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Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Ginger in a Pickle

Scott Peers

With reasonable evidence to suggest that Ginger knows more than he was willing to say about the raid on Neuhof, you must now track him down and discover the truth. Jakub mentioned that he is good friends with the charcoal-burners to the south, so you should begin your search by questioning them.

Ride to the camp where the charcoal-burners reside to question them about Ginger.

Speak with the charcoal-burner spokesman to learn more about Ginger’s whereabouts.

Although the charcoal-burner in the southern camp does not know who Ginger is, if you manage to persuade him to talk he will let you know that others have been looking for him. The others did not seem like they were inquiring with amiable intent, so the spokesman urges you to speak to the charcoal-burners north of Neuhof.

The charcoal-burners to the north of Neuhof can be found in the camp just south of the river.

Speak with the charcoal-burner in the camp north of Neuhof and convince him to tell you more.

The last charcoal camp that you will be directed to can be found north west along the river from the northern camp. Keep to the path on the south side of the river to avoid any trouble with bandits along the way.

(1 of 2) Regardless of who you speak to in the north west camp, they will not tell you where Ginger is until you deal with some bandits in a nearby camp.

Regardless of who you speak to in the north west camp, they will not tell you where Ginger is until you deal with some bandits in a nearby camp. (left), The bandits can be found at the camp in a clearance within the highlighted area. (right)

The bandits will be labelled as suspicious man-at-arms.

You can speak to the bandits briefly, but regardless of the options the discussion will end as they attack you. Kill them both and report back to the charcoal-burners.

Once you have informed the charcoal burners that you have dealt with the bandits, they will tell you where to find Ginger.

Go to the abandoned hut that is marked on the map. You will find Ginger hiding inside.

Speak to Ginger and have him tell you everything that he knows.

With the story from Ginger’s perspective clarified, he wants to return to Neuhof. Concerned about his tarnished reputation, he asks Henry to tell the Neuhof inhabitants the truth, and to ask if they will allow him to return.

Speak to Zora about Ginger’s chances of being welcomed back. You will need to persuade her by suggesting that a guard be posted at Neuhof.

Once you have confirmed with Zora that Ginger can return, go back to the hut and let him know.

By way of thanks for securing his safe return, Ginger will offer to teach you something in horse riding.

With Ginger now thoroughly exhumed from his pickle, you can return to Captain Bernard at Neuhof and inform him of everything that has transpired.

When you are done speaking with Captain Bernard, report to Sir Radzig, who is waiting by the west gate of Neuhof, for new instruction.

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an open-world RPG set in the last throes of the Middle Ages. The year is 1403 and the Kingdom of Bohemia is about to be plunged into turmoil. Henry, a resdient of the castle town Skalitz, is the son of a renowned blacksmith. When Skalitz is attacked, both of his parents are killed by the invading forces of Hungarian King Sigismund, led by Sir Markvart von Aulitz. Henry's quest then becomes your own; to exact vengeance upon those who destroyed his hometown, friends and family. Along the way, Henry finds himself embroiled in the affairs of the great lords in the region. Rather than give in to the hatred fueled by the death of his boyhood, Henry decides to become a man and help in any way that he can against the ramifications of the assault on Skalitz.

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