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Dead Island 2

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It Came From Monarch Studios Walkthrough

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete the "It Came From Monarch Studios" iconIt Came From Monarch Studios Side Quest in Monarch Studios in Dead Island 2.

How to Unlock It Came From the Monarch Studios Side Quest

This side quest is found in Monarch Studios, but you’ll unlock it in the Blue Crab Bar in Venice Beach after you’ve completed The Giant Slayer side quest. Sarah Sheppard will speak to you through the radio and ask for your help to find her friend Sebastian, who’s gone missing at Monarch Studio.

Hostile Infestation: Kill ’em all!

Head over to Monarch Studios (you can now fast travel using Maps in safe zones!) and you’ll find that the gas station boss arena where you fought Alesis Hernandez has been over run by more zombies.

Clear out the walkers that have swarmed in the gas station set.

You’ll need to take them out in order to speak with Sarah. You can use the pyrotechnics to set the zombies ablaze, and there’s also a few grenadiers amongst them that you can blow up. After they’re all dealt with, speak to Sarah on the top of the trailer.

She’ll ask you to take Sebastian’s loud robot DD-09 (BB-8 rip off!) and find Sebastian somewhere near the studio sets. The catch is that the robot is really loud and will attract loads of zombies.

Help Sarah find Sebastian…and take his loud robot with you?!

Where to Find Sebastian

Now its time to head out and look for Sebastian. First you’ll need to pick up the bag containing DD-09, and then head over to Sound Stage 3 which is found just across the road from the gas station set. When you arrive inside DD-09 will start making loud siren noises that will attract a ton of zombies. You’ll need to kill them all until you’re given the signal to move on. You’ll want to utilise some AoE damage here, like bombs or other curveball objects to deal with the crowds of zombies - and don’t forget to use Fury when it’s charged up! You can also make the most of "Burster" iconBurster zombies by getting them to explode near other zombies.

Use the Burster Zombie to damage other zombies!

After killing all the zombies, pick up DD-09 and continue out of the studio through the door in the orange wall. Follow the path around back out and then take the path heading left through some zombies. You’ll encounter a narrow path with a fair few enemies, so you’ll want to drop DD-09 and take out the enemies before continuing through.

You'll need to drop DD-09 to deal with the zombies blocking your path.

Head to the end of the path and you’ll find Sebastian on a balcony above a small parking lot. Speak to Sebastian and he’ll ask you to first defeat all the enemies that DD-09 has attracted before he deals with the robot.

This fight can feel quite tricky at first as you’re mostly confined to the small parking lot area. You can head out a little bit but going too far will leave the quest location. Try to use the fire barrels to cause a fiery barrier between you and the enemies that come at you. The runners and walkers can mostly be taken out by the fire, but you’ll also be attacked by some Firefighter zombies. Bladed weapons don’t do much damage to them so you’ll want to use blunt force weapons like clubs, police batons or crow bars to get through their thick firefighter armor. You’ll also need to deal with a "Screamer" iconScreamer!

(1 of 2) Use fire to help take down the weaker zombies

Use fire to help take down the weaker zombies (left), you can also use it to whittle down the Screamer! (right)

After dealing with all the enemies, you’ll need to speak to Sebastian and then place DD-09 on the box underneath the balcony. For your troubles, you’ll earn 3,000 XP and a "Zombie Axe" iconZombie Axe!

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