The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Cat School Gear - Scavenger Hunt

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area .
Invoice for a Golem Diagram: Feline Boots
Research Notes Diagram: Feline Armor
Mysterious Recipe My Manifesto - The Life of Jacques de Aldersburg
Laboratory Key Letter from “A”
Moonblade Lizard Figure
Laboratory Notebook Jade Figurine
Diagram: Feline Trousers Old Wine from Toussaint
Diagram: Feline Gauntlets The Curious Case of Virtuous Vegga

By now you should be at least level eighteen if you’re following this guide; closer to level twenty if you’re playing on a lower difficulty. That being the case, it might be a good deal (if you haven’t already taken the initiative) to get yourself some better Witcher gear. To this end, there are two sets of gear you can get your hands on: the Enhanced Griffin set (which you should already possess the diagrams for, save the boots) and another, new set which will give you a fine excuse to do a good bit of exploration, which will be the subject of the next few sections. What? Triss will be fine, don’t worry.

The Enhanced Griffin set is a nice upgrade, and at level eighteen, it’s well within your means. The only difficulty you may have with upgrading this gear is acquiring some Monster Feathers and some Powdered Monster Tissue, which can be obtained by visiting a blacksmith or armorer and dismantling some Harpy Feathers or Specter Dust, respectively. You can obtain the former by killing Harpies (of course) and the latter by banishing Wraiths.

Anyway, way back when you first traveled to Blackbough you could - and should - have purchased “Adalbert Kermith’s First Map” to start the quest “Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Gear”. This section will cover getting that gear and doing a few odd jobs on the side. You should already have the diagrams for the Enhanced Feline Gauntlets, the Enhanced Feline Trousers, the Feline Silver Sword - Superior, the Feline Steel Sword, the Feline Steel Sword - Enhanced and the Feline Silver Sword, not to mention the Feline Crossbow, all of which were picked up during previous bouts of exploration.

Scavenger Hunt - Cat School Gear (Level 17)

It’s time to finally turn your attention to Novigrad’s Temple Isle, if you didn’t bother earlier in your hunt for Gwent Cards. Either run across Saint Gregory’s Bridge (that bridge-shaped object north of the signpost!) and follow the winding road until you find the “Elector’s Square” signpost. From there head west down one flight of stairs, then north down another, turning west again around a building then immediately head down another flight of stairs. Continue west until you find a ramp going down to the north, and when the ramp ends make your way down some stairs to the south, heading downhill along some buildings. When the buildings end turn south-west and head around the western side of the buildings to the north until the path terminates at a ledge. Drop down and continue north, then north-east to find a cave.

Enter the cave and venture east until you find some rocks blocking your passage. Or the illusions of rocks, rather. Use the Eye of Nehaleni to dispel the rocks and follow the linear path to reach a large chamber. Sadly, this entire area is stupidly treated as an “indoor” area, meaning Geralt walks at the speed of a gimped snail. In this large chamber you’ll find a Golem (level fourteen) skulking around. Dispatch it and have a look around. There are three paths you can take from here: tunnels lie to the south-west and north-east, and to the south-east you’ll find a door which is currently locked.

The Southern Tunnel

Might as well get to it, then. Head down the south-western tunnel and Aard a weak section of wall. Go through the hole in the wall you made and continue south-west down broken ground to reach some water, in which a chest lies submerged. Loot the chest, then continue swimming to the southern shore and climb up a ramp to reach a chamber. Avoid the poisoned mushrooms in the middle of the chamber and kill a Wraith (level seven) that arrives to challenge you, then loot a chest along the southern end of the chamber. Near the chest you’ll also find the note “Invoice for a Golem” .

Flip the levers to turn statues (left). When theyre all facing the center, the floor will move and reveal a pool of water (right).

The North-Eastern Tunnel

Backtrack to the main chamber then head down the north-eastern tunnel, which shortly turns south-east, then south. Scale some ledges, continue south, then turn east and head through a doorway to find some words written on a rock that read “Look to the depths to be lifted up”. Okay. Continue east to find some elven ruins, which are guarded by a Wraith (level seven). Kill it and search along the north-western ring of the ruins to find some “Research Notes” , then search south-west of the ruins to find the note “Mysterious Recipe” on a crate.

