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Dead Island 2 Mutated Hearts: How to Farm Efficiently

Craig Robinson

Looking to farm Dead Island 2’s "Mutated Heart" iconMutated Hearts, which is an autophage body part that drops from the "Mutator" iconMutator enemy type. You will need to get these mainly for the quest, Body Art: Dread, where you need to collect several of these to complete the quest, and get the legendary weapon, The "Brutalizer" iconBrutalizer.

Here's an example of a Mutator dropping a Mutated Heart in a non-hotspot area, found at the back alleyway to Curtis Sinclair's property in Bel-Air.

How to Farm Mutated Hearts in Dead Island 2

To farm Mutated Hearts, you must go to areas with guaranteed spawns of Mutators. Here’s a list of locations which we deem very good for tracking mutators:

  1. One of the closest ones is the Mutator spawn, which you can find in the God and Whiskey mansion in Beverly Hills.
  2. Roam between the Brentwood Sewers entrance, through the pathways around Curtis Sinclair’s mansion and the Goat Pen main road area in Bel-Air. The sewer region guarantees to spawn one, and we’ve found a few Mutators randomly spawn around the mansion areas as well, so, you can likely find two if you do this route, but it is not always guaranteed. This is our favorite, especially if you have character with high Agility, like "Bruno" iconBruno or "Amy" iconAmy.
  3. Hotel Halperin Third Floor: There is a mutator spawn on the top floor of the Hotel Halperin, which is normally easy to find thanks to the rooms and dense corridor. Make some noise, and it will come and find you, rather than you find it.

You must do some tricks no matter which area you choose with a Mutator spawn. You need to know that hotspots don’t generate zombie respawns like the standard walker and shambler coming out of some sort of vent. You will likely need to die, or reload your game to get the hotpsots zombies to respawn. So, keep a trusty Molotov or Caustic-X curve ball on yourself, or run into the zombies to get a quick respawn.

Once you have respawned, head back to the hotspot location, and it should be able to respawn the hotpot zombies once again. This will make it easier o get your hands on Dead Island 2’s Mutated Hearts and make getting these items much easier and faster.

Also, be aware that not every Mutator spawns a Mutated Heart on death. There’s a decent chance they spawn on a Mutator’s corpse, but not always guaranteed. Hence the need to force these to respawn much easier.

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