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How to Make Money in Dead Island 2

Craig Robinson

Dead Island 2 is filled with the usual ARPG content, brimming with things to buy from merchants like Carlos. You’ll need money if you fancy some new blueprints, weapons, consumables or some "Fusebox" iconFuseboxes for your travels. Moreso, when you’re at a workbench, you will need to spend some of your money on upgrading your favorite weapons to your level or applying new perks and mods to the weapons. Either way, you’ll be spending lots of money. To help keep on top of things, we’re dedicating this guide to helping teach you how to make money in Dead Island 2.

Earning challenges is a great way of getting a large amount of money throughout your playthrough.

How to make money in Dead Island 2

There are quite a few ways you can make money in Dead Island 2, such as:

  • Wallets
  • Challenges
  • "Safe" iconSafes
  • Hotel Halperin "Safe" iconSafe deposits
  • "Lockbox" iconLockboxes
  • Selling weapons and crafting materials you don’t need.

Since this is the cheesiest tactic to making money, we’ll start with selling things to traders first. While in the world, you’re going to be finding lots of crafting materials and weapons. When you have spare weapons that are low power, or don’t fit your preference, then you can either scrap them, or sell them on if you know you’re going to be near a trader anytime soon.

When you start getting better blueprints and have your preferred style of weapon mods and perks, you can also sell on higher quality materials you are not using to help fund the upgrades of the ones you like using. Likewise, you’ll likely get lots of spare materials, especially scrap metal from scrapping terrible weapons. So, if you find yourself approaching the 100 mark on low-quality materials, feel free to sell them on.

As for a more generic tip, we have the wallets and hard cash loot. Wallets and hard cash will be your passive income generator. As you explore the world, you will naturally pick up wallets and cash bundles in buildings. You will also occasionally loot them from zombies you kill. These cash bundles can range anywhere from $7, to way into the hundreds. Your average wallet will be somewhere in the $14-$27 range, though, but, this does add up quite a lot, as you will rack up 1000’s of kills over a playthrough, along with all th buildings you loot.

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Challenges are also some of the game’s content you will naturally complete as you play the game. Completing some of these challenges come with cash rewards. You can access these by looking at the challenges menu in-game, and looking when you’re next milestones are. You’ll likely find you’ll finish lots of easy ones early on, with large gaps before you finish the final milestone of challenges for the very large rewards or cash payouts.

Your next bet are safes. "Safe" iconSafes are metal storage boxes, that often only hold cash or some other higher-level crafting material. These typically don’t require a safe to open, and can find them in residential-type buildings. These will add to your inventory.

"Safe" iconSafe deposit keys rack up cash withdrawels and some nice crafting mats in the early game.

In the early game, you’re going to visit Hotel Halperin, which is the second map of the game. This map has quite a few lockboxes you will return to later, but, in the early game, you can open all the safe deposits behind the counter in the lobby. These keys are in many hotel rooms, an air vent, and an elevator, so make sure you check everywhere. This can net you almost $1k in cash, along with a green weapon and some crafting parts. If you’re interested in this, we have a dedicated guide page for all Hotel Halperin safe deposit boxes here.

In every map you’ll find that each map has several ? marks. These typically are either "Fusebox" iconFusebox locations or, "Lockbox" iconLockbox locations. Either way, "Fusebox" iconFusebox locations require a fusebox to open up, which normally has quite a few crafting materials and a box with a decent weapon in it for your weapon range. Moreso, "Lockbox" iconLockboxes tend to also offer some decent cash bonuses and even better weapons inside them. To open "Lockbox" iconLockboxes, you must get a key from a named zombie, which you can find on each map. Some named zombies only spawn after you’ve completed certain progression points in the story, so don’t go straying too far to find them. These sources of loot will typically reveal themselves to you when they do. So, expect another huge burst of income throughout the game.

This concludes our how to make money in Dead Island 2 guide. Hopefully, these tips will help you accumulate wealth, and what is worth keeping an eye on and when so you can maximize your profits in this hellish landscape.


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