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Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Trophies (Yuffie-Vincent-Rare Materia-Chocobos-Grinding)

Nathan Garvin
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Win the Chocobo Racing mini-game.

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You should get this trophy as part of the main storyline. After the events of the Gold Saucer/Corel Prison, you’ll have to race a Chocobo as part of your… parole? Anyways, an easy way to win (almost) any Chocobo race; at the start of the race press the [Touch Pad] to switch from Automatic Control to Manual Control. Once the race begins, press [Square] to speed up as fast as you can, while racing hold down the [R1] and [R2] buttons to regenerate Stamina. Hold down [Circle] to sprint, as your Stamina allows, ideally saving this for near the end of the race (after the wooden bridge). Some in first and this trophy is yours.

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Corel's Angel

Score 10,050 points or more in G-Bike at the Gold Saucer.

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The “G-Bike” mini-game at the Golden Saucer’s Wonder Square is perhaps the only mini-game there worth doing, and only for this trophy. They’re really just a way to waste Gil, folks. Anywho, there’s not much to say about this one; you’re just going to have to “git gud”. There are some pointers, however, although they’re easier to say than do what with the dodgy controls and hit detection.

  • Stay close to - yet behind - the vehicle you’re defending as much as possible. The enemy will have to go through you to get to its target, during which attempt you can hopefully pick them off.
  • Be aggressive in your defense; the faster you kill foes, the faster more will spawn.
  • Try to avoid bouncing enemy bikes off of you and into the vehicle you’re defending. Doing this can cause the enemy to score more hits than they otherwise would, and tank your score quickly.
  • Try, try again. Sometimes you just take too long to get that last bike, other times, you kill one bike quickly and his bike falls and takes out several others. There’s some randomness to all this.
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Shuriken Join Us

Have Yuffie join your party.

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To get this trophy you’ll need to recruit Yuffie, one of the game’s two optional character. Yes, Final Fantasy used to have optional characters. Anywho, to get Yuffie to join you’ll need to find her first; run around any forest (the ones outside of Junon are the earliest in the game). After that, you’ll need to beat her in combat, which is easier done than said, really. After the fight, talk to her - don’t use the Save Point! - and say “Not interested”, then “Petrified…”, followed by “Wait a second!”. Next say “That’s right” and finally “Let’s hurry on”. After those five responses, she should join your party.

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Won't You be My Valentine

Have Vincent join your party.

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Vincent is the second optional character in the game, and recruiting him really takes a bit of doing. In the process you’ll score some Summon Materia (which you’ll might need for “Transcendant Convoker”) and Red XIII’s ultimate limit break (which you’ll need for “A Universe of Pain”), so there’s plenty of incentive to get him.

First things first, you’ll need to go to the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim, which can be done any time after Cosmo Canyon. Search the note on the ground in the small room just left of the entrance to find some clues:

  • Dial (1) “The lid of the box with the most oxygen.”

  • Dial (2) “Behind the Ivory’s short of tea and ray.”

  • Dial (3) “The creek in the floor near the chair on the second floor… then to the left five steps, up nine steps, left two steps, and up six steps.”
    That’s right, you need to open a safe, and to do this you’ll need to find all its dial posisitions. The first is on the note itself, just scroll down past the dial (3) option to find a hidden fourth option, which, when selected will give you (4: Right 97). One down, three to go:

  • From the entrance head north through a doorway under the stairs, then turn left to find a large room with a piano. Search behind the piano to find (2: Left 10).

  • Return to the entrance room and head upstairs, then take a left to reach a circular greenhouse. Open the chest to obtain an Enemy Launcher. Search the chest again to discover (1: Right 36).

  • Finally, return back right to the main room, then - staying atop the balcony - run to the right wing of the mansion. You’ll immediately find yourself in a hallway running mostly north-south. Walk along the left side of the hallway and just keep hitting [X] until you locate (3: Right 59).
    Now that you have all the codes, return to the left wing of the mansion and go into the room north of the circular greenhouse to find a safe. You’ll have to enter the codes, in order, going the right direction, within twenty seconds. Yikes. So, go right to 36, then left to ten, back right to 59 and finally go right to 97. Do it fast enough and you’ll open the safe, freeing a Basement Key and some Odin Materia… and the Lost Number boss. Defeat it (see the walkthrough for more information on how to achieve this feat, if necessary) and it’ll drop you Red XIII’s ultimate limit break; Cosmo Memory.

Pick up the Odin Materia and the Basement Key and head down to the basement and make your way to the second hallway area, at the beginning (left-most side) of which you should see a door to the north, which leads to a room with five coffins in it. Investigate the central - and only closed - one to meet Vincent. Pick the option “Talk about Sephiroth”, then when he goes back to “sleep”, talk to him again and ask “Who are you?” When you go to leave, he’ll swoop in and join your party.

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Making Waves

Obtain the Leviathan Materia.

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To get this bit of Materia, you’ll need to complete Yuffie’s materia-stealing side-quest, which occurs automatically the first time you reach Wutai (you can do this once you obtain the Tiny Bronco). Return to Wutai later on (say disc two, when you have the Highwind) and head to the pagoda, where Yuffie will have to defeat a series of four bosses in a one-on-one battle. Do so and you’ll get this Materia, and her ultimate limit break, All Creation.

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Waiting in the Wings

Obtain the Bahamut Materia.

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In the mural room in the Temple of the Ancients you’ll fight against the Red Dragon boss. Defeat it, and the Bahamut Materia can be found on the ground.

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Coming Up All Nines

Obtain 99,999,999 Gil.

