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The Clean and Snatch Dead Island 2: Lost & Found Walkthrough

Craig Robinson

The Clean and Snatch in Dead Island 2 is the very first Lost and Found type of missions in the game. You will unlock this mission by interacting with the journal on top of the box you can find in the Roxanne Pool while wandering on with the O Michael Questline. Once you pick it up, you will begin The Clean and Snatch Dead Island 2 questline, which will require you to scavenge around the pools of the Beverly Hills plots of land nearby. Here is everything you need to know about the quest to complete it.

The Clean and Snatch Dead Island 2 Walkthrough

(1 of 4) Start the Clean and Snatch quest by jumping on this locked box in the Roxanne / Jessie Kwon pool.

So, there are four notes in total you need to find. Below is a table featuring where you need to go to to get the notes around the Beverly Hill Pools

Order Note Location
1 Parting Gift Roxanne’s & Jessie Kwon’s Pool
2 Dave’s Phone Directly north of Roxanne’s House in the street below.
3 Note for Michael Inside the emptied pool in Michael’s House. You went here at the start of the Beverly Hills level, It should be the first small house on the left of the main road as you enter Beverly Hills from Bel-Air.
4 Obi note This is found on the larger Beverly Hill mansion to the south of the Monarch Studios checkpoint. The pools are filled with acid, so be careful

We’ve also attached a map below to find all The Clean and Snatch Dead Island 2 journals you must collect.

Here is a visual reference of where all the pool notes are for the Clean and Snatch Quest.

Once that’s done, you need to read the notes. We’ve done that for you. It mentions Obi, who is known to be at the Goat Pen. This is the large bowling place you had to visit to get to Hotel Halperin, located on the south end of Bel-Air.

Head back to Bel-Air, and head down to the Goat Pen. Once you’ve plucked all four notes up, the NPC should spawn beside the pool somewhere. You can kill the zombies in the area to get his attention. Once he’s spawned, kill him, and he shall drop the keys to open the chest in Roxanne’s Pool. So, once again, go back to Beverly Hills, and now you can loot the chest.

(1 of 2) Beat Obi up, and you'll get the key to the Clean and Snatch lost and found box in Roxanne's Pool.

Beat Obi up, and you'll get the key to the Clean and Snatch lost and found box in Roxanne's Pool. (left), You get a really good officer sword, which will scale with your level when you open it. (right)

Inside the chest, you will wind an Officer’s Sword, just the like the one you plundered from that museum in Colt’s Swansong’s cabinet of curiosities. Depending on your level when you do this quest, the sword will scale with better power levels. So, if you want a really good early-game weapon, you can do this around level 9 or 10. We recommended doing this since you’re about way through the main story and have unlocked fast travel, as you start getting harder zombie variations at that point. You unlock fast travel at Venice Beach, by the way. This makes it easier to jumbo between Beverly and Bel-Air, but each to their own.


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