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Vincent Lau

Game Sync sounds a bit scary, but it's really easy to use when you know how.

One of the less advertised features of Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (and X/Y) is the ability to exchange data with the official Pokémon Global Link (PGL) website.

To link your game to PGL, there are two steps.

  • In your game : Connect to the Internet via the PSS (from the PlayNav) and access the Game Sync menu from the additional options. Next, request a Game Sync ID as suggested and note down the unique 16-digit code.
  • On the PGL website : Create a Pokémon Trainer Club account (be sure to note down your username and password or at least the e-mail used to create it) if you don’t have one, then log into the account. After logging in, input your Game Sync ID.
    Having done both and successfully linked your Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire to the site, whenever you wish to exchange data, go to the in-game Game Sync menu once more and choose the Game Sync option.

PGL Features

After performing a Game Sync, you will find some interesting features available to you on the PGL website.

  • Profile : View your profile and gameplay/battle records. Of note, you can check your Logbook, which contains a simple diary of important things you’ve done in your game, plus any Medals you’ve earned.
  • PokéMileage Club : Spend Poké Miles you’ve earned in the game to buy items or play minigames to earn items (will be discussed in more detail below).
  • Rating Battles : View the battle rankings from the online Rating Battles, as well as the most popular Pokémon used.
  • Online Competitions : Register for any on-going online battle competitions or check the stats of on-going/past competitions.
  • Account Settings : Edit your Pokémon Trainer Club account details. Useful if you want to change your password or something.

The PokéMileage Club

With the PGL, you can receive rare items from the internet.

Besides the Logbook and Medals (and the Online Tournaments if you’re a skilled battler), the main way of interacting with your game is through the PokéMileage Club.

Here, you can use Poké Miles to buy items or play minigames to get items; Poké Miles are gotten by Wonder Trading, StreetPass or storing Pokémon in Pokémon Bank.

All of the items in the PokéMileage Club can be obtained in the game, but some are easier to obtain here or you may wish to have multiple.

To transfer Poké Miles from your game to PGL, simply perform a Game Sync while connected online. Doing so removes all Poké Miles from your game, so don’t be alarmed if you check your in-game profile and find you have next to no Poké Miles.

Additionally, if you have more than one game, you can transfer Poké Miles between games, so long as you’ve registered each games’ Game Sync ID. What you must do is go to your PGL profile, then PokéMileage Club and from there, select Transfer Poké Miles to another game .

After obtaining items from the PokéMileage Club (whether from the shop or the minigames), they will be sent to your game the next time you perform a Game Sync. When this occurs, speak to the red delivery girl in any Pokémon Centre to receive the items!

PokéMileage Shop

You have to use your Poké Miles for something, right?

The same shop is found towards the west side of Mauville City, but charges more than the PGL prices. So if you can connect to the PGL, obviously use the shop there, rather than the in-game one.

Notable Items

Rare Candies are nice, but it’s not hard to Level Up, and you can easily steal Heart Scales (to relearn moves) from "Luvdisc" IconLuvdisc. PP Ups are probably the best item here (a must for hardcore battlers, especially for those low PP moves), but they are rather pricey…

Mine Cart Adventure

A simple minigame where you select one of three minecart tracks, then click the screen when you’re happy with the power gauge to shove your minecart forward, with the aim of collecting as many berries as you can.

Once your minecart stops, a Pokémon will stomp the ground, causing berries to fall from trees and hopefully into your minecart. The more berries you can collect, the better your score, obviously.

In our experience, picking the bottom-most (the very wonky) track and shoving at approximately half power works best most of the time, usually placing you below the tree with a lot of berries.

Notable items

A variety of different Poké Balls, great if you’re a catching enthusiast. You can even acquire a Master Ball , but the chances are very low ; we wouldn’t recommend playing this game for the Master Ball alone.

Graffiti Eraser

"Jirachi" IconJirachi spotted! That's a guaranteed 50 points.

Drag your mouse to clear the screen of graffiti and reveal the Pokémon hidden behind; the game ends after you’ve fully revealed three Pokémon. Each Pokémon is randomly assigned a point value and your score is simply the sum of the three.

Truthfully, this minigame is very random - don’t be surprised to get poor scores. However, a good tip is to slowly clear away the graffiti, peaking at the Pokémon behind, until you find the Mythical Pokémon (eg. "Jirachi" IconJirachi, "Shaymin" IconShaymin) if there is one, which is guaranteed to give 50 points!

Notable items

A lot of great items here and there are different ones for different Levels, so be sure to try each Level out. Of significant note, you can get the Destiny Knot (guarantees passing down of 5 IVs between two parents) from the Level 1 game.

Balloon Popping

Click on the screen to pop Pokémon-shaped balloons; the game ends after popping ten. Each balloon is randomly give a point value from 1 to 10 and your score is just the sum of the ten.

This game is even more random than Graffiti Eraser and, as far as we can tell, there is no rhyme or reason to the scoring system. Just click as quick as you can (avoiding RSI) to get the game over with.

Notable items

Some very cool items here, mostly evolution-based items, including rare ones like the Shiny Stone , and EV-reducing berries (perfect for correcting minor EV-training errors).


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