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Final Fantasy VII (1997)

Costa del Sol

Nathan Garvin
Important Items in this Area
Fire Ring
Motor Drive
Power Source

Fun in the Sun

Sunny Costa del Sol! It almost seems like a perfect excuse to get all the girls in a bikini, like that hot spring scene in Final Fantasy X-2. Alas, no such fan service is forth-coming in this game. Seeing Cloud in a dress was more fun, anyways. After the party disembarks, they’ll banter a bit before splitting up. Talk to the sailors and beach bums nearby (if you wish), then head up some stairs to the east. After you’re gone, Rufus will chew Heideggar out for his stunning series of failures before flying off, leaving Heidegger to assault some of the unfortunate sailors. Better them than you, for a change.

Cross a bridge to the east and enter the door at the other end. Here you’ll find a rather swanky villa, but instead of selling it, the real-estate agent is hanging out here. Let him sleep - you can bother him when you actually have enough money to buy the place; a whopping 300,000 Gil. Instead of waking him head downstairs where you can find a Power Source , a Motor Drive and a Fire Ring . The Motor Drive is a three socket, Double AP Growth weapon for Tifa, while the Fire Ring nullifies fire attacks.

Instead go down the stairs and head south-east along the buildings until you find a doorway leading into a bar. See the letters “BAR” on the wall? How convenient! Inside the bar you can find Mukki and some of his buddies from the Honey Bee Inn. More interestingly, there’s a shady guy in the corner of the bar who, when you talk to him, will try to sell you some armor. If you didn’t steal them earlier, this is the first place where you can get Carbon Bangles. He also sells Platinum Bangles, which only have two Materia slots, but they have Double AP Growth… at this point in the game, though, you’re probably better off sticking with more Materia slots.

Armor Shop

Item Gil
Platinum Bangle 1800
Carbon Bangle 800
Four Slots 1300
Molotov 400

Leave the bar and follow the buildings north-east, where you’ll find some kids using Red XIII’s tail to help them play a game of soccer. If you want to be rude, you can intercept the ball and kick it forcefully into Red XIII, which the poor pooch doesn’t appreciate. Heh. Enter the house nearby to find our old pal from the Sector 7 slums… Johnny! He’s obviously doing better for himself… at least he didn’t get crushed by the plate, anyways. To the east you’ll find Butch’s shop, which is being operated by Yuffie. Talk to her if you want to peruse Butch’s Materia stock, which is comprehensive, even if he doesn’t have anything new.

Materia Shop

Item Gil
Heal Materia 1500
Revive Materia 3000
Restore Materia 750
Seal Materia 3000
Fire Materia 600
Ice Materia 600
Lightning Materia 600

Next, stop by the item shop in front of the inn, which sells a variety of normal items. As the vendor suggests, pick up a couple of Softs - ten should be sufficient. Getting Petrified is no fun, and you have no other way to cure it just yet. If you go into the inn, you can see Barret rocking his sailor outfit in the bathroom, much to the innkeeper’s distress.

Item Shop

Item Gil
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 300
Phoenix Down 300
Soft 150
Antidote 80
Eye Drop 50
Hyper 100
Tranquilizer 100
Tent 500

The shady merchant in the bar will sell some interesting pieces of armor (left). On the beach you’ll find Hojo, who seems too interested in your pursuit of Sephiroth (right).

An Unexpected Encounter on the Beach

Leave the inn and head down some stairs to the beach, where you’ll find Hojo lying around in the sun… in his lab coat? Must be stifling. Does he know what the purpose of being out on a beach is? Whatever the case, he sure seems popular with the ladies. Talk to the girl lying at his feet and you’ll draw his attention. He’ll ask you about Sephiroth, then will question you about “something calling you”. After Cloud responds, an amused Hojo will react, but he’ll lose some of his bluster after talking to Aeris, telling her to “head west”. That’s all the direction you’re getting from Hojo, it seems. Time to exit Costa del Sol by heading under the same bridge you crossed from the port earlier.

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