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The Ballad of Rikky Rex

Jarrod Garripoli

There are a number of sidequests that you will unlock during the course of the game, especially as you progress through the main story. "The Ballad of Rikky Rex" iconThe Ballad of Rikky Rex is a sidequest that will be in Beverly Hills.

Speak to Rikky after finishing his previous quest to start another

How to Unlock The Ballad of Rikky Rex in Dead Island 2

To be on the safe side, you likely need to finish two things before you have access to this quest, which are the main story mission, The Giant Slayer, and Rikky’s other sidequest, Resurrect the Rex. Once you have done both of those, you can head to Roxanne’s place in Beverly Hills to find that Rikky has another sidequest for you.

Where to Find Rikky’s Chopper in Dead Island 2

Rikky is looking to get back into making music, but needs his trusty guitar, Chopper, before he can do that. Unfortunately, Chopper is back at his house, so you decide to go get it for him, since he’s not exactly the zombie slayer-type. Exit the house and go up the hill, where you will find Rikky’s place. When you finally reach the premises, you will see a "Runner" iconRunner eating someone, but you just need to fight your way to the back of the place. To get to Chopper, you’ll need to head upstairs, through the kitchen.

(1 of 3) You'll be heading to Rikky's place for this quest

Unfortunately, the door is locked, so you’ll need to find a way to draw out one of Rikky’s bandmates, Misha, who should have the key. Return outside and head on over to the little stage there, and interact with the music player to start blasting some tunes. Now, the fun will start, as a bunch of zombies will be coming out to party with you. Mostly, you will be dealing with "Walker" iconWalkers and "Shambler" iconShamblers (and maybe some variations of "Walker" iconWalkers), but there will be three named zombies to watch out for here.

The first is "The Guitarist" iconThe Guitarist, who is a Runner. You’ve dealt with plenty of Runners to know how to easily take them out. The second named zombie will be "The Drummer" iconThe Drummer, who will be a "Crusher" iconCrusher. Being mindful of the other zombies, attack him whenever he does the shockwave attack, or you can block his other attacks to temporarily stun him. The third, and final, named zombie will be "Misha the Singer" iconMisha the Singer, who will be a "Screamer" iconScreamer. Naturally, this is the most annoying of the three, since her screams will summon more zombies, as well as keep you away from her.

(1 of 6) Interact with the music table to start the party!

Upon killing Misha, clean up the remaining zombies, then loot "Rikky's Kitchen Key" iconRikky’s Kitchen Key off the corpse. Return to that locked door from before and open it up, then continue upstairs. Look for the stairs and as you approach them, more zombies will appear, so you’ll need to fight your way through them. There might be some "Burster" iconBursters here, so be careful to avoid their explosions. Find recording room, head out through the balcony and to a bedroom, being careful of a "Burster" iconBurster that might appear from the next balcony. You will eventually reach a second bedroom (this one has a jukebox in it), where you’ll find Rikky’s Chopper in the closet.

Grab the Chopper and bring it back to Rikky to complete the quest.

Objective Rewards
Returned Rikky’s Chopper 2,000 XP, O-Kami and Whiskey


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