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Meteor Falls in Full

Vincent Lau

Any excuse to experience Meteor Falls's wonderful music and pristine water.

Pokémon Encounters

On Land

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Bagon" IconBagon Dragon B1F 2R Cave/Horde 35%, 5% (Horde)
"Clefairy" IconClefairy Fairy Hidden Pokémon - Everywhere ???
"Deino" IconDeino Dark/Dragon Hidden Pokémon - Everywhere ???
"Druddigon" IconDruddigon Dragon Hidden Pokémon - Everywhere ???
"Golbat" IconGolbat Poison/Flying 1F 2R, B1F 1R & B1F 2R 75% (1F 2R, B1F 1R), 40% (B1F 2R)
"Lunatone" IconLunatone (AS) Rock/Psychic Everywhere 25%
"Solrock" IconSolrock (OR) Rock/Psychic Everywhere 25%
"Zubat" IconZubat Poison/Flying Horde 100%, 95% (B1F 2R)


Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Golbat" IconGolbat Poison/Flying Surf 4% (1F 1R), 80% (everywhere else)
"Lunatone" IconLunatone (AS) Rock/Psychic Surf 16% (1F 1R), 20% (everywhere else)
"Solrock" IconSolrock (OR) Rock/Psychic Surf 16% (1F 1R), 20% (everywhere else)
"Zubat" IconZubat Poison/Flying Surf (1F 1R only) 80%


Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Barboach" IconBarboach Water/Ground Good/Super Rod (Everywhere) 5% (Good), 100% (Super 1F 1R), 95% (Super everywhere else)
"Goldeen" IconGoldeen Water Old/Good Rod (Everywhere) 35%
"Magikarp" IconMagikarp Water Old/Good Rod (Everywhere) 65% (Old), 60% (Good)
"Whiscash" IconWhiscash Water/Ground Super Rod (Everywhere except 1F 1R) 5%

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Dragon Tamer Nicolas 2,820 "Flygon" IconFlygon Lv. 47
Battle Girl Tess 1,472 "Mienshao" IconMienshao Lv. 46
Dragon Tamer Dray 2,820 "Altaria" IconAltaria Lv. 47
Old Couple John and Jay 7,520 "Hariyama" IconHariyama Lv. 47, "Medicham" IconMedicham Lv. 47

Pokémon Evaluations

"Deino" IconDeino is the big new one here, mostly because of the National Pokédex more than anything. He makes a nice Special-attacking Dragon Pokémon, though he can be a bit slow and has a huge weakness to Fairy. Despite that, he’s useful for the main game as Fairy Pokémon are infrequent at best.

Granted, your Mega "Latios" IconLatios/Latias is superior, but if you prefer something else… "Bagon" IconBagon is also a good Pokémon when evolved into "Salamence" IconSalamence; Mega-Salamence will be a nasty Pokémon to fight with in general, possessing great Speed and mixed-attacking capabilities.

Again, your Lati is preferable, but if it’s neglected, you may as well.


Have you been selling Stardust and the like or hoarding them for no reason?

Fly here and enter!

When you arrive, approach the big waterfall. (Come on, you can’t miss it.) Use Waterfall to get up that bad boy, then go east and land on the small chunk of land there. Use the Dowsing Machine to find the Stardust hidden there, then go northwest and through the archway.


Go east and north along the lake shore to find a Dragon Tamer. Descend the ladder nearby.


Defeat the Battle Girl running around to the southwest, then go west and north to battle the Dragon Tamer, then ascend the ladder further north.


Battle the couple to the east, then go up the steppes to the north. Descend the ledges further to the east, hanging along the west side. Turn on your Dowsing Machine as you go down, too; as you do, look carefully when the small stalagmites begin to pop up.

A sparkly area should be nearby, signifying some Aerodactylite . Examine the same spot once more to find a hidden Super Repel . Go down another ledge or two, then southwest and down the ladder.


Here, get Surfin’ and head north, east, and then far to the south to the southeast corner. Go through the doorway here to the entrance area where you can find a PP Max.

Return to the previous area and go to its north-central portion. Head to the northwest part of this area and you can use the Dowsing Machine to locate a Star Piece ; from there, go east and through the archway.

In this room, you’ll be able to find "Bagon" IconBagon , and it’s literally the only place in the game to find him. Don’t forget TM02 (Dragon Claw) at the north side of the cave; Dragon Claw is pretty much a standard move on any Physical Dragon Pokémon. In any case, you’re done here for now.


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