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Best Tom and Jerry Perks in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

Tom and Jerry are one of the more complicated characters in Multiversus. The character is a mage, specializing in mixed range damage, different range types, and having some decent melee combos. To get the best out of Tom and Jerry, you need to be adaptive, a message that flows into their perk choices. Here are the best Tom and Jerry Perks in Multiversus, along with reasons why.

There are quite a few perks that you can consider the Best Tom and Jerry perks in Multiversus. But many are situational.

Best Tom and Jerry Perks in Multiversus

Best Tom and Jerry Perks in Multiversus Description Slot
Dynamite Split Reflecting Tom’s dynamite with his tennis racket will split it into three dynamite sticks. Signature Perk
Coffeezilla Your team receives 10% reduced ability cooldown duration. Utility Perk
Make it rain, Doc Your team receives 20% increased projectile speed Offense Perk
Fancy Footwork Your team receives 5% increased dodge distance Utility Perk

The core perks you want to use are Dynamite Split, Coffeezilla, and Make it Rain Doc. These three perks are because the Dynamite Split Signature makes it much more reliable to land the dynamite hits for damage. Meanwhile, the explosions can stack and deal more damage, especially useful on larger foes. The Coffeezilla is a solid choice all around for getting the ammo back on the trap, Tom’s Tennis balls, and the Dynamite, which synergizes well with the signature perk. It’s also worth grabbing the Make it Rain Dog to increase projectile speed. That way, it makes it even harder to dodge the corks, tennis balls, and dynamite sticks.

The other final option is one of preference or team comp. We recommend the Fancy Footwork because the extra dash range makes it easier to escape enemies closing in on Tom. But, you could use something else, especially for 2v2. The I Dodge, You Dodge perk is good for getting even more cooldown back after dodging, meaning you can harrass even more with ranged attacks. Or, you can opt for Shirt Cannon or Deadshot for the increased ranged damage as long as they are far away, especially playing with a support like Velma. You can even throw in Triply Jump if you fancy vertical knockouts with the aerial up attack. You can also take Ice to Beat You if you want to get slows on enemies, rather than taking the increased prjectile speed perk if you fancied applying slows and being more effective at weaking in melee attack combos.


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