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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Stockpile the Basics

Scott Peers


There are a number of items in Kingdom Come: Deliverance which are useful to have stored in your inventory at all times:

Used for hunting and taking the initiative in combat. It is recommended to store one batch for hunting (long-distance arrows) and one batch for fighting armoured opponents (piercing arrows).

Used to stop wounds from bleeding which would otherwise lead to a slow depletion of health and eventually, death.

Dried foods
The most effective way to maintain nourishment as you wander away from settlements.

Especially useful if you prefer playing the rogue where stealth kills are essential to your playstyle.

Whether you want to play a rogue or not, lockpicks are essential for some quests.

Repair kits
Armour, Blacksmith, Cobbler and Tailor kits. Damaged armour and weapons reduces their effectiveness so it is a good idea to keep on top of any damage sustained.

Saviour Schnapps
Essential for saving the game through the menu when you find yourself too far away from a sleep and save bed.

Handy for digging up treasure and burying the dead. You can pick one up from Peshek’s Mill (see below for screenshot). It is wise to store this in your horse’s inventory when it is not being used due to its heavy weight.

Generally useful when roaming the wilderness in the dark and obligatory to carry in settlements at night (the guards will continually pester you if you forget!).

The location of the spade in Rattay Mill, an item worth holding on to.


Finally, there are a number of potions that can be created using an Alchemy bench or purchased from an Apothecary which provide buffs or inflict debuffs:

Artemisia potion
Increases Strength and Warfare skills by five for ten minutes, but causes blurred vision as a consequence.

Aesop potion
Increases Horsemanship skill by five for ten minutes. Dogs will not bark at you while the potion lasts.

Cures poisoning.

Amor potion
Increases Charisma skill by five for ten minutes.

Bivoj’s Rage potion
Significantly increases damage while slightly lowering defence for five minutes.

Buck’s Blood potion
Increases Stamina by fifty percent for ten minutes.

Bard potion
Increases Speech skill by five for ten minutes.

Bane potion
Pour into cooking pots of bandit camps at night and wait until morning. After they eat, they should all be dead.

Bowman’s Brew
Increases Bow skill by five for ten minutes.

Cockerel potion
Increases Energy by twenty.

Dollmaker potion
Reduces combat skills by five and reduces Stamina by fifty percent for ten minutes. Can be used in cooking pots at bandit camps.

Digestion potion
Reduces overstuffing by twenty and cures poisoning.

Increases Agility and Defence skill by five for ten minutes.

Hair o’ the Dog potion
Prevents hangovers and cures drunkenness and alcoholism, but reduces Charisma by two.

Lazarus potion
Cures hangovers and restores health to maximum within five minutes.

Lullaby potion
Reduces energy to zero. Can be applied to arrows to lower the Stamina of an opponent, to meat that can be fed to dogs to make them fall asleep, and cooking pots to induce lethargy in guards, making stealing easier.

Lethean Water
Used to reset skill and perk choices.

Marigold decoction
Cures light wounds and dispels hangover effects within one minute.

Nighthawk potion
Improves night vision for ten minutes.

Padfoot potion
Increases Lockpicking, Pickpocketing and Stealth skills by five for ten minutes.

Can be used to poison food supplies, or applied to arrows to significantly weaken recipients.

Can be used to keep food fresh for longer and make some spoiled foods edible.

Vitality potion
Strikes wound you fifty percent less for five minutes.

The location of the Apothecary in Rattay. The Alchemy bench is located in the back of the same building.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open-world RPG set in the last throes of the Middle Ages. The year is 1403 and the Kingdom of Bohemia is about to be plunged into turmoil. Henry, a resdient of the castle town Skalitz, is the son of a renowned blacksmith. When Skalitz is attacked, both of his parents are killed by the invading forces of Hungarian King Sigismund, led by Sir Markvart von Aulitz. Henry's quest then becomes your own; to exact vengeance upon those who destroyed his hometown, friends and family. Along the way, Henry finds himself embroiled in the affairs of the great lords in the region. Rather than give in to the hatred fueled by the death of his boyhood, Henry decides to become a man and help in any way that he can against the ramifications of the assault on Skalitz.

Included in this guide:

  • A complete walkthrough of the main story, including multiple outcomes
  • Guides to specific side quests associated with each settlement
  • Reference to important points of interest along the way
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