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The Trick House

Vincent Lau

The Trick House is a building found on Route 110 , the same as in the original Ruby/Sapphire, which primarily features puzzles, mostly for the sake of fun, diversionary puzzles. You can initially do several puzzles (the first and second), but any further ones will require the gaining of additional Badges.

First Puzzle

Name Money Party
Lass Sally 256 "Gulpin" IconGulpin Lv. 16
Youngster Eddie 224 "Nincada" IconNincada Lv. 14, "Geodude" IconGeodude Lv. 14
Battle Girl Cora 554 "Meditite" IconMeditite Lv. 17

When you arrive, you’ll be told you’re being watched. Begin by examining the lower-left side of the table to find the person beneath, the Trick Master. He’ll hand over an Escape Rope before letting you through to the back; simply examine the scroll to get there.

This puzzle is the typical Cut puzzle; you probably saw it if you played the Kanto/Johto Pokémon games. Begin by Cutting down the tree to the northeast and battle the person in the nearby clearing. Cut the next tree to the west and follow the path to find a Lava Cookie .

Next, go back to the previous clearing and north of where you Cut the first tree. Continue Cutting along this path. At the north/east fork, go ahead and north along the path to easily reach an item (another Lava Cookie ) and a Youngster to fight.

Return to the fork noted earlier and go east to battle a Battle Girl. After, continue along the path behind her to find a scroll. Examine it, then leave the Cut maze and go to the north-central side of the room. Examine the large scroll and then you’ll be allowed into the next room.

Examine the item ball there for the useful Expert Belt ! The Expert Belt increases the power of super-effective moves by 20%, which makes it invaluable on sweeper Pokémon.

Speak with the Trick Master himself for TM12 (Taunt) - Taunt is a move that prevents the target from using status-classed moves. You won’t find much use for it in the main-game, it’s mostly a competitive thing.

Anyhow, it’s time to leave.

Second Puzzle

Name Money Party
Black Belt Yuji 576 "Makuhita" IconMakuhita Lv. 16, "Machop" IconMachop Lv. 18
Schoolkid Georgie 320 "Shroomish" IconShroomish Lv. 16, "Beautifly" IconBeautifly Lv. 16
Pokémon Ranger Sophia 1,020 "Swablu" IconSwablu Lv. 17, "Roselia" IconRoselia Lv. 17
Pokémon Ranger Sebastian 1,080 "Cacnea" IconCacnea Lv. 16, "Aron" IconAron Lv. 18

In this case, the Trick Master will be behind the pot in the lower-right hand corner; examine it to find him.

After, you’ll find yourself in a new room when you go through the scroll. Immediately, some random robot asks you for $550 for an Escape Rope . It’s probably better to decline his offer. Anyhow, go west and north and beat up Yuji, then step into the rocky field.

Smash the rock in the southwest corner and go north and east and battle the Schoolkid. After, break the rock to the east and follow it to the Rage Candy Bar (a novelty item like the Lava Cookie). Go back to the Schoolkid and break the rock to her north and use the roundabout path to get to the lower level.

Smash the rock to the west upon entering and go along the path to battle a couple more trainers. Afterwards, break the western rocks and examine the scroll there. Go back to the top of the stairs and west. Break the rock and continue on and grab the Rage Candy Bar.

Then go north and east. Examine the large scroll to enter the room beyond. Speak with the Trick Master to get a Hard Stone. This item boosts the power of Rock-type moves by 20% when held.

Third Puzzle

Name Money Party
Lass Robin 288 "Oddish" IconOddish Lv. 16, "Goldeen" IconGoldeen Lv. 18
Ace Duo Pike and Shiel 1,260 "Numel" IconNumel Lv. 21, "Carvanha" IconCarvanha Lv. 21

When you arrive this time around, examine the northwest bookcase to find the Trick Master.

This area is a bit of a maze. Anyhow, feel free to neglect the Mechadoll’s offer of an Escape Rope . Go west and along the path (the little tin roof doesn’t always mean open/closed path here, by the way). In this case, the tin roof is a fork. You’ll soon encounter a Lass to battle if you go east.

Go north for an Ace Trainer duo. Go east and north from there to a three-branch fork. Go west for the Lumiose Galette , then north. Go west first and defeat the Schoolkid, then go east and downstairs and along the hidden path south until you can no more.

At that point, go east and upstairs to find a scroll. Examine it, then go north to find a second Lumiose Galette . Return back to the original staircase and examine the large scroll to its left to get through. Speak with the Trick Master in the room beyond to earn TM92 (Trick Room).

Trick Room is a volatile pseudoweather condition when used right: it enables slower Pokémon to go before faster ones (within their own priority class), which is very lethal under many circumstances if used properly.

Fourth Puzzle

This time, the Trick Master can be found hidden behind the window next to the scroll.

After entering, ignore the Mechadoll’s usual talk about the Escape Rope . Push the Strength boulder to the north thrice and then get the Casteliacone to the east.

