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Drunk and Disorderly

Jessica Dillon

Drunk and Disorderly is a quest that leads to a legendary item, but starting it can be tricky. You will need to find the quest yourself and then follow several clues in order to gain access to the weapon. If you aren’t extremely familiar with the maps, then you likely will get lost trying to follow the clues. The guide below goes over how to complete Drunk and Disorderly in Dead Island 2.

Fighting Grant in the Roses Tattoo Parlor.

How to Start Drunk and Disorderly in Dead Island 2

This isn’t a quest that you will get from talking to an NPC. Instead you will need to find it on your own. Once you have finished "Boardwalking Dead" iconBoardwalking Dead, you should be able to start Drunk and Disorderly. You will want to head down the stairs to the first floor of the Lotusville Mall, on the opposite side of the Sterling Hotel. Head inside the bathroom to your right as you come down the last flight of stairs. Once inside, kill the zombie eating on the corpse and pick the note up off the ground.

Grab the note near the corpses feet.

Once you have the note, the Drunk and Disorderly quest will activate. The note instructs you to go to Venice Beach and find a tattoo shop.

Where to Find Grant in Dead Island 2

Teleport to the Blue Crab, and proceed up the street until you see Roses Tattoo. There will be a shutter in the front. Push the button to raise it, and then quickly duck inside. You will be greeted by a "Screamer" iconScreamer and Grant, who is now a zombie. Quickly slay them both and pick up the note dropped by Grant

(1 of 2) The entrance to "Rose" iconRoses Tattoo Parlor, hold the switch to raise the shutter.

The entrance to "Rose" iconRoses Tattoo Parlor, hold the switch to raise the shutter. (left), Slay Grant to proceed with Drunk and Disorderly (right)

The next note will send you to the Gang Green store right up the street. This time you will be looking for Cole.

Where to Find Cole in Dead Island 2

Cole is moving around in front of the Gang Green store on the far left end of Venice Beach. There will be several other zombies around, so slay Cole quickly to get him to drop the next note.

Cole lounging about near Gang Green in Dead Island 2.

The next note once again sends you to another area. This time, you will be going back to The Pier to find Jordan.

Where to Find Jordan in Dead Island 2

You will want to teleport to the Lifeguard Headquarters in Santa Monica. Once you’re there, head up to the pier and go to the Pier Grill. The next note is on a table directly underneath the Pier part of the sign. Pick it up, and Jordan, a "Firestorm Slobber" iconFirestorm Slobber, will spawn.

(1 of 2) The note is on the table below the Pi in Pier Grill.

The note is on the table below the Pi in Pier Grill. (left), Jordan spits fire, use ranged weapons to take him out quickly. (right)

Once Jordan is defeated, he will drop his keys, head back to Ocean Avenue and go to the Lotusville Mall to use them. The keys work on the white SUV that is directly in front of you to your left as you enter the parking garage.

The "Party Starter" iconParty Starter weapon is in the trunk of the car.

Run around to the trunk and interact with it to get the "Party Starter" iconParty Starter, a pair of flaming brass knuckles.


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