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Back Home Again

Vincent Lau

You deserve a break!

Littleroot Town

After the Delta Episode, head downstairs from your room to meet your parents once again. You’ll find that Mr. Briney has mailed you an S.S. Ticket, which will let you ride the ferries in Slateport and Lilycove to the Battle Resort. You’ve probably earned a bit of relaxation time having saved the world twice now.

Before leaving, though, be sure to speak with your mother to obtain some Latiasite in Omega Ruby and some Latiosite in Alpha Sapphire; this is the Mega Stone for the Lati opposite your version, we guess in the intent of the Eon Ticket event or in the case you trade or import one.

Route 101

As you leave your home you’ll hear a familiar scream. Quick, run to Route 101 like in the start of the game! Poor Professor Birch is in a spot of bother and he needs your help once again.

Examine his bag and you’ll be able to use one of the Johto-region starter Pokémon to help him out of his plight. At this point, it doesn’t really matter what you pick, so pick whichever you like most. No battle, though, turns out the "Shroomish" IconShroomish is friendly…

Later, if you come back to this route again from your home in Littleroot, the Professor will request your assistance two more times, allowing you to obtain an Unova starter Pokémon (after the Delta Episode) and a Sinnoh starter Pokémon (after rematching the Elite Four).

Gift Pokémon

Johto starters (can only pick one)

Pokémon Received Type Ability
"Chikorita" IconChikorita Grass Overgrow
"Cyndaquil" IconCyndaquil Fire Blaze
"Totodile" IconTotodile Water Torrent

Unova starters (can only pick one)

Pokémon Received Type Ability
"Snivy" IconSnivy Grass Overgrow
"Tepig" IconTepig Fire Blaze
"Oshawott" IconOshawott Water Torrent

Sinnoh starters (can only pick one)

Pokémon Received Type Ability
"Turtwig" IconTurtwig Grass Overgrow
"Chimchar" IconChimchar Fire Blaze
"Piplup" IconPiplup Water Torrent


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    28 November 2014
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Relive your adventures in Hoenn or start a brand new journey with this re-imagining of a much-loved game. Collect and battle your way to the Pokemon League for the right to challenge the Elite Four. Hunt legendary Pokemon, breed them and become the best Pokemon Master you can be with the help of our guide!

  • A full walkthrough for all badges and the Pokemon League challenges.
  • Side quest information on legendary Pokemon and the different Routes and Caves.
  • Information on breeding, Pokemon Contests, the Battle Maison and much more!
  • Full-color screenshots throughout and useful tips to help you along the way.
  • Comparisons between the original game and remake.

Updates (Aug 2016):

  • Added Encounter Rates to Wild Pokémon table lists as well as general locations making it easier to find your favorite Pokémon.
  • Fixed some formatting issues and general editing.
  • Expanded Introduction with loads of new information.
  • Restructured Extra Activities section (at the end) for easier navigation and reading.

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