Go west and push that Strength boulder two times, then go around it and along to another boulder. Ignore it and use the wooden walkway to head to the next boulder to the north. Push it east twice, then go around it and push it west once. Go north to the next boulder and push it north once.

Return to the previous boulder and push it west until you can’t, then use the wooden walkway to go to the northwest corner and push the boulder eastward twice now. Get on this wooden walkway and follow the path to the northeast corner.

There, you’ll see three boulders to the south. Push the north one left once, then the south one down twice. Now go get the Casteliacone next to the first boulder.

Now, exit and re-enter the maze. That is the cost of getting these items. Sorry!

Follow the same steps as before. However, this time, only push the very first boulder twice. When you get to the northeast corner, push the north boulder left once, the east boulder right once, and then the south boulder left once. Go around now to the right side of the east boulder and continue along the perimeter.

In the southeast corner, push the boulder west once, then go around and push it north once. Continue along the path from here and push the boulder at the dead-end south once so you can get at the scroll to the north. Once examined, hop over the ledge nearby and go north; examine the scroll there and enter the next room.

There, speak with the Trick Master to earn a Smoke Ball, which guarantees your escape from wild battles when held. Of course, you shouldn’t be escaping from wild battles, but whatever.

Fifth Puzzle

Examine the northeast cupboard to find the man. Not sure if he’s the Trick Master…

This set is mostly a bunch of trivia questions to answer from five Mechadolls in a question-mark-shaped room. The questions are taken from the ones in Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, though the order here is random. Here are the various questions you may be asked:

Question : One of these Pokémon is not found on Route 103. Which is it?

Answer : "Nincada" IconNincada - for only "Poochyena" IconPoochyena, "Zigzagoon" IconZigzagoon, and "Wingull" IconWingull are there.

Question : In Professor Birch’s bag, there were three Pokémon. Which one was at the right?

Answer : "Mudkip" IconMudkip - notably, they were ordered numerically

Question : Sell one Escape Rope and buy an Antidote. How much money remains?

Answer : $175 ($275 - $100, discounting tax)

Question : One of these Pokémon is not of the Grass type. Which is it?

Answer : "Nincada" IconNincada (it’s Bug/Ground)

Question : The Devon Researcher was looking for what Pokémon in the Petalburg Woods?

Answer : "Shroomish" IconShroomish

Question : Which costs more, one Full Heal and one Great Ball, or one Revive?

Answer : Revive ($600 + $600 = $1,200, and $1,200

Question : In Dewford Hall, were there more men or women?

Answer : Men

Question : How many Bikes does Rydel have on display outside his cycle shop?

Answer : 8

Question : Which Pokémon was offered for a trade at the Pokémon Trainers’ School?

Answer : "Seedot" IconSeedot

Question : Rustboro Gym Leader Roxanne used a "Geodude" IconGeodude. Was it male or female?

Answer : Female (as though rocks can have genders)

Question : How many people give you Berries at the Pretty Petal Flower Shop?

Answer : 1 (remember, that place on Route 104?)

Question : The first Trainer in the Dewford Gym was male or female?

Answer : Female - it was a Battle Girl.

Question : One of these Pokémon uses Scratch. Which one is it?

Answer : "Nincada" IconNincada

Question : Which costs more? Three Poké Balls or one Super Potion?

Answer : The Super Potion ($200 x 3 = $600, and $600

Question : How many signs are there in Lilycove City?

Answer : 8

After the first two Mechs, pick up the Old Gateau . For answering the third question, you’ll get an Escape Rope . Get the Old Gateau off to the north, then continue along west after the fourth, and after the fifth backtrack to the scroll.

When you get to the Master, you’ll receive a Magnet , which boosts the power of Electric moves from the holder by 20%.

Sixth Puzzle

This time, the Master will be hidden under the southeastern of his table’s cushions. How…?

… Let’s get this over with.

Use the rightbound arrow, and then the next rightbound arrow as well. Once you hit the next enclosure, use the top-right up arrow, then the left arrow, the left arrow, and the down arrow. From there, walk southwest an enclosure and use its down arrow.

Walk over two rooms to the left and up one. There will be three semi-hidden arrow tiles here; use the northern one. Then walk left and north a room and use the middle of the three tiles next to the small hut to find a Shalour Sable, then use the down arrow to get back.

Go right two rooms and use the southern of the two right arrows. From there, you can use the down arrow to find the scroll; read it, now . Use the right arrow and then retrack to the hut near where the Shalour Sable was. Go two rooms east and, this time, use the bottom arrow again.

In this area, go east a room and use the rightbound arrow. From here, you can carefully walk south through several rooms to find another Shalour Sable , then go far north and use the up arrow.

Go left a room and use the southern of the three leftbound arrows. After, like, an hour of spinning, examine the scroll and leave this place that we call hell.

For a reward, you’ll receive the Red Tent in Pokémon Omega Ruby, and the Blue Tent in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. This is what we get?

After the dude conveniently leaves before we can sic a Pokémon knowing Guillotine on him, leave it yourself and torch the place.


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