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Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

Route 110

Vincent Lau

A totally different route depending on whether you have a bicycle or not.

Pokémon Encounters

Name Type Location Encounter Rate
"Electrike" IconElectrike Electric Grass 40%
"Gulpin" IconGulpin Poison Grass 10%
"Magnemite" IconMagnemite Steel/Electric Horde 60%
"Minun" IconMinun (AS) Electric Grass/Horde 16%, 35% (Horde) 5% (Horde with "Plusle" IconPlusle)
"Oddish" IconOddish Grass/Poison Grass 10%
"Plusle" IconPlusle (OR) Electric Grass/Horde 16%, 35% (Horde) 5% (Horde with "Minun" IconMinun)
"Wingull" IconWingull Water/Flying Grass 10%
"Voltorb" IconVoltorb Electric Grass 4%
"Zigzagoon" IconZigzagoon Normal Grass 10%

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Poké Fan Isabel 960 "Plusle" IconPlusle Lv. 15, "Minun" IconMinun Lv. 15
Aroma Lady Daisy 544 "Roselia" IconRoselia Lv. 17
Twins Amy and Liv 128 "Minun" IconMinun Lv. 16, "Plusle" IconPlusle Lv. 16
Poké Fan Miguel 560 "Skitty" IconSkitty Lv. 17
Fisherman Andrew 512 "Magikarp" IconMagikarp Lv. 14, "Magikarp" IconMagikarp Lv. 16
Youngster Timmy 156 "Poochyena" IconPoochyena Lv. 12, "Aron" IconAron Lv. 13, "Electrike" IconElectrike Lv. 14
Collector Edwin 420 "Lombre" IconLombre Lv. 15, "Nuzleaf" IconNuzleaf Lv. 15
Psychic Edward 544 "Abra" IconAbra Lv. 17
Fisherman Dale 512 "Tentacool" IconTentacool Lv. 14, "Wailmer" IconWailmer Lv. 16

Pokémon Evaluations

There are a few decent Pokémon on this Route. There’s "Zigzagoon" IconZigzagoon for the usual HM-slaving use; if you haven’t caught one yet, hurry up and do so for that sake. There are several Electric Pokémon on this route: "Electrike" IconElectrike, "Magnemite" IconMagnemite, "Plusle" IconPlusle, and "Minun" IconMinun.

The "Pikachu" IconPikachu you could’ve gotten from Slateport is probably superior to all of these, but, at the same time, Pikachu isn’t completely perfect. Electrike, for example, evolves into "Manectric" IconManectric who can sweep pretty well and Mega Evolve.

Pikachu does have his own advantages and we’d recommend sticking with him for now since it will be a bit before you can Mega Evolve anyway. Plus, if you get a Light Ball from a wild Pikachu, that’ll really make Pikachu powerful. At the most, keep Electrike in your party with the Exp. Share on.

Funnily, you’re better off with an Oddish with its normal ability (Chlorophyll).

"Oddish" IconOddish will also make an okay Grass Pokémon to have for the upcoming rival battle if you’ve yet to find a circumvention of the problems "Combusken" IconCombusken has with "Marshtomp" IconMarshtomp, though "Shroomish" IconShroomish/"Breloom" IconBreloom is better. (We have a plan in our case since "Ralts" IconRalts learns Magical Leaf at Lv. 16.)

Route 110

Go north along the Route and you’ll encounter a blockade of Team Aqua/Magma Grunts who seem to be heading for Mt. Chimney. Okay, whatever, that’s their problem, ascending some kind of active volcano - no, no danger whatsoever.

Continue further along the Route after and battle the Poké Fan, then go west to Route 103 again.

Route 103

(You can see the wild encounter data in the Route 103 section, in the Stone Badge chapter.)

We’re coming from the east side, so things are a bit different this time around. Head west for a bit and battle the Aroma Lady.

If you go north and into the trees, you’ll find a rather simple maze (though you’ll need Cut!) that leads to some Chesto Berries and, more valuable, Leppa Berries , which heal 10 PP from one move when used.

Return to the Aroma Lady and then go west to battle some Twins, using the classic combo of Plusle and Minun. A Poké Fan further to the west can also be fought. At the shoreline, you can battle the frustrated Fisherman.

