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Best Shaggy Perks in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

Shaggy Is the Super Saiyan character of the playable Multiversus characters thanks to his channelled rage mode. Moreso, he provides plenty of damage, easy-to-land combos, and is self-sufficient thanks to his love for food recovering his HP. While Shaggy is great, easy to use, and a very good character in general, the perks make the pick much better. If you want to excel on Shaggy, we will show you the best perks for Shaggy in Multiversus.

Shaggys sandwich is a huge part of this characters playstyle.

Best perks for Shaggy in Multiversus

The best perks for Shaggy in Multiversus are only available once you reach level 9 and unlock the train perks feature. Other than that, use the perks that Shaggy unlock by leveling up to that point.

When you get the train perks to skill you want to buy the following perks.

Best Perks for Shaggy in Multiversus Description Slot
Hangry Man If Shaggy has a sandwich equipped, he can quickly charge rage at the cost of eating his sandwich Signature Perk
Hit ‘Em While They’re Down Your team deals 5% increased damage when hitting debuffed enemies Offense Perk
Lump Space Punch Your team deals 5% increased damage with air attacks Offense Perk
Last Stand Your teams deal 10% increased damage after reaching 100 damage. Utility Perk

Hangry Man is the go-to signature for two reasons. The first is because Shaggy starts with a Sandwich, thanks to the character’s passive. In 2v2, you can run away from the enemy and use it to quickly enter Rage Mode and then return to the fight with your rage damage increased and weakened debuffs to get the ball rolling. Also, it means you can enter Rage Mode quickly when your sandwich comes off cooldown.

The other options for your perks are Hit Em While They’re Down and Lumpy Space Punch. You’ll find the first perk mentioned increases your damage while you’re in Rage Mode, the mode applies Weakened to to your enemies. Weakened also increases an enemy’s damage and buffs the affects of knockback to that enemy. So, that perk naturally compliments Shaggy. Alternatively you can go Painted Target if you can string together longer combos, espeically using Nair, Dair and side attack combos. Both are fine and depends which you are more comfortably using.

You also get a lot of benefit from Lumpy Space Punch, since Shaggy has got strong vertical and air game with Dair and Nair moves workable for some solid extended combos. In addition, Master Brawler works too, because one of Shaggy’s main combo: Nair > side light attack > heavy side attack keeps enemies on the ground and battered. Go with your preference, but Lumpy is all around better.

Lastly, you want the Last Stand perk, which offers 10% increased damage after reaching 100 damage. This is a great perk since you’re going to deal lots of damage thanks to early Rage Mode via the Hangry Man perk, and the double offence perk combination. You can go Snowball Effect if you wish. Both perks offer similar damage bufs at certain threshold, but we feel the Last Stand is a soplid additpon for Sahggy’s Rage Mode if he’s close to death.

Overall, these are the best perks for Shaggy in Multiversus. There are other options you can go to, such as the other Signature perk, or take a defensive perk if you need it. However, Shaggy is all about hitting those Rage Mode windows and unleashing the damage. You may as well go with the flow and build Sahggy’s perk to match that signature playstyle and reap the rewards of it.

However, if you want to cahnge things up, the perks that decerease the cooldowns are good, as you want the cooldown of your sandwhich to return quicker so you can enter the Rage Mode quicker. Feel free to experiement around with this as you may like the cooldown options better than something like Last Stand or Master Brawler.


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