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Scott Peers

Horse riding is fairly simple to get to grips with. The more you ride, the more you will increase your skill in Horsemanship. It is therefore recommended that you avoid using Fast Travel until you have reached a satisfactory level in Horsemanship. This does not take long and provides the added benefit of allowing you to enjoy the landscape and discover more of its features. As with other skills, you will gain access to perks at specific levels. For Horsemanship, this includes level 4, 7, 10, 14, 17, and 20. There are two perks accessible at level 4 which you must choose between; Racehorse and Heavy Duty Pony. The former makes your horse faster but carries less weight, while the latter allows your horse to carry more weight but is slower. The choice you make depends on what you value most, but it should be noted that you will often find it necessary to transfer items from your personal inventory to that of your horse, especially when hunting or fighting large groups of bandits.

Aside from the perks, each horse comes with four main stats which improve as you level in Horsemanship and purchase specific upgrades:

Stamina - Determines the distance a horse can gallop before throwing you off the saddle.

Capacity - Determines the amount a horse can carry, able to be increased by saddle upgrades.

Speed - Determines the speed a horse canters and gallops, greatly enhanced by horseshoes.

Courage - Determines how a horse behaves in battle. Low courage will cause it to flee more readily.

The first horse you are likely to own outside of stealing one is named Pebbles, given to you during the main quest ‘The Prey’. However, it is also possible to purchase numerous horses with various stats from horse traders in Neuhof, Uzhitz and Merhojed. Each horse is ranked by a tiering system which roughly corresponds to its stats and price:


Name Tier Stamina Capacity Speed Courage Price (Groschen)
Boxer 1 250 212 33 11 610
Kelpie 1 290 188 37 8 850
Trojan 1 230 292 35 7 990
Schemig 2 210 252 34 19 1240
Epona 2 430 212 37 5 1190
Tulpar 3 230 252 39 11 1390
Bayard 3 350 260 35 11 1390
Chollima 4 510 188 37 15 1730
Bucephalus 4 270 276 36 19 1730
Al-Buraq 5 410 252 40 15 2020


Name Tier Stamina Capacity Speed Courage Price (Groschen)
Roach 2 290 228 38 8 1150
Uchchaihshravas 3 430 260 36 8 1570
Podagros 3 410 244 40 6 1620
Binky 4 350 172 40 15 1570
Warhorse Jenda 5 450 268 41 17 2550


Name Tier Stamina Capacity Speed Courage Price (Groschen)
Rocinante 1 150 148 31 16 160
Hatatitla 2 250 228 37 12 1110
Pegasus 4 310 180 42 15 1620
Sleipnir 5 250 260 39 18 1860
Kanthaka 5 410 196 40 20 1960

Although horse armour is not currently sold by any vendors in the game, there is one piece of head armour which can be found on the corpse of a horse located on a cliff edge east of Ledetchko, shown here:

The location of the cliff edge where the horse armour can be found.

Once you reach the top of the cliffs, find the point directly above where the horse corpse is located. You will notice it by the large bird nest surrounding it:

View from atop the cliff point with the bird nest below.

At this point you will have to make use of the various outcrops located directly beneath you to buffer your descent and reach the nest. The chances of making a safe landing are slim, so it is worth saving before attempting the fall. It is also advisable to bring bandages and health potions. Try to land to the right of the nest for the safest landing. You will almost certainly sustain injuries and it may take a few attempts, but once at the bottom you can loot the corpse freely:

View from the location of the nest with the horse corpse within.

Horse head armour found east of Ledetchko.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open-world RPG set in the last throes of the Middle Ages. The year is 1403 and the Kingdom of Bohemia is about to be plunged into turmoil. Henry, a resdient of the castle town Skalitz, is the son of a renowned blacksmith. When Skalitz is attacked, both of his parents are killed by the invading forces of Hungarian King Sigismund, led by Sir Markvart von Aulitz. Henry's quest then becomes your own; to exact vengeance upon those who destroyed his hometown, friends and family. Along the way, Henry finds himself embroiled in the affairs of the great lords in the region. Rather than give in to the hatred fueled by the death of his boyhood, Henry decides to become a man and help in any way that he can against the ramifications of the assault on Skalitz.

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