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Organ Donor Side Quest on Venice Beach - Dead Island 2

Scott Peers

The "Organ Donor" iconOrgan Donor side quest in Dead Island 2 can be acquired from Trent at the Blue Crab Grill at Venice Beach. You’ll have two main objectives for this quest: acquire gross zombie parts from zombies at the Venice sewage outflow, and roided-up zombie parts from the champion zombies at the Muscle Beach strongman contest. We’ll show you exactly how and where to find both on this page.

Where to Find Gross Zombie Parts at the Venice Sewage Outflow

The Venice sewage outflow is located in the southern part of the beach, as highlighted in the screenshot below. You need to go here and enter the sewers, where you’ll find a number of zombies capable of exploding. It’s best to use a gun here to shoot them before they reach you, and you’ll also kill more zombies around them as they explode. You’ll find some explosive sacks within the sewers which you can also shoot, but don’t get too close to them.

You need to head deeper into the sewers as you kill the zombies within, using the wheel next to the fire spouts to turn the gas off when you encounter it. At the end of the sewers you’ll encounter a "Burster" iconBurster zombie, who you can kill to acquire a "Blast Gland" iconBlast Gland from. This is the gross zombie part that you need for the quest, so once you have it head back outside.

(1 of 3) The location of the Venice sewage outflow, in the southern part of Venice Beach.

Where to Find Roided-Up Zombie Parts at the Muscle Beach Strongman Contest

The next part of this quest is considerably more difficult. You need to make your way to the northern part of Venice Beach to the Muscle Beach strongman contest, shown on the map below. Once there, you’ll start the encounter after entering the small arena, but note that you don’t need to stay within the bounds of this arena while you fight the world’s strongest zombies.

How to Defeat the World’s Strongest Zombies: Kowalski, Daly, and Sigurdsson

There are three main zombie bosses that you need to defeat in order to acquire the roided-up zombie parts: "Kowalski" iconKowalski (Bronze), "Daly" iconDaly (Silver), and "Sigurdsson" iconSigurdsson (Gold). These are ordered from least to most difficult, but the main thing which changes between them is how hard they hit, and how much damage they can take. Naturally, we start with "Kowalski" iconKowalski, who is the least difficult, but he’s still a tough nut to crack compared with the other regular zombies.

All three of these champions behave like any regular "Crusher" iconCrusher zombie does. They stomp around rather slowly, but they hit hard and they’re capable of smashing the ground multiple times to knock you down. It shouldn’t be a problem if you’re caught by these stomps a few times, since you should have plenty of time to escape before they’re able to hit you. However, the trouble comes when you have numerous other zombies running around in the vicinity, so you need to keep on top of killing these off so that you’re not overwhelmed later on.

(1 of 4) The location of the Muscle Beach Contest in the northern part of Venice Beach.

You’ll find that some of the regular zombies are capable of exploding if you hit them in the right places. They’ll usually be wearing a backpack with a sensitive instrument on them, either a bomb or an electrical charge. Aim for these when they’re close to the champions to inflict damage with explosions. Some of them have water packs on their back, which you can pierce when they’re close to an electrical source to create a damaging electrical charge. Make good use of these to inflict easy damage on multiple zombies, but keep in mind that you’ll need to keep moving around the arena to avoid being overwhelmed by them, and you need to keep hitting the champions whenever you can to end the fight as quickly as possible.

As you get to the last champion you’ll find that he is much tougher than the others, and there will be more regular zombies swarming you at this point as well. This is a particularly tough fight, but your best option is to hit things swiftly while running around the area. The last thing you want is to get caught or stomped into submission, giving all the zombies free hits. Make good use of any curveballs available to you, and run around large objects to kite the zombies. You can slowly whittle down the health of "Sigurdsson" iconSigurdsson in this way.

Once you’re done killing all three champions, return to Trent at the Blue Crab Grill to hand over the parts and complete the quest.


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