Afterwards, go south and snatch up the Guard Spec . and return to Route 110.

Route 110

As you enter and head east, you’ll notice a house to the north. This house is the Trick House , one of the many sidequests of the original Ruby/Sapphire emulated in its modern variant.

You can do the first puzzle and fight Black Belt Yuji in the second, so you may as well: it’s a free TM and Expert Belt and a few Lava Cookies for now.

Besides this, head east onto the Route proper. In the clearing, you can find a Dire Hit in the southeast corner and also battle the nearby Youngster. You’ll also see a 2x2 empty patch of grass nearby; examine the northeast square of it to get a Full Heal .

Now would probably be the time to go back to Slateport to heal. Continue further north along the Route and you’ll find your rival. Of course, a battle quickly becomes the subject at hand.

BOSS - Pokemon Trainer Brendan/May

Pokemon Type Your starter
"Shroomish" IconShroomish Lv. 18 Grass "Torchic" IconTorchic or "Treecko" IconTreecko
"Slugma" IconSlugma Lv. 18 Fire "Treecko" IconTreecko or "Mudkip" IconMudkip
"Wailmer" IconWailmer Lv. 18 Water "Mudkip" IconMudkip or "Torchic" IconTorchic
"Grovyle" IconGrovyle Lv. 20 Grass "Mudkip" IconMudkip
"Marshtomp" IconMarshtomp Lv. 20 Water/Ground "Torchic" IconTorchic
"Combusken" IconCombusken Lv. 20 Fire/Fighting "Treecko" IconTreecko

Rewards: $800

Shroomish is a Pokémon mostly oriented towards inflicting status ailments, though it can use Absorb for some minor Grass damage. It is weak to Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug, and Poison. You probably have a good Bug or Flying Pokémon around now, so it shouldn’t be hard to take it out.

It would be best to avoid contact attacks, however, due to Effect Spore. Good Pokémon include Combusken who has Ember for the most part. Otherwise, you’ll just have to risk it.

"Slugma" IconSlugma is a pretty weak Pokémon in most ways, though it can throw a meager resistance with Ember. It is weak to Ground, Water, and Rock. Marshtomp ought to have no trouble here, and Combusken will likely be able to manage with STAB Double Kick or Rock Tomb.

Try to avoid anything that causes direct contact, though, because Magma Armor could burn you.

"Wailmer" IconWailmer is not particularly strong; it’s moreso a bulky Pokémon, but it can as always just use a STAB move. Still, the best Pokémon for this case would be Cosplay Pikachu.

"Grovyle" IconGrovyle is getting pretty decent. He’s weak to Fire, Ice, Flying, Bug, and Poison, like Shroomish. Against him, it would probably be best to use "Taillow" IconTaillow/"Swellow" IconSwellow or perhaps some kind of Bug Pokémon.

Marshtomp is also okay, but doesn’t do anything unexpected. Mud-Slap’s tendency to lower accuracy is the main thing, and you can deal with that through 100%-accuracy moves (e.g. Aerial Ace, Magical Leaf) or through switching every couple of turns.

He’s weak only to Grass. Your best bets with this one include Oddish or "Gloom" IconGloom from this Route (and then evolved), Ralts/"Kirlia" IconKirlia with Magical Leaf, or "Beautifly" IconBeautifly with Absorb.

Combusken can be a pretty big threat as he can counter his own weaknesses pretty well. He’s weak to Water, Ground, Flying, and Psychic with Flying the main one he counters. This is one we would recommend Taillow/Swellow against or perhaps Ralts/Kirlia with Confusion.

It looks… ridiculous, but it gets the job done!

After the battle, your rival will heal you and then hand you the Dowsing Machine - this item allows you to find hidden items!

Continue north along the Route and give it a whirl; you’ll find a Great Ball just south of the next sign. Further to the west, you’ll battle a Collector while one of the patches of grass just east of him will yield a hidden Revive .

Continue westward and battle the Psychic, then, in the next empty patch to the north, will be a hidden Poké Ball . Continue north from there to get out of the unkempt grass. You can speak with the Fisherman near the shoreline for a battle.

Also to the northwest will be three bushels of Leppa Berries , so plunder at will. Now, go northeast to Mauville… What happened here!?

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