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Useful Finn Combos in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

Finn is one of the strongest characters in the game, with its powerful hitbox sword and speed making him a deadly fighter. While the character is strong, players can get even more out of character by getting well versed with the best Finn combos in Multiversus.

The spin coin purse move is his most deadly skill you want to combo.

Best Finn combos in Multiversus

There are many different types of combos you can do with Finn, ranging from horizontal combos to generate gold, and vertical special to spend your gold for big damage. The idea behind Fiins combos on Multiversus is to get well practised with Finn’s basic skills, allowing you to deal lots of damage early and then get enough gold for killing blows.

Some of the most reliable ground Finn combos in Multiversus are:

  • Side Attack Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Left > Side Attack Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Left > Up Attack Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up-Filled (standard gold generating platform combination)
  • Side Attack Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Left > Neutral Xbox-ButtonX > up or down (Ring out combo, to either spike someone at the edge or skybox ring out)
  • Side Attack Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Left > Neutral Xbox-ButtonX > Side Attack Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Left > Side Attack Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Left > Special Up Xbox-ButtonY Xbox-Dpad-Up-Filled (a combo that generates gold and then spends it to deal improved damage on your coin bag spin attack. Only viable at lower health as the neutral will launch enemies)

If you’re looking for some good vertical combos, you can use a combination of:

  • Neutral Xbox-ButtonX > Down Air Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Down> Air Neutral Xbox-ButtonX > Up Air Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up-Filled> Special Up Air Xbox-ButtonY Xbox-Dpad-Up-Filled. (transitions from a platform to aerial combo and spend the gold. This is an ideal Finn combo for when an enemy is on 100+ HP, and you can combo them with a heavy up-special hit when you have lots of gold to knock out enemies.)
  • Down Air Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Down > Neutral Air Xbox-ButtonX > Up Air Xbox-ButtonX Xbox-Dpad-Up-Filled (It is a good combo for trying to get enemies back in the air after they get close to falling to the ground)
  • Charge up attackXbox-Dpad-Up Xbox-ButtonX-Filled > Up Air Special Xbox-ButtonY Xbox-Dpad-Up-Filled (Decent move if you can run to an enemy while charging at them on a platform. It can send them into the sky, which you can follow up with a special up on high gold, or a combo listed above.)

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the special move that throws a coin can be used as a teleport. It allows Finn to attack an enemy nearby, that can kick start any combo already mentioned. This is ideal late into games when enemies are running away, and you can close huge gaps or outplay an opponent who doesn’t expect the teleport.


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