IconMagikarp Water Old/Good Rod 65% (Old), 60% (Good)
"Pelipper" IconPelipper Water/Flying Surf 5%
"Staryu" IconStaryu Water Super Rod 5%
"Tentacool" IconTentacool Water/Poison Surf/Old/Good Rod 65% (Surf), 35% (Fishing)
"Wailmer" IconWailmer Water Good/Super Rod 5% (Good), 95% (Super)
"Wingull" IconWingull Water/Flying Surf 30%

Pokémon Encounters - Route 122

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Magikarp" IconMagikarp Water Old/Good Rod 65% (Old), 60% (Good)
"Pelipper" IconPelipper Water/Flying Surf 5%
"Tentacool" IconTentacool Water/Poison Surf/Old/Good Rod 65% (Surf), 35% (Fishing)
"Wailmer" IconWailmer Water Good/Super Rod 5% (Good), 95% (Super)
"Wingull" IconWingull Water/Flying Surf 30%

As you enter town, as per usual, enter the Pokémon Center for the usual free healing. While there, if you have one, switch an "Altaria" IconAltaria into your party. (It is the evolved form of "Swablu" IconSwablu, found on Route 114, and evolves by leveling up to Lv. 35.)

In doing so, go east of the Pokémon Center and speak with the man outside the house there, then show him the "Altaria" IconAltaria to obtain some Altarianite ! Altarianite, as you can guess, makes "Altaria" IconAltaria Mega Evolve.

If you enter that house nearby and you’ve won a lot of Pokémon Contests, you’ll find it to be a fan club based on your success rate in them.

Let’s see… The Contest Hall is south of the Pokémon Center, though there’s nothing new there. If you go into the house west of there and see the four kids playing on their 3DS’s, you can see they’re using the special "Pikachu" IconPikachu Yellow variant.

More importantly, as you head north of the Pokémon Center, you can encounter your rival near the stairs. Do you know what that means?

BOSS: Pokémon Trainer Brendan/May

Pokemon Type Your starter
"Swellow" IconSwellow Lv. 37 Normal/Flying Any
"Breloom" IconBreloom Lv. 37 Grass/Fighting "Torchic" IconTorchic or "Treecko" IconTreecko
"Magcargo" IconMagcargo Lv. 37 Fire "Treecko" IconTreecko or "Mudkip" IconMudkip
"Wailord" IconWailord Lv. 37 Water "Mudkip" IconMudkip or "Torchic" IconTorchic
"Sceptile" IconSceptile Lv. 39 Grass "Mudkip" IconMudkip
Swamprt Lv. 39 Water/Ground "Torchic" IconTorchic
"Blaziken" IconBlaziken Lv. 39 Fire/Fighting "Treecko" IconTreecko

Rewards : $1,560

"Swellow" IconSwellow is the one certainty you’ll finally encounter in your rival’s party. Thankfully it has no real surprises. The big thing here would be to use your "Pikachu" IconPikachu most obviously. Other Electric Pokémon also work well, particularly the "Magnemite" IconMagnemite evolutionary chain, and Rock Pokémon too.

If your "Latios" IconLatios/Latias is here, you can have it use Charge Beam (via TM) once or twice to boost its Sp. Atk. greatly and really own later Pokémon in the battle because, as usual, your "Latios" IconLatios/Latias can always own everything here with such inordinate ease that it’s almost sad.

"Breloom" IconBreloom can be a bit of a pain if it opts to use Spore, one of the core components of its main competitive strategy. Well, Sleep is obviously harmful, you should know that by now. That means a prejudicial removal of this Pokémon is necessary.

"Latios" IconLatios/Latias can easily nuke it with Psychic or Luster Purge or even Fly, or you can use a generic Flying Pokémon (i.e. "Swellow" IconSwellow), or maybe "Blaziken" IconBlaziken with Blaze Kick or Brave Bird if he was your starter. An easy One-Hit KO as "Breloom" IconBreloom is pretty frail and loves using Mind Reader, oddly.

"Magcargo" IconMagcargo: We said it last time; Surf . An easy One-Hit KO from your Surf user - and you are supposed to have Surf by now of course - and that could be one of your Lati’s moves. Other than that, "Swampert" IconSwampert and "Blaziken" IconBlaziken should also have ample ways to take care of this guy.

