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Gotham Knights

How to Perform a Perfect Attack

Nathan Garvin

This page contains information about performing perfect evades and perfect attacks in Gotham Knights.

How to Perform Perfect Evades and Perfect Attacks

You can evade enemy attacks by pressing the DualSense-ButtonCircle / Xbox-ButtonB-Filled button. This is usually a fine way to mitigate incoming damage, even if it doesn’t always put you in the best position to counterattack, especially with enemies who perform armored attacks and attack chains. If you dodge just before the attack hits, however, you’ll perform a perfect evade, and if you immediately counterattack after performing a perfect evade you’ll perform a perfect attack, which deals increased damage, can knock an enemy down or stagger them, and may also may create openings where normal attacks wouldn’t.

When lesser enemies perform melee attacks, their weapon will be marked by a white circle, letting you know an attack is incoming. Just before the attack lands, the icon will turn into a spiky impact circle, giving you a visual cue that dodging at this time will result in a perfect evade. There is no cue for performing a perfect attack afterwards, so you’ll have to get the timing down and trust in your ability to perform a perfect evade if you want to follow up perfect evades with perfect attacks.

(1 of 2) Dodge just before an attack lands to perform a perfect evade,

Dodge just before an attack lands to perform a perfect evade, (left), then immediately counter to perform a perfect attack. (right)

While useful enough against weaklings, perfect evades and perfect attacks are far more useful against more dangerous enemies, like Bulldozers, Shockers, and Godmothers. Their attacks cannot be interrupted by performing normal attacks (ranged or melee) and hence the threat circle that appears during their attacks is red - a warning that you must dodge to avoid damage. In addition, Bulldozers are capable of blocking normal, frontal attacks, and Shockers and Godmothers perform attack chains and armored attacks. In the case of attack chains, you’ll need to dodge several attacks in succession to avoid damage. Don’t spam the dodge button, as this will often lead to you being out of position to counterattack when their attack chain ends, and could also result in you dodging too soon, taking a hit before the short cooldown between dodges is over. There’s a pattern to their attacks, and with a little practice you’ll be able to get this pattern down.

Even better, the last attack in an attack chain is subject to perfect evades and hence, perfect attack counters, which may take the brute off its feet and deal heavy damage. Practicing perfect evades and perfect attack counters can make confrontations with these heavies much, much easier.

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