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Cold Pork Walkthrough

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete the "Cold Pork" iconCold Pork side quest in Venice Beach in Dead Island 2. This quest involves finding the police station and looting

How to Start the Cold Pork Quest in Venice Beach

To begin this quest, you’ll first need to have reached Venice Beach and meet the boys at Blue Crab. Afterwards, speak to Trent and he’ll tell you they need guns to protect themselves. He says you can find some at the police station, which can be found near the beach in the south bit of the map.

Head over there and take out the zombie cops around the parking lot before heading inside through the side door.

Zombie Cops!

How to Open the Maglock in the Police Station

The door into the police station is locked with a maglock, which is an electromagnetic lock that you can disable by destroying the electric boxes. Follow the green wires to the right and you can destroy the electrics box just on the inside of the window. The second box with the blue wires is found inside the toilet room - watch out for the zombie that’ll jump scare you as you open the door! The electric box is found in the top left bit of the bathroom so use your gun to destroy it.

Once both electric boxes have been destroyed, the maglock will be disabled and you’ll be able head inside.

(1 of 2) Follow the wires from the door to find the electric cases

Follow the wires from the door to find the electric cases (left), then destroy them to disable the lock and open the door! (right)

Where to Find the Guns in the Police Station

In the office room on the left you’ll find a key card on the back wall near the cork board and a set of keys for Jail Cell 02 on the desk near the table.

You can use the Jail Cell keys to open the door opposite this office room. In here you’ll find a walker and a disaster relief crate. After looting these rooms, head back out and use the keycard on the door at the end of the hall.

In this next room you’ll find a couple more zombies and a caged area. The key to the caged area is just through the door on the counter to the left. Use the key to unlock the cage door and then head in to obtain the new Assault "Shotgun" iconShotgun and some shells!

The keys to the caged area can be found on the counter.

Once you’ve grabbed the gun and some ammo, return to the Blue Crab and tell Trent the good news. You’ll earn 3,000 XP and $500.

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