"Swampert" IconSwampert could use Surf or some Ground move, and "Blaziken" IconBlaziken could use Sky Uppercut, Double Kick, Power Up Punch, Rock Tomb. The list goes on. This by far is not the Pokémon that should be troubling you.

"Wailord" IconWailord is easy enough to beat. Its main reliance is on bulk more than anything, throwing up meager Water attacks even when your weak to the same. If you have Grass Knot, "Pikachu" IconPikachu can hold a Light Ball and easily One-Hit KO this guy (he’s very heavy) or just Thunderbolt or something.

Other good ways to deal with him include other Electric Pokémon, Grass Pokémon in general (Mega "Sceptile" IconSceptile is particularly resistant), and "Swampert" IconSwampert can not only resist Water, but counter with unresisted Ground moves.

Unless you're facing a Steel or Fairy-type, few things can stop "Latios" IconLatios/Latias.

"Sceptile" IconSceptile can be a bit of a problem as he usually is, boasting nice Speed and Sp. Atk. Your main shot with him is to outspeed him, usually done by around Level 42 or so, depending on the Pokémon in question. If you found "Vulpix" IconVulpix/Ninetales back at Mt. Pyre, no more needs to be said.

Likewise, a generic Bug (e.g. "Dustox" IconDustox, "Beautifly" IconBeautifly) or Flying (i.e. "Swellow" IconSwellow) Pokémon would do well with their resistances to Grass or "Skarmory" IconSkarmory with its double-resistance. Otherwise, you can always use your "Latios" IconLatios/Latias to resist while nuking with a STAB move.

"Swampert" IconSwampert can be a bit of a problem, too, mostly due to his lack of weaknesses, the only one being Grass. That said, if you have the Grass Knot TM, it is also viable with "Swampert" IconSwampert as it is with "Wailord" IconWailord; "Pikachu" IconPikachu can still learn it, as can a number of other Pokémon.

Generic Grass Pokémon also work, such as "Breloom" IconBreloom and "Gloom" IconGloom, since the double-weakness to Grass usually ensures a One-Hit KO when Grass is used. Again, your "Latios" IconLatios/Latias is well-suited for this guy with resistances and immunities to help.

With your rival defeated, we can access the north half of town, in particular the Department Store, which has a bunch of stuff for you to empty that weighty wallet.

On the first floor, you can play the Pokémon ID Lottery : if the five digits chosen match up with one of your Pokémon’s ID numbers (PC or party, regardless of origin), you have a chance at winning a prize. Thus, the more trades the better.

See the table below for the prizes and their respective odds. Note that, particularly with the 5-number one, the odds are slightly seemingly-erroneous as there are only 65,536 possible IDs (00000-65535); they are matched from left-to-right in the ID lottery, just so you know.

Numbers Matched Prize Earned Initial (No Trades) Odds
1 Moomoo Milk 1/10 (10%)
2 PP Up 1/100 (1%)
3 PP Max 1/1,000 (0.1%)
4 Rare Candy 1/10,000 (0.01%)
5 Master Ball 1/65,536 (~0.0015%)

On Saturdays, you can buy decorations on the top floor of the Department Store.

East of the Dept. Store first will be the Move Deleter ’s house; this man will remove any moves you want a Pokémon to forget, even HM moves.

To the east of there is an old man who will randomly give out a Berry daily. In the house several ledges below, the bald man will give you TM44 (Rest), then speak with him again for TM88 (Sleep Talk).

Rest allows the user to go to Sleep for two turns while restoring their HP and status ailments (except KO/Pokérus), and Sleep Talk allows the user to, at random, use a move while Sleeping; there is a chance of reusing Rest (33%) but it is a potent combo nonetheless.

The other guy will give you the Poké Flute item; the Poké Flute is an item that is used to awaken Pokémon from Sleep … usually! Typically it has a plot purpose - very often awakening "Snorlax" IconSnorlax - but not here; it’s just a Secret Base decoration. What a shame.

Further to the south, you can descend onto the beach. Go north and towards the cavern using the Dowsing Machine to find a PP Up , then examine the rock southeast of the stairs for a Poké Ball .

Go far to the southwest to some stairs and examine the west half of the large boulder near them to find a Heart Scale . Ascend, then go south and along the path to the lighthouse, on the west side of which you’ll find a Max Repel .

With your way to Route 124 blocked, that leaves only two things to do; stock up and leave! After you’ve done so, head to Slateport City .


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