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Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Trophies (Easy Trophies-Cross Dressing-Best Bromance)

Nathan Garvin
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Gaia's Guardian

Obtain all trophies

Trophy icon

Simple enough of an idea, a little more tedious in practice; you’ll get this trophy when you have all the others. That means beating the game, learning all character’s limits, romancing Barret, recovering all the Summon Materia and saving the Huge Materia, defeating the game’s two super bosses, and grinding for lots and lots of Gil, among other things. Oh, and of course beating the game.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

First Blood

Emerge victorious from your first battle.

Trophy icon

You’ll get this trophy for beating the first two Shinra guards on the first mission. Essentially it’s a trophy for starting the game.

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Breaking New Ground

Use a Limit Break

Trophy icon

Perform any Limit Break to get this trophy. Typically the game’s first boss deals enough damage to cause this to occur.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Consummate Cross-Dresser

Get Don Corneo to choose Cloud over the two females.

Trophy icon

After the battle with Air Buster Cloud will find himself in Sector 5, and shortly thereafter Sector 6. While there he has to attempt to pull off a most hilarious disguise, and if he does well enough, he might actually show up his female companions!

You’ll need to do several things to achieve this outcome, namely:

  • Eat a meal at a diner and afterwards respond by saying “It was all right” to get a Pharmacy Coupon. Take the Pharmacy Coupon to a nearby item store (but not the store with an “ITEM” sign out front!) and trade your Pharmacy Coupon for some Digestive medicine. Go to the bar, bother the lady in the bathroom and give her the Digestive medicine, and in return you’ll get the “Sexy Cologne”.
  • Talk to the Materia store owner and he’ll ask Cloud to do him a solid, man-to-man. Agree, rest at the nearby inn, and at night buy the 200 Gil item from the vending machine. Return to the Materia store owner and he’ll give you a “Diamond Tiara”.
  • After learning about Tifa’s predicament, talk to a dark-skinned man outside the Honey Bee Inn and he’ll give you his “Member’s Card”. With this in hand head into the Honey Bee Inn and enter either “The &$#% Room” or “The Group Room”. In the former case, talk to the bee-girl before she leaves after you recover to get some “Lingerie”, while in the latter case you’ll get some “Bikini Briefs”.
  • While in the Honey Bee Inn, after the… uh… events… in the rooms, visit the dressing room and talk to the western-most bee-girl and get her to put make-up on you.
  • When picking out a dress for Cloud, pick one that feels “Soft” and one that “Shimmers”. This will result in Cloud getting a “Silk Dress”.
  • During the dress-making process, it’ll be determined that Cloud needs a wig. Go to the gym and defeat your competitor at a squatting competition to get a “Blonde Wig.”
    If you get all these things; Sexy Cologne, a Diamond Tiara, either Lingerie or some Bikini Briefs, some make-up, a Silk Dress and a “Blonde Wig” Cloud should easily be the sexiest “girl” in the room. Which… either says a lot about Corneo, Cloud, Aeris and Tifa.
Trophy/Achievement Icon

Fledgling Summoner

Use a summon Materia in battle.

Trophy icon

You’ll get this when you cast any Summoning spell in the game, Shiva being the first unmissable one you can get. You can get Choco/Mog somewhat earlier by talking to the Chocobos at the Chocobo Ranch on your first visit and responding with “Wark”. Just equip the Summon Materia, pick a fight, and cast it. Easy-peasy.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Materia Mastermind

Raise a Materia to Lv. 5.

Trophy icon

Getting any Materia to Lv. 5 is just a matter of grinding weaker Materia. If you keep an All Materia or a basic elemental spell (Fire, Ice, Lightning) equipped, you should get this done without really worrying about it. If you intend to grind to 99,999,999 Gil, killl the super bosses, or obtain Master Materia, you’ll do this long before completing any of those tasks. Killing enemies near Mideel (in the south-eastern corner of the world map) after obtaining the Tiny Bronco will achieve this fairly qiuckly, and this can be done towards the end of disc one.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Best Bromance

Go on a date with Barret in the Gold Saucer.

Trophy icon

Oh boy. Best Bromance is the second rarest trophy in the game, behind only the platinum trophy. That being said, you can guess this one takes a bit of doing. So what gives? Well, first it’s missable, and you have to stay on point for more than half of the first disc to get this to occur. You have to make many checks to manipulate the disposition of your allies, and none of these disposition changes are displayed by the game.

