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The Death of the Party Side Quest in Bel-Air

Scott Peers

"The Death of the Party" iconThe Death of the Party is one of the first side quest that you’ll encounter in Dead Island 2. You can find it outside a mansion in Bel-Air just after leaving Emma Jaunt’s place for the first time. You can see the location for the start of the quest on the map below.

“One of Emma’s neighbours is trapped inside his Bel-Air home and calling out to anyone still alive to come help. Seeing as you’re in the neighbourhood, how about you go lend a hand and introduce yourself?”


  • A cry for help! Answer the intercom
  • Search the grounds for any survivors
  • Kill the party crashers!
  • Is that living legend Curtis Sinclair?
  • Restore Power to Curtis’ Residence
  • Report your success to Curtis
  • Enter Curtis’ residence
  • Wait for Curtis to buckle up
  • Clear the runway for Curtis
  • Mop up the stragglers
  • Be patient, you can’t rush the classics
  • Check in with Curtis

How to Complete The Death of the Party Side Quest in Dead Island 2

When you first reach the point shown in the screenshot below, you’ll hear a voice coming from a man named Curtis. It isn’t immediately clear where the voice is coming from but if you look carefully, you’ll see a security camera just opposite the police car. You need to interact with this to speak with Curtis, who will then open the gates to his mansion.

(1 of 2) The location of the entrance to Curtis' mansion, where Death of the Party begins.

The location of the entrance to Curtis' mansion, where Death of the Party begins. (left), You need to interact with the security camera shown here on the right. (right)

After you’ve spoken to Curtis, you’ll have an objective to look for and save a girl who is trapped in the courtyard just beyond the gate. Turns out you’re too late, though, as you soon see her being munched on by a zombie. All you can do now is clear the grounds of any zombies as you make your way southwest towards the courtyard. There are a bunch of zombies here that you need to kill, but you’ll have some help from Curtis who is perched on the roof of the mansion with a rifle.

Once you’ve defeated all the zombies in the courtyard, Curtis will ask you to speak with him. You’ll learn a bit about his background here, including his full name (Sinclair) and that he’s an old-time actor. He’s amiable enough but due to his age, he can’t get down from the roof without some help from yourself. He needs you to supply power to his chairlift inside, but the power to the house has been cut.

How to Restore Power to Curtis’ Residence

To restore power to Curtis Sinclair’s house, you need to head south from his position on the roof, down the small flight of steps, then turn left and open the door to the power room. There’s a zombie behind this door so be ready to fight it off and kill it in the right space, or goad it outside to deal with it there if you prefer. Either way, once it’s dead your primary concern will be how to restore power between the severed electrical wiring on the floor.

There are three methods to restore power between the wiring in this case: break the nearby pipes to flood the room with water (but be ready to run out before being electrocuted!), find a water jerry can and pour it on the electrical wire, or if you like the idea of being electrocuted… you can actually stand between the wires and use your own body to connect the power. You need to stand between the wires for a sufficient amount of time (when the message that power has been restored pops up) to reconnect the power.

(1 of 3) Look for Curtis on the roof in the courtyard.

The latter method will hurt your health significantly, so be ready to use a med kit or other form of healing immediately after. You can now return to Curtis which will prompt him to go inside, where you can meet him by taking the path to the left of where you found him in the courtyard (westward). There will be more zombies around this way so be ready to deal with then, then head through the door at the point shown on the map below.

Now that you’re inside the mansion you can activate the chairlift using the switch just to the left of the door. At this point Curtis will begin descending, while you kill a few waves of zombies that enter the room. Make good use of the space available to you, remembering to dodge and kick in a tight spot, and Curtis will eventually reach the bottom before entering a dining room. Meet him in there to complete the quest.


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