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Bosses: 20 Win Streak

Vincent Lau

Unlike the rest of the guide, because any remote certainties or assumptions about your team are lost due to various things at this point, strategies are much more generalized, focusing mostly on the reporting of the basic team’s data and the Pokémon’s weaknesses.

SINGLE BATTLE BOSS: Battle Chatelaine Nita

Pokemon Type Moves
"Wigglytuff" IconWigglytuff Normal/Fairy Disarming Voice, Thunderbolt, Focus Blast, Round
"Grumpig" IconGrumpig Psychic Psychic, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, Power Gem
"Purugly" IconPurugly Normal Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Shadow Ball, Round

"Wigglytuff" IconWigglytuff will be weak to Poison and Steel, with immunities to Ghost and Dragon. It has advantages over Dark, Dragon, and Fighting.

"Grumpig" IconGrumpig is weak to Dark, Bug, and Ghost, with advantages over Fighting and Poison accompanying it.

"Purugly" IconPurugly is weak to Fighting and immune to Ghost. It has no type-based advantages, and doesn’t really specialize in its moveset.

DOUBLE BATTLE BOSS: Battle Chatelaine Evelyn

Pokemon Type Moves
"Primeape" IconPrimeape Fighting Cross Chop, Stone Edge, Revenge, Earthquake
"Lumineon" IconLumineon Water Surf, Ice Beam, Rain Dance, Silver Wind
"Pachirisu" IconPachirisu Electric Light Screen, Volt Switch, U-Turn, Super Fang
"Persian" IconPersian Normal Fake Out, Dark Pulse, Round, Power Gem

"Primeape" IconPrimeape is weak to Psychic, Fairy, and Flying, with advantages over Normal, Ice, Rock, Steel, and Dark.

"Lumineon" IconLumineon will be weak to Grass and Electric, with advantages over Fire, Rock, and Ground.

"Pachirisu" IconPachirisu is weak to Ground and advantageous over Flying and Water.

"Persian" IconPersian is weak to Fighting, immune to Ghost, and lacks true special note in its moveset.

TRIPLE BATTLE BOSS: Battle Chatelaine Dana

Pokemon Type Moves
"Dragalge" IconDragalge Poison/Dragon Waterfall, Poison Tail, Double Team, Facade
"Whimsicott" IconWhimsicott Grass/Fairy Moonblast, Tailwind, Leech Seed, Energy Ball
"Piloswine" IconPiloswine Ground/Ice Earthquake, Blizzard, Thrash, Hail
"Magcargo" IconMagcargo Fire/Rock Overheat, Gyro Ball, Earth Power, Body Slam
"Magneton" IconMagneton Steel/Electric Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt, Screech, Metal Sound
"Girafarig" IconGirafarig Normal/Psychic Thunderbolt, Dazzling Gleam, Energy Ball, Psychic

"Dragalge" IconDragalge will be weak to Dragon, Ice, Psychic, and Ground, with advantages over Dragon and Grass being its main features. Beware of contact moves on both sides because of the potential Poison Point/Poison Touch abilities.

"Whimsicott" IconWhimsicott is doubly-weak to Poison, weak to Fire, Ice, Flying, and Steel, and immune to Ground. It is advantageous over Dragon, Dark, Fighting, Water, Rock, and Ground.

"Piloswine" IconPiloswine is weak to Fire, Water, Grass, Ice, and Steel, and is immune to Electric. It is advantageous over Fire, Rock, Steel, Electric, Poison, Flying, Grass, and Ground.

"Magcargo" IconMagcargo is doubly-weak to Water and Ground, and weak to Fighting, Rock, and Steel. It has advantages over Fire, Flying, Ice, Bug, Steel, and Grass. Beware of contact moves, as you may sustain a burn.

"Magneton" IconMagneton is doubly weak to Ground, weak to Fire and Fighting, and immune to Poison. It is advantageous over Rock, Ice, Flying, and Water.

"Girafarig" IconGirafarig is weak only to Bug and Dark, with an immunity to Ghost to boot. It is advantageous primarily over Fighting and Poison.

ROTATION BATTLE BOSS: Battle Chatelaine Morgan

Pokemon Type Moves
Sawbuck Grass/Normal Double-Edge, Horn Leech, Megahorn, Leech Seed
"Swalot" IconSwalot Poison Toxic, Stockpile, Protect, Earthquake
"Klefki" IconKlefki Steel/Fairy Draining Kiss, Flash Cannon, Recycle, Metal Sound
"Mantine" IconMantine Water/Flying Scald, Air Slash, Aqua Ring, Wide Guard

"Sawsbuck" IconSawsbuck is weak to Fighting, Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug, and Poison, with an immunity to Ghost. It is advantageous over Water, Rock, and Ground.

"Swalot" IconSwalot will be weak to Psychic and Ground, and advantageous over Fairy and Grass.

"Klefki" IconKlefki is weak to Fire and Ground, and is immune to Poison and Dragon. It also is advantageous over Rock, Ice, Fairy, Fighting, Dark, and Dragon.

"Mantine" IconMantine will be doubly-weak to Electric and normally weak to Rock. It is advantageous over Fire, Rock, Ground, Grass, Bug, and Fighting.


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