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The best way to get 99,999,999 gil (which is far more than you’ll ever need) is to master All Materia, and sell the mastered materia. Each one will net you 1,400,000 Gil. Even so, this will take a while. Consider putting the All Materia in double or triple growth weapons, and grind Magic Balls and Magic Pots in the North Cave. This process will be sped up considerably if you use the W-Item duplication glitch to duplicate Elixirs, which you need to give (use on) Magic Pots to leave them vulnerable to damage.

To perform the duplication glitch, have W-Item equipped and go into a character’s inventory during battle. Select an Elixir as the first item to be used, then go select a second. When you get to the target screen for the second Elixir, cancel, and you’ll be one Elixir richer. Keep selecting/canceling until you have as many as you need. Megalixirs can not be substituted this way; Magic Pots are very picky. Make sure you have plenty of inventory space for the new All Materia to be born into, and a few hours to waste doing this. You can buy more All Materia from the Materia vendor in Fort Condor for 20,000 gil each after you get the Highwind in disc two, should you need more.

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Liege of Leveling

Reache Lv. 99 with one character.

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No special tricks needed here, you should get this while grinding for other things, namely the “Coming Up All Nines” trophy, or while leveling Materia to defeat the super bosses. The enemies in the North Cave give great EXP, it shouldn’t take terribly long to reach max level, compared to other sorts of grinding.

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Obtain the Bahamut ZERO Materia.

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To get the Bahamut ZERO Materia you’ll need to recover all the Huge Materia, which are the subject of several main storyline quests in disc two. This includes the Huge Materia at North Corel, Fort Condor, the Junon Underwater Reactor and Rocket Town. Once you have them all, they’ll be stored in Bugenhagen’s observatory in Cosmo Canyon. Use his lift to reach them and investigate the blue Huge Materia, then select the option “Get closer…”. If you have the Bahamut Materia (dropped after defeating the Red Dragon boss) and the Neo-Bahamut Materia (found lying on the ground in the Whirlwind Maze before the Jenova-DEATH boss battle) you’ll be rewarded with Bahamut ZERO.

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Roundtable Destruction

Obtain the Knights of the Round Materia.

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In the north-eastern corner of the map is a small, unmarked, round island, surrounded by mountains and covered in forest. On this island is a cave, and in this cave is the Knights of the Round Materia, the subject of this trophy. The only way to reach Round Island is with a Gold Chocobo, so you’ll have to breed one. Easier said than done. This is covered in great detail in two other parts of the guide, it even has its own Chocobo Breeding Guide, so you’ll be given a very, very brief run-down of what to do here:

  • Once you have the Highwind, you can visit the Chocobo Sage, whose hut is north-west of Bone Village (City of the Ancients). Here you can learn about Chocobo breeding, but you have this guide, so you don’t need his advice. More importantly you can buy Sylkis Greens from him at 5,000 gil a pop. Yikes. You’ll need a lot of these, in fact, it’s the biggest expenditure in the game.
  • Go to the Chocobo Ranch and rent out six stables. Each one costs 10,000 gil.
  • Equip some Chocobo Lure Materia and run along the Chocobo tracks outside of Mideel (town on some islands along the south-eastern corner of the map) until you find a Chocobo traveling with gray pillbug-looking enemies called “Spiral”. Kill the Spiral(s) that accompany the Chocobo to capture it; this is a “Great” Chocobo, Chocobos in this area that travel with other enemies are trash, don’t bother with them. Alternative you can hunt some Chocobos east of the Gold Saucer, those traveling with Spencer enemies are “Good” Chocobos.
  • Capture several “Good” and/or “Great” Chocobos, then go to any of the small , grass-covered islands south of the north continent to find Vlakorado enemies (big red dinosaur-looking critters) and steal a Carob Nut from one. You’ll need one Carob Nut per Chocobo you want to breed (at least three).
  • Go back to the Chocobo Ranch, put “Good” and “Great” Chocobos in your stable (two of each gender works) and feed them each twenty Sylkis Greens. Then breed two “Good” and/or “Great” Chocobos together, feed them a Carob Nut and hope for the best. If you don’t get a Blue or Green Chocobo, go fight about ten battles until they’re ready to breed again
  • Once you breed a Blue or Green Chocobo, breed it with one of the “Good” or “Great” Chocobos of the opposite gender you already captured… even if it’s their parent, or trying breed another pair of “Good” or “Great” Chocobos until you get whichever of the two colors you’re missing.
  • When you have both a Blue and Green Chocobo, you’ll want to race them until they’re Rank A. Feed them Sylkis Greens before racing to boost their stats (twenty Sylkis Greens apeice should suffice). Then, breed the Blue and Green Chocobos together (feed them a Carob Nut) until you get a Black Chocobo.
  • Go to the Chocobo tracks south of the Icicle Inn and hunt for Chocobos that travel with “Jumping” enemies (hyperactive white rabbits, complete with a carrot and everything, in case they weren’t cliche enough). Catch one of the gender you need; these are “Wonderful” Chocobos (the Chocobos that travel around here with Bandersnatches are garbage).
  • Race your Black Chocobo and “Wonderful” Chocobo until they’re as high of a rank as possible (either Rank A or Rank S, depending on their stats and your determination), make sure they’ve been well fed with Sylkis Greens.
  • Find an long island along the north-eastern end of the world map (north of the eastern continent) and land on the one with a forest on it. Behold, Goblin Island! In the forests here you can find Goblins, from whom you must steal a Zeio Nut.
  • Breed the Black and “Wonderful” Chocobo and give them a Zeio Nut and hopefully you’ll get a Gold Chocobo. If they fail you, fight battles until they can breed again, steel another Zeio Nut, and keep trying.
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