Simply put, to get this trophy Barret must have the highest disposition towards you (competing with Aeris, Tifa and Yuffie) by the end of disc one, and odds don’t start out in his favor; Aeris starts the game with a disposition of +50, Tifa has a base +30 and Yuffie functionally will join with +10. Barret has a disposition of 0. You’ve got your work cut out for you. As some general pointers, you’ll want to tank Aeris’ disposition as much as possible (even if it means appeasing Tifa), as Tifa’s disposition can be tanked completely during the game. Also, sometimes your current party members matter for disposition gain, so as a general rule, always travel with a party of Cloud, Barret and Red XIII while going for this trophy.

All that said, let’s get on to the individual checks:


  • While talking to Jessie on the train after the first mission say “Looking forward to it” (-3 Tifa).

50 Aeris, 0 Barret, 27 Tifa , 0 Yuffie

  • Buy a flower from Aeris after the first bombing mission, then later in Seventh Heaven you’ll get a chance to give the flower to either Tifa or Marlene. Give the flower to Marlene (+5 Barret).

50 Aeris, 5 Barret , 27 Tifa, 0 Yuffie

  • Don’t talk to Tifa while she’s behind the bar (after Avalanche heads to the basement). If you do, be sure to say “I don’t feel like it” to avoid improving her disposition. Later, when she confronts you after you anger Barret, say “…Sorry” to prevent her from approving of you.
  • After you’re forced to sleep at the Seventh Heaven, you’ll be asked how you slept. Say “Barret’s snoring kept me up” (+5 Barret).

50 Aeris, 10 Barret , 27 Tifa, 0 Yuffie

  • When you’re enroute to the No. 5 reactor, avoid the secruity alert on the train without getting caught. (+5 Barret, +5 Tifa).

50 Aeris, 15 Barret , 32 Tifa , 0 Yuffie

  • After the fight with Air Buster, Cloud finds himself in a precarous predicament. Respond by saying “Be strong” (+2 Barret).

50 Aeris, 17 Barret , 32 Tifa, 0 Yuffie

  • While on top of the church, push the wrong barrel (-3 Aeris), tell Aeris to fight (-1 Aeris), if she ends up fighting after you tell her to run (-1 Aeris). Try to push the wrong barrel every time (see the walkthrough for more details) while telling her to “Wait” every time. It’ll be assumed you can at least manage to botch of these barrel drops.

41 Aeris , 17 Barret, 32 Tifa, 0 Yuffie

  • At Aeris’ house, Aeris will ask if Tifa is your girlfriend. Say “Yeah, that’s right” (-5 Aeris). Later, at the playground you’ll get a chance to try to “Take her home” or “Go on to Sector 7”. Pick the former to avoid improving her disposition.

36 Aeris , 17 Barret, 32 Tifa, 0 Yuffie

  • Assuming you get the “Consummate Crossdresser” trophy, Cloud will be picked as Corneo’s “date”. Try to play hard-to-get with Corneo and he’ll ask if you have a boyfriend, to which you should respond “Yes, his name’s Barret…” (+5 Barret).

36 Aeris, 22 Barret , 32 Tifa, 0 Yuffie

  • After you flop gracefully into the sewers, you’ll have to improve the disposition of one of the girls by talking to them first. Pick Tifa (Tifa +3).

36 Aeris, 22 Barret, 35 Tifa , 0 Yuffie

  • Back at Aeris’ house, Marlene will insinuate that Aeris has some affection for you. Respond with “I don’t know” (-3 Aeris, +3 Tifa).

33 Aeris , 22 Barret, 38 Tifa , 0 Yuffie

We have a new champion, Tifa takes the lead!

  • In the Shinra building, you’ll rescue Aeris and encounter Red XIII, who will join in an upcoming fight. Since the party size is always three, no matter how silly the reasons, you’ll have to assign a character to get Aeris to safety. Nominate Barret by saying “Barret, take care of her!” (Barret +2)

33 Aeris, 24 Barret , 38 Tifa, 0 Yuffie

  • After the fearsome fivesome regroup, you’ll have to reform into a smaller party. Anybody not named Red XIII who ends up in your party will gain disposition with you, so form a party of Cloud, Barret and Red XIII (Barret +2).

33 Aeris, 26 Barret , 38 Tifa, 0 Yuffie

  • The magical opportunity to tank Tifa’s disposition towards you; while in a cell with her, talk to her and say “Kinda hard” (-1 Tifa). You can repeat this as much as possible, so go nuts. After this, she should no longer be a serious contender for your affections.

33 Aeris, 26 Barret, 0 Tifa , 0 Yuffie

Aeris is back on top! Stunning reversal!