If you read the notes, you’ll discover that whomever was here before you was researching Drowners, for whatever reason. Turn your attention to the elven ruins nearby and note that there are several statues and levers around the outside of the ruins. Your goal here is to flip the levers, which turn the statues. Once all the statues are facing towards the interior of the ruins, you can proceed. Simply flip each lever repeatedly until the statues all face inward (most need to be activated twice, but one doesn’t need any adjustments at all). Once they’re all facing into the ruins, the floor will roll back revealing a pool of water. Dive in and kill three Drowners (level ten) with your crossbow, then dive to the bottom and search to the east to find a “Laboratory Key” on a corpse.

Fight Mad Kiyan in the laboratory (left) and loot his body to obtain the Cat School Gear (right).

The Laboratory

Surface and return back to the large chamber where the Golem once prowled and head south-east up some stairs onto some ruins, where you’ll find a door which you can now open with the Laboratory Key. Inside you’ll find Mad Kiyan (level seventeen), presumably once a Witcher, but whatever it is now… It’s not friendly.

Mad Kiyan is faster than most swordsmen you’ve faced so far and can use Signs (being particularly fond of protecting itself with Quen), but it’s not terribly powerful. On Death March mode, however, it can do some nasty damage; if you’re not terribly over-leveled, you won’t last more than three hits. Fortunately, the old tactic of using Quen’s alternate sign mode (Active Shield and Exploding Note) to heal, protect yourself and stun your foe to set him up for three fast attacks works well here.

Kill Mad Kiyan and loot him for a Moonblade, the “Laboratory Notebook” , the Diagram: Feline Trousers , Diagram: Feline Gauntlets , Diagram: Feline Boots , and Diagram: Feline Armor . This completes the quest “Scavenger Hunt: Cat School Gear” , but it’s not the end of our hunt. Loot the laboratory for various books and crafting components, then leave.

Place of Power

Return to the “Elector’s Square” signpost and follow the road west of it to the north. It’ll wind its way north, then east along the northern end of the island until finally terminating at a wooden gate, which leads to a large temple dedicated to the Eternal Fire. You’re not here for religious reasons, however, so ignore all the petitioners out front and head down some stairs to the south, then south-east. Depart the fancy tiles and follow a trail to reach a Place of Power overlooking a ledge. Draw from it to score an Ability Point, then return to the “Elector’s Square” signpost again.

A Message From an Old Friend

You’ll be traveling a bit during your quest to secure the Enhanced Cat gear, so why not start some more quests you can complete on the way? Fast-travel to Hierarch Square and find a shop along the north-eastern end of the square, just across from the Kingfisher. Here you’ll find a bookseller named Marcus T.K. Hodgson, who, if you talk to him, will tell you a book that was left for you. Activate your Witcher Senses and well, just loot his shop. The book you’re looking for is upstairs in a bookshelf, along the eastern wall, near a stair case railing. Grab “My Manifesto - The Life of Jacques de Aldersburg” and go into your inventory and read the “Letter from “A” that you found inside. This letter references a close acquaintance from the first game… With that, this quest ends. You can also play Gwent with Hodgson, if you haven’t already. Do so and leave the shop.

Objective Reward
For finding the “Letter from “A”” 50 XP / 51 Crowns

Near the Eternal Fire Temple youll score a Place of Power (left). Be sure to buy some figurines from a merchant in Gildorf Square (right).

Acquiring Aeramas Property

From the bookseller’s shop head north to reach the notice board south-east of the “St. Gregory’s Bridge” signpost. Behind (west of) this notice board is a shop, in which you’ll find a Merchant who is merrily selling items confiscated from mages who were unfortunate enough to fall into the hands of Witch Hunters. Buy the “Lizard Figure” (36 Crowns) and “Jade Figurine” (4 Crowns). If you buy this second Jade Figurine it’ll start the quest “The Nobleman Statuette” . You can also buy the “Old Wine From Toussaint” (4 Crowns) and “The Curious Cases of Virtuous Vegga” (49 Crowns) if you want, but they’re not needed for this quest. This starts the quest “Of Dairy and Darkness” .


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