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Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 28-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 07-04-2020 / 18:55 GMT

Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

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Route 123 - East

Never leave a job half-finished.

Recommended Levels: 38-50

Pokémon Encounters


Same Pokémon as in Route 121 .


Name Type Abilities Version
Azumarill Water/Fairy Huge Power, Thick Fat, Sap Sipper Both
Marill Water/Fairy Huge Power, Thick Fat, Sap Sipper Both
Masquerain Bug/Flying Intimidate, Unnerve Both
Surskit Bug/Water Swift Swim, Rain Dish Both

Old/Good Rod

Name Type Abilities Version
Corphish Water Hyper Cutter, Shell Armor, Adaptability Both
Goldeen Water Swift Swim, Water Veil, Lightning Rod Both
Magikarp Water Swift Swim, Rattled Both

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Psychic Cameron 1,152 Kadabra Lv. 34, Solrock Lv. 36
Picnicker Martha 528 Illumise Lv. 33, Wigglytuff Lv. 33
Street Thug Hannibal 1,152 Crawdaunt Lv. 36
Delinquent Kyle 1,152 Mightyena Lv. 36
Ace Trainer Clyde 2,220 Vibrava Lv. 35, Skarmory Lv. 37
Ace Trainer Wendy 2,160 Rhyhorn Lv. 36, Tropius Lv. 36
Ace Trainer Julie 2,220 Ninetales Lv. 35, Bellossom Lv. 37
Fisherman Timin 1,152 Seaking Lv. 36
Fisherman Fisher 1,152 Whiscash Lv. 36
Fisherman Finley 1,088 Crawdaunt Lv. 34, Gyarados Lv. 34

Pokémon Evaluations

Corphish is a particularly good Pokémon to have: when it evolves into Crawdaunt, it has a high 120 base Attack, complemented by its semi-signature move in Crabhammer, a high-power Physical Water move. (To the underinformed: it’s good. Really good.)

Adaptability only furthers this if that is its ability, since Adaptability takes the STAB bonus from 1.5x damage to 2.0x, which is even better! Crawdaunt can actually be a major force to deal with! There’s also Huge Power Azumarill, too, if you’re still looking for strong Water Poké’s.

Have vampirish tendancies? Then the Big Root is for you.

To reach this part of the route, continue south from the entrance of Mt. Pyre on Route 122. If you were previously at the summit of Mt. Pyre, you can opt to Fly to Mt. Pyre to land at its entrance, saving you a lot of time walking.

As you may recall, you were here once before, but then it was at the Berry Master’s house, a different part of the Route from here. Anyhow, as you enter going southward, use the Dowsing Machine to find a Rare Candy southeast of the pier.

Next, go along the path in the trees to the east, Cut down the tree, and battle the Trainer to the east while getting the Revival Herb to the south. That same Trainer, by the way, has a PP Up hidden in the last tile of his vision you can find with the Dowsing Machine.

Return to the pier area and go west. Speak with the girl near the Berries while you have a Grass Pokémon in your party to earn a Big Root : this boosts the power of draining moves - such as Absorb, Giga Drain, Oblivion Wing, and Dream Eater - by 20%, in turn boosting the HP drainage also by 20%.

Also, of course, pick the nearby Sitrus Berries, Leppa Berries, and Hondew Berries nearby! Go south from there to use the Dowsing Machine to find a Super Repel, then go west to the main grass of the Route.

Along the northeast portion of the grass - just southeast of the Cut tree - you can find a Hyper Potion with the Dowsing Machine. Go northwest of there and battle the Picnicker (you can use the Cut trees to avoid the grass).

Go north from there (through the Cut tree) and along to find some Tamato Berries, Grepa Berries, and Qualot Berries . Jump over the ledge to the west and defeat the 54-year-old Street Thug, then jump over the ledge to the south.

Snatch up the Elixir ’ there and jump south to another ledge to battle a Delinquent. Jump over the ledge to the west of her and defeat the Ace Trainer circling around there.

Also note that there’s an Ace Trainer we had to skip for most of this; return to the start of the Route and go to the grass, then west and over the ledge to find her. (The quickest way to return to the start is to Fly to Mt. Pyre and Surf southward from there.)

Crawdaunt is daunting, alright, although story ones won't have Adaptability.

There’s still a bit more we missed, too. Return to the start and to where the Street Thug was and go to the northwest portion of his area where a bunch of grass is. Jump over the ledge to the south and then another to the south. (In this latter instance, do not land in the tall grass to the southeast.)

Go west and defeat the Ace Trainer, then go over the ledge to the west. Go south through the patch of grass to find a PP Up, then go back through the grass and over the ledge to the west.

Enter the house nearby and give the Poochyena, Chomper, nearby a scratch and you’ll earn some Gyaradosite : somehow, it picked it up and that bothered it. In any case, if it’s not obvious, this lets Gyarados Mega Evolve - Magikarp doesn’t seem all that useless now, eh?

If you speak with the silly fisherman nearby, and tell him that Magikarp is better than Gyarados, he’ll give you some Eviolite . Whether you can force yourself to lie or not; just know that Eviolite boosts the Defense and Special Defense of unevolved (Mega Evolution does not count) Pokémon by 50%.

Even with Eviolite, Magikarp doesn’t beat out Gyarados in any perceiveable situation. There are valid uses for such an item, though; barring specialized battles and tournaments, Porygon2, Chansey (with Counter most often), and Dusclops are common holders of the item, and they wall really well.

Plus, if you have any non-fully-evolved Pokémon in your team at the moment, giving them this would be nice, especially since unevolved Pokémon that can still evolve (for example, you’ve been continually cancelling evolution) gain an EXP. boost.

Outside, you can speak with the Fishermen for some battles, too. "Fisherman Timin" ("timing"), "Fisherman Fisher", and "Fisherman Finley". Also, to the southwest of the lake they’re at, you can find a Wide Lens , which causes a minor increment in the holder’s accuracy that doesn’t really matter.

And that ends this Route. Back to Route 121 for you.

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