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Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Exploring With the Tiny Bronco

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Great Gospel
Gold Armlet
Kujata Materia

Briefly Shopping at Bone Village

You now have a plane… Boat… whatever. Either way, it can be used to sail up rivers and along the lighter-colored coastal areas, which allows us to travel to areas which were previously inaccessible. First, sail north along the western coast of the western continent, then east around the northern end of it. To your north you should see a smaller continent, mostly covered in snow. Sail along the southern end of this continent until, along the south-eastern end of it, you find a beach you can disembark at. Do so and head into the forest to find Bone Village. You’ll be coming back here later under somewhat more dire circumstances, but there’s no reason why you can’t score some loot ahead of time, right? Talk to the green-clad man standing in a doorway and he’ll sell you a variety of goodies, including a Diamond Bangle and a Rune Armlet. The Diamond Bangle has 57 Defense and five Materia sockets, while the Rune Armlet has 43 Defense and four Materia sockets, albeit with Double AP Growth.

Item Shop

Item Gil
Diamond Bangle 3200
Rune Armlet 3700
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 300
Phoenix Down 300
Ether 1500
Hyper 100
Tranquilizer 100

Sail to the northern continent on the Tiny Bronco (left) and grab the Kujata Materia floating around in the Sleeping Forest (right).

Buy what you want, then climb a ladder to the north and make your way past a tent to the north-west and head into a forest. Continue deeper into the forest by heading away from the camera, and in the second screen you should see some red lights flickering though the trees. These lights are worth investigating, but they will vanish and appear elsewhere frequently, so you’ll have to be quick. Once you catch it, however, you’ll obtain the Kujata Materia .

Great Gospel

Leave Bone Village and sail back south near Rocket Town. There’s another small continent to the west, which will be worth exploring shortly, but for now, turn your attention to the east. There’s a river that cuts through the middle of the western continent, north of Cosmo Canyon and Gongaga and south of Nibelheim and the Gold Saucer. Sail east up this river to reach the eastern coast, where, on a peninsula to the south (north-east of Gongaga) you’ll find a house. It was pointed out earlier as the place where you could cash in your Mythril. Now is the time.

When you head inside, a man will tell you about some “Keystone” which opens up some temple. Unfortunately, he sold it to Dio, the owner of the Gold Saucer. Maybe he’d be willing to trade for his piece of crap buggy he gave us? Anyways, seems you’ll need to get this Keystone to get into the Temple of the Ancients, which supposedly houses some “Ultimate Destruction Magic”.

All of that sounds super important and all, but you’re ultimately here to turn in that Mythril. Talk to him again once he ends the conversation and give him some Mythril, after which he’ll let you loot one of two containers; a large one, and a small one. Kind of a silly game-show sort of transaction, but… choose the small container (a wall safe upstairs) to score the Great Gospel - an item that will teach Aeris her Level 4 Limit Break. You can visit the sleeping man near Junon again for another piece of Mythril if you want to loot the other container, but since it’ll only yield a Gold Armlet , it’s not really worth the bother.

Head over to the isolated house near Gongaga (left) and trade the Mythril you got from the sleeping miner in for the Great Gospel; Aeris’s ultimate Limit Break (right).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

See the Light

Learn Great Gospel-Aeris's last Limit Break.

Trophy icon

Grinding Near Mideel

Now for some optional grinding, which will help with the next part of the guide a good deal. If you sail east along some islands to the south you can pilot the plane between the large eastern and western continents. The Temple of the Ancients is on an island south-west of Fort Condor, south of Junon, but without the Keystone, there’s no point in stopping there yet. Still, file its location away for later, it won’t be too long before you’ll need to return here. If you cut between this island and the coast near Fort Condor, you can sail along the southern end of the continent, and eventually make your way to some islands in the south-eastern corner of the map. While the city here is currently inaccessible, the monsters on the islands are worth your attention as they give great XP, AP, and Gil, and some have items worth stealing.

The most compelling thing here is the AP you can gain; hundreds of AP per battle, potentially doubled if you’re using Double AP Growth weapons or armor. This is your first real chance to meaningfully level up Materia so far, which means you can consider trying to make Gil concerns a thing of the past. The humble All Materia, when mastered, will sell for a whopping 1,400,000 Gil. No typo there. Considering that All Materia has been useful for most of the game so far, you should have a few pieces of it already pretty far along. Also, since All Materia requires relatively little AP to master, there’s just no quicker way to earn Gil. A relatively short amount of time spent killing critters here can turn into a lot of Gil, and you really only need to sell one to be set for quite a long time.

If you spend some time grinding near Mideel until you master a piece of All Materia (left) your money problems will be a thing of the past (right).

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Materia Mastermind

Raise a Materia to Lv. 5.

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