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Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Vincent Lau
Editor(s): Vincent Lau, Claire Farnworth
First Published: 28-11-2014 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 29-03-2020 / 05:08 GMT

Pokémon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Guide

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The Battle Resort

A literal paradise for seasoned trainers.

Recommended Levels: 60-70

Local Trainers Pokémon

Name Money Party
Aroma Lady Carnation 1,920 Tangrowth Lv. 60, Jumpluff Lv. 60, Victreebel Lv. 60, Ludicolo Lv. 60
Rich Boy Antoin 7,200 Muk Lv. 60, Drapion Lv. 60, Scolipede Lv. 60, Toxicroak Lv. 60
Fairy Tale Girl Josephine 960 Whimsicott Lv. 60, Slurpuff Lv. 60, Granbull Lv. 60, Wigglytuff Lv. 60
Bug Maniac Felix 1,680 Leavanny Lv. 60, Ninjask Lv. 60, Scizor Lv. 60, Pinsir Lv. 60
Poké Maniac Kelvin 1,680 Nidoking Lv. 60, Nidoqueen Lv. 60, Garchomp Lv. 60, Gastrodon Lv. 60


After getting off the S.S. Tidal, you’ll meet up with Wally, who was apparently given a ticket by your father as well. You’ll quickly find yourself facing Team Aqua (Omega Ruby) or Team Magma (Alpha Sapphire) while Wally just rams through them without a care.

Anyhow, one of the admins from the team will hand you Sharpedonite in Omega Ruby and Cameruptite in Alpha Sapphire, opposite what you received earlier during the Delta Episode.

When you regain control, put on that Dowsing Machine and head far to the south using it and you will locate a Max Ether , then head north as the screen transitions to you and Wally again.

Anyway, back to control. Nearby will be the Pokémon Center, so feel free to use it. In there, you can speak with the Ace Trainer in the northeast corner to have your IVs judged on a generalized scale.

IVs help determine stat growth and, this being the Battle Resort, are very important in the context of competitive battling for a number of reasons; yes, even against the AI.

From here, you can go northwest along the beach to find some people. One of them is an Aroma Lady on the beach who will battle you using her favorite Pokémon type, Grass.

For hardcore trainers, the Move Tutors are one of the best reasons to own these games.

More importantly, however, are the various Move Tutors along (what seems to be now, due to the camera angle) north side of the beach. Feel free to check them out (when you have some BP).

Continue circling the island as the camera pans to let you see the northern side of it. In the alcove there is a Poison Pokémon-favoring Rich Boy, so battle him. Head far to the west to what is the northwest corner of the island and you’ll find a hidden Full Restore using the Dowsing Machine.

In the cabin nearby, you can pick up some trash collected from the beach, which includes Calcium, Iron, Protein, Zinc, Protein, Carbos, and an HP Up; basically all of the EV-boosting Vitamins. Whoa. It’s trash to some, but treasure to others… There’s also a Gengarite in the corner.

Outside, continue around the beach to find a Fairy Tale Girl to battle in between some palm trees. Further along the beach, you’ll see a man collapse on the sand, soaked to the skin; a woman will come by and take him to her cabin.

For now, continue along the beach and use the Dowsing Machine to find a Big Pearl . Speak with the man nearby, too, if you have a Bike of any kind with you; this will help you be able to get both the Acro and Mach Bikes.

Further along the beach, you’ll find an annex to the Route 117 Day Care as the camera pans: it has much the same functions, but another place was put here to complement the whole competitive Pokémon environ. Within the Day Care, there’s a woman you can give $100 to receive TM87 (Swagger).

South of there, the woman on the beach will be able to change the background music of the area for you. (It’ll even override the Bicycle and Surfing themes, by the way.)

Now, return to the area of the Pokémon Center - it’s a bit to the northwest - and head upstairs towards the Battle Maison.

Near Battle Maison

There are a couple of type-favoring Trainers to the west you can fight. Go north of there and you can play this minigame where you have to follow a certain Whismur in a group of four as they are shuffled around; you can get a Big Mushroom once daily for this.

Go east and downstairs to find two cabins. The northeast one has … it’s just confusing, we’ll let you draw your own conclusion. In the southwest one you can get a random Berry once per day from the woman. The Japanese Gentleman in the corner is talking about the Pokémon World Championship.

The Level Release ensures Secret Base battles aren't always a cakewalk.

On the pier to the east of these, there are two more accessible cabins. In the first, the man will give you a Footprint Ribbon if your Pokémon has been leveled up a fair bit since you got it. The Battle Girl will give you a Level Release for your Secret Base, which can negate Level limits in the battles there.

In the next cabin, you’ll find the man from the beach alongside the woman who helped you out earlier; it seems this man has amnesia. He’ll give you an Audinite . There’s not much else to do but to enter the Battle Maison itself.

Battle Maison

As you enter, you’ll meet with Sidney, of the Elite Four; you’ll chat with him briefly before he leaves. Upstairs, you’ll find a couple of people with whom you can exchange BP when you earn some. The Battle Maison battles are executed in the next room.

And, actually, that’s more or less it. There is nothing more even remotely related to the storyline to pursue at this point: it’s all about catching legendary Pokémon, completing the Pokédex, and doing random stuff in the Battle Maison, Battle Institute, and Pokémon Contests at this point.

So, 'grats on beating the game in its entirety.

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