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Like and Follow Walkthrough

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page offers a guide on how to complete the "Like and Follow" iconLike and Follow side quest, found at The Pier in Dead Island 2.

How to Start Like and Follow!

In order to unlock this quest, you’ll first need to have completed Amanda’s first quest Clickbait and also finished the main story as well.

After satisfying the pre-requisites, head over to The Pier and make your way over to the Pier Stop souvenir store. You’ll find Amanda beckoning you from the rooftop!

She needs your help getting down but to do that you’re going to have to perform some cool zombie slaying that she’ll also conveniently record for her fans.

You'll find Amanda at the pier!

How to Electrocute 16 Zombies

Your first task will be to electrocute 16 zombies in the dodgems area. Before you press the button in the control room, use the water cans nearby to spread some water around near the live wires. Turn on the power and then lure the zombies into the water. Some of the weaker zombies like shamblers and walkers will die in the electricity, but other stronger zombies will need to be damaged and then lured into the electricity. And obviously, the zombies will infinitely respawn until you’ve electrocuted 16 so don’t worry if you accidentally kill some without electrocution.

Use the water and live wires to electrocute the zombies!

Once you’ve killed 16 zombies by zapping them, you’ll need to follow Amanda over to the ferris wheel.

How to Behead 12 Zombies

Once you’ve located her on the rooftop nearby, speak to her and she’ll ask you this time to behead 12 zombies. For this challenge you’ll need to equip a bladed weapon that has the ability to maim - we chose an axe (fitting)! When you swing your weapon make sure to aim at the head to behead a zombie. There’ll be loads of weaker zombies around that you can behead with a few hits.

Behead zombies using a sharp maiming weapon.

Some zombies will be harder to behead so you could focus on just beheading the weaker variants. Once you’ve beheaded 12 zombies, you’ll need to head over to the broken octopus ride near the edge of the pier and locate Amanda on a building nearby.

How to Kick 14 Zombies off the Pier

Her next challenge is by far the most challenging. This one requires kicking 14 zombies off the pier and into the water - and it doesn’t count if they’re dead when you boot them off!

Kick those zombies off the pier!

We recommend using a weapon like a bat or another heavy blunt weapon as it can be used to push back the zombies and potentially knock them off. Obviously, kicking and jump kicking are the most optimal ways of getting them off the pier but it can be tricky to line them up properly. Try to get a few of them over to the pier at a time and work on kicking, pushing or forcing them off using the ground pound or scream abilities. If you find that too many zombies have spawned, consider thinning the crowd a bit to keep it manageable.

After painstakingly pushing 14 zombies off the pier, Amanda will ask you to finish off the rest of the zombies however you like! Once they’re taken care of, speak to Amanda to finish the quest. You’ll earn 4,000 XP, a "Nailgun" iconNailgun and a "Rare Ranged Electrocutor Mod" iconRare Ranged Electrocutor Mod.


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