  • When in the cell with Tifa, walk near the door to start thinking about other party members. Who you pick first will get a +3 bonus, while the second person will get a +1 bonus. The third gets none. So pick Barret, then Red XIII and finally Aeris (+3 Barret).

33 Aeris, 29 Barret , 0 Tifa, 0 Yuffie

  • After escaping Midgar you’ll have to form a party. Again, everybody not named Red XIII who ends up traveling with you will gain disposition, so form the magnificent sausage-fest party again.

33 Aeris, 30 Barret , 0 Tifa, 0 Yuffie


  • After relating the events of Nibelheim to everybody, an impatient Barret will encourage everybody to get a move on. Respond by saying “Wait a sec” then “Beautiful, just beautiful!” (+3 Barret).

33 Aeris, 33 Barret , 0 Tifa, 0 Yuffie

Bromance imminent!

  • Make sure Barret and Red XIII are in your party, then talk to a woman who will comment on the convenience of Mako energy. Respond with “You’re full of it” to gain general approval from all (+2 Barret).

33 Aeris, 35 Barret , 0 Tifa, 0 Yuffie

Best Buddy Bromance confirmed!

  • A little girl upstairs will have a differing opinion, however. To her respond with “Yeah, maybe” (+2 Barret).

33 Aeris, 37 Barret , 0 Tifa, 0 Yuffie

BFF Bromance!

Fort Condor and Environs

  • Again, make sure Barret and Red XIII are in your party, as only active party-members will get these bonuses. When you talk to the old man at Fort Condor for the first time, you’ll get two chances to respond. Say “I guess so” the first time (+5 Barret) and “All right” the second time (+5 Barret).

33 Aeris, 4 7 Barret , 0 Tifa, 0 Yuffie

Epic Bromance!

  • If you end up recruiting Yuffie - which you can do in the forests around here - keep in mind that every response necessary to get her to join will increase her disposition (+2 Yuffie). Since there are five of them…

33 Aeris, 47 Barret, 0 Tifa, 10 Yuffie

Crossing the Sea

  • Talk to Aeris - disguised as a sailor - and when she asks about flying in the Highwind some day, dash her dreams by saying “I dunno…” (-2 Aeris). Yuffie is behind some boxes being sick. Refuse to give her any Tranquilizers to keep her suffering (-2 Yuffie). On the top deck you’ll find Tifa on a watch tower, dressed as a soldier. When she complains about thing she doesn’t like (read: everything cool) say “I don’t know” (-2 Tifa).

31 Aeris , 47 Barret, 0 Tifa , 8 Yuffie

Gold Saucer/Corel Prison/Gongaga

  • When you arrive at the Gold Saucer, Barret will storm off, because Aeris is an epic troll. This forces you to pick from one of the remaining characters, because you clearly can’t go play by yourself. If you talk to one and reject them, their disposition towards you will decrease. Since Aeris is the next top character, pick - and reject - her. If you end up trying to leave without picking anybody, and Barret has the highest disposition (which he should by now) Red XIII will join instead. This is a great way to test what your dispositions levels are. If anybody but Red XIII joins you, keep in mind that you need to tank their disposition (Aeris -3).

28 Aeris , 47 Barret, 0 Tifa, 8 Yuffie

  • After reuniting with Barret in Corel Prison, he’ll become locked into the party for the immediate confrontation. This allows you to pick one more character to travel with, who will gain a disposition boost if they’re not named Red XIII. So, yeah, keep the bro-fest plus doggy-bro active to avoid this. Especially Aeris, she’ll gain a whopping +10 bonus if you pick her.
  • At Gongaga, you’ll need to do the opposite of what you’ve been doing the entire game thus far; bring both of the girls with you. Not only will this lead to an interesting boss battle with the Turks (Reno and Rude) but it’ll cause a scene with some villagers in Goganga concerning Zack. After the girls both leave the house, head back out into Gongaga and ignore them. That’s right. Just leave the village screen entirely (-3 Aeris, -3 Tifa).

25 Aeris , 47 Barret, 0 Tifa , 8 Yuffie

Cosmo Canyon

  • Make sure you have Barret with you before you enter Cosmo Canyon for the first time. Once you enter and the party splits up, find Barret in a small storage room up some stairs from the weapon shop. In here, Barret will attempt to tell you a story, giving you two chances to respond. Pick the option “Go on” the first time (+3 Barret) and on the second time you can pick “And then?” (+3 Barret).

25 Aeris, 53 Barret , 0 Tifa, 8 Yuffie

Would snuggle nude in a blizzard for warmth bromance.

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