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How to Get Gold in Multiversus

Craig Robinson

Multiverse has lots of characters, with almost every character requiring to be unlocked. The main way you do this as a free-to-play player is via the gold you earn in the game. It will cost you 2000 gold to buy a character in-game, which is a fair amount of grinding If you’re on a quest to unlock a character, you’ll need lots of gold. The purpose of this guide is to teach you how to get gold in Multiversus.

Winning games is going to be the most reliable source of how to get gold in Multiversus.

How to Get Gold in Multiversus

Gold is the lifeblood of a free-to-play player, and will be the most useful method for unlocking any characters you don’t already have, whether they are old or new. Each character seems to cost around 2000 gold, so it means you’re going to need to grind the game to get your hands on that much gold.

The main way you get gold is simply by playing the game. Every time you get into a match, you will get gold. The amount of gold depends on a few factors: match, victory and party bonus. These metrics award the following amount:

  • Match Bonus - 9 Gold
  • Victory Bonus - 9 gold
  • Party Bonus (Searching for a game with a friend in your lobby) - 5 gold

It means that a typical 3-minute long match can grant you around 23 gold. On average, that means you need to play around 90 games of Multiversus that you win, and have a lobby partner to get enough gold to unlock a single character. It might seem like a lot, but that’s a relatively small number of games, considering you can get something like 17 games in an hour. If you maintain a 50-50 win-loss record, that really isn’t all that much. It means that a person with only a few hours a day can afford to get a character every few days if they partner up and win most of their games.

How to Get Gold in Multiversus as a New Player

If you’re new to the game, then you should complete the new account challenges. These missions teach you about different social features and game mechanics you need to know. Completing each one rewards you with gold, and you can easily get your first 2000 gold in Multiversus simply by completing the tutorial and the tutorial challenges. It will allow you to buy a character you want straight away.

Other Ways to Get Gold in Multiversus

The battle pass as a nice amount of gold you can unlock gradually.

The other effective way to get gold is via leveling up. You get different gold awards added to your balance every time you level up. Each level seems to award around 100 gold every time you advance. Naturally, you will level up quite a lot, especially in the game’s early levels, meaning you get a bulk of gold really early on to buy the charcters you want to play.

You can also get gold from the battle pass, challenges and more. Throughout the paid and free battle pass, there are quite a lot of tiers that award gold. The beta battle pass has 500g up for grabs spread across two different tiers. The bigger season battle passes will likely award more gold, as the beta is only a short battle pass.

Players can get gold coins for leveling up fighters. At level 5, players can get their hands on 100 gold coins simply for getting their characters up to that level. At the time of writing, there are nearly 20 characters in the game, so eventually, getting all those characters to level 5 will award players with enough gold to get another character for free.

The final method for getting gold in Multiversus is via the toast mechanic. Players can toast enemies and award them with gold. When someone toasts you for whatever reason at the end of a match, you will receive 20 gold per toast. It’s a nice addition to award players with something. You likely won’t experience this much outside of days where there is a challenge to toast a player, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless.


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