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Final Fantasy VII (1997)

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Crossing the Sea

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
All Materia
Ifrit Materia
Wind Slash


Across the ocean you go! Shinra’s security is absolutely abysmal considering they don’t notice all these undocumented workers aboard their ship but this shouldn’t be surprising anymore. When you’re back in control head south-west to find a chest containing an Ether , then talk to the people on this deck. Yuffie, if you have her, is suffering from a bad case of motion sickness near some boxes, and will ask you for a Tranquilizer. Giving her one will improve her disposition towards you (+4 Yuffie), while denying her will decrease it (-2 Yuffie).

Bail on Yuffie before she barfs all over your Shinra outfit and talk to a soldier wandering around to the north-west, who happens to be Aeris. When she asks you about the airship say “I’ll take you someday” to gain approval (+2 Aeris) or say “I dunno…” to lower it (-2 Aeris).

Head upstairs and talk to the soldier standing guard on a wooden platform to find that it’s Tifa. Agree with her by saying “Yeah…” to increase her disposition (+2 Tifa) or say “I don’t know” to lower it (-2 Tifa). Back on the deck, talk to the sailor who is walking around (not running) and say “I’m tired…” and he’ll offer you a drink for 250 Gil which will restore your party to full HP/MP. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to an inn here. On the other hand, say “Something’s missing” and he’ll sell you a very, very limited selection of items.

Salty Dog’s Shop

Item Gil
Potion 50
Phoenix Down 300

Travel south-west along the southern side of the ship to move around the cabin. Here you can find a ladder leading to the roof of the cabin where you’ll find a… very curious soldier, which just so happens to be Red XIII doing his best humanoid disguise. Not bad, considering; so long as nobody sees him from behind. Save your game at the Save Point and return below deck and talk to Aeris, who will tell you to make sure Barret isn’t doing something stupid. Good call. Return upstairs and exit to the front of the ship by heading south-west past the cabin, which you can now do, since the soldier blocking the way has now decided to move on. Barret is, not surprisingly, doing his best to get busted by spying on Rufus and Heideggar. Talk to him twice and he’ll, well, start doing something stupid. After an alarm sounds return to the previous screen, where everybody will regroup and determine that they aren’t the cause of the alarm, and speculate on who it might be…

Reform your party - you can change party members later by talking to whomever isn’t in your party, and if you need to rest and recover, the sailor who is still walking around on deck will sell you that “Invisible Alpha” for 250 Gil. When you’re ready to go, head below deck, where you’ll find that the normal crew members have suffered at the hands of whatever is aboard the ship. Search where Yuffie was to find a glowing blue orb of beautiful All Materia hidden amongst the boxes where she was standing.

After the ship goes on alert, pick up the All Materia Yuffie was blocking (left). You can also steal Shinra Betas from Marines (right).

When you’re ready to move on go through the steel door opposite the stairs (to the north-west) to reach the engine room. Approach the engine and an officer will do his best creepy-death bit before an old friend reveals himself. He’s cryptic at best, and doesn’t stay long, but he does leave behind something for you to play with…

Boss Battle: Jenova-BIRTH

Easily the strongest boss you’ve faced so far (not counting Midgar Zolom, who was optional anyway), Jenova-BIRTH has a few laser attacks “Laser” and “W-Laser” which deal over 150~ damage to one character, but, like you’ve seen before, she can sometimes use this attack in rapid succession against multiple characters, or even stack attacks against one character. She’s also got a “Tail Laser” attack which deals over 100 damage to each party member. Arguably her worst attack is the “Stop” spell, which prevents the target’s ATB bar from filling for the duration of the spell. She also has a “Gas” attack that deals about 150 damage.

Defensively, Jenova-BIRTH really has no weaknesses you can exploit. Your best bet is to just use melee attacks and Limit Breaks to whittle her down, while applying healing spells whenever necessary. As long as you’re diligent about healing, you should have no trouble outlasting her.

Jenova-BIRTH's "Stop" spell can… well, stop a character in their tracks (left). Her "Tail Laser" attack will blast the entire party for a modest amount of damage (right).

Jenova-BIRTH Stats
HP: 4000
MP: 110
Weaknesses: N/A
Resistances: Gravity (negates), Poison (negates)
XP: 680
AP: 64
Steal: N/A
Drop: White Cape
Gil 800

Grab the Ifrit Materia from the engine room afterthe fight with Jenova-BIRTH (left). In the villa for sale in Costa del Sol you can score a Fire Ring (right).

After the fight Cloud will examine the piece of Jenova Sephiroth left behind. Try to explain things to your allies (which doesn’t prove very helpful) or decline, then grab the Ifrit Materia near the engine. Climb a ladder and run around a metal walkway to find a chest containing a Wind Slash , another weapon upgrade for Yuffie (same Attack as the Boomerang, one fewer Materia slot, Double AP Growth). That girl has all the luck. Anyway, leave the engine room and the ship will dock at Costa del